Embarking on a literary adventure is a thrilling journey, especially for girls eager to explore new worlds, characters, and stories. In Singapore, the vibrant bookshop scene offers many options for readers seeking inspiration, empowerment, and entertainment. In this article, we delve into the enchanting world of literature and highlight the best bookshops in Singapore tailored for girls’ literary adventures. Get ready to step into these havens of imagination and embark on unforgettable reading journeys.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya Book Shop Singapore
Image Credit: Kinokuniya

A haven for bookworms in Singapore, Kinokuniya is the most well-known book shop in Singapore and other countries. Its vast library includes more than just English titles, all carefully arranged into several categories. It holds a variety of fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and more in several languages, including Mandarin, Korean, and even Arabic. It also houses treasures from around the world as well as stories from Singapore. Its layout may be confusing, but it’s knowledgeable staff will gladly lead guests through its maze of books. For everyone looking to explore literature, Kinokuniya is a light of hope; it’s a place where bookworms go to satisfy their cravings.

Customer Reviews

Jake Wong
Books Kinokuniya at Bugis Junction is a bibliophile’s haven, neatly tucked away on the 3rd floor. This bookstore stands out with its diverse collection of Chinese, Japanese, and English titles, arranged in many thoughtfully curated small sections. Its serene and orderly ambiance provides a peaceful escape for readers amidst the bustling mall. A hidden gem for those in search of literary treasures in multiple languages.

Christina Ang
Best local bookshop in Singapore. It has a very wide spectrum of books from local and overseas. Over here you can get books & magazine; fiction and non fiction, in English, mandarin, Korean & Japanese.. the rest please find out from the customer service counter. Their staff are proficient and they are more than happy to assist you.

The layout of the bookstore is so funny 😂 I get lost inside pretty easily! The selection of books they have here are varied and interesting 🩷 I wish there were more kinokuniya’s in Singapore. 😔🙏

Contact:Takashimaya Shopping Centre: 6737 5021

Bugis Junction: 6339 1790
Location:Takashimaya Shopping Centre: 391 Orchard Rd, #04 – 20 / 20A / 20B / 20C / 21 Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872

Bugis Junction: 200 Victoria Street, #03-09 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Opening Hours:Takashimaya Shopping Centre: 10 AM – 9:30 PM

Bugis Junction: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM

2. Book Treasure

Book Treasure Shop SG
Image Credit: Book Treasure

For book enthusiasts in Singapore, Book Treasure is a sanctuary particularly for those who value the antique value of second-hand books. Warm greetings from its charming aunty await you at this cosy bookstore in Singapore. Its shelves hold a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction works just waiting to be found. It feels like a pleasant talk with an old friend during your stay because of the welcoming atmosphere that promotes light conversation. It seems like only a moment to spend browsing this treasure mine, but hours pass quickly. Remember to bring your cash along with you, you might never know how much you will spend here!

Customer Reviews

imran S.
Aunty is super helpful and friendly. Willing to chat and discuss books. Loved visiting this store on my short journey to Singapore!

Nizam Mohd Reza
Good place to hunt for 2nd hand books, fiction and non-fiction! Adorable aunty who’ll greet you and engage with some light conversations. Hope to be able to see her again during next trip to SG! Just bring some cash along. However, there’re ATMs outside for you to cash out.

Kevin Kaaru
3 hrs here felt like 5 mins. Really a treasure trove.

Location:35 Selegie Rd, #01-31 Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 7:15 PM | Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM

3. The Bookstore by Books Beyond Borders

The Bookstore by Books Beyond Borders Singapore
Image Credit: The Bookstore by Books Beyond Borders

The Bookstore by Books Beyond Borders, tucked away in the heart of the bustling Chinatown Point, is a treasure trove for readers looking for used books. Their collection, which is well kept, includes books in a variety of genres, including history and fiction. It even includes a section on Singapore’s socio-economic development! Experiencing literary treasures at reasonable prices, with rates ranging from $10 to $25. The warm atmosphere, which includes jazz music and a reading corner, entices guests to stay awhile. This jewel stands out for its commitment to social good; in addition to books, it sells handcrafted goods and uses the earnings to assist girls’ education in Nepal. Visit The bookstore in Singapore to find your next purpose-driven book.

Customer Reviews

Jas Explores
Incredibly beautiful bookstore featuring secondhand books in good condition, delicately-wrapped blind-dates-with-a-books, and pretty handicrafts designed by local artists. There’s even a cozy reading nook in the bookshop and the overall layout of the store is beyond perfection. I can easily spend an entire day simply browsing through the titles or chatting with the super friendly staff. Highly recommend checking this hidden gem out!

Quaint little spot in the bustling downtown area and a heaven for those looking for imported secondhand books. Despite being secondhand, the books are in immaculate condition and relatively well-priced ($10-15, some discounts for multiple purchases). Although the inventory seems pretty small, it boasts different genres, from child’s books, to fiction, non-fiction, history, and developments. I surprised to find there’s even a dedicated section that showcases books specializing on Singapore socio-economic development! Can’t resist to buy a couple rather rare books I was looking for so long which happened to be on the shelf. The revenue from the sales is donated to a partnered charity organization in Nepal specializing on girls education, whose some of the handcrafted produces (like speciality soaps) are available for purchase too. There’s also a reading corner for those who want to unwind and spend time reading the books. Do pay a visit here if rare secondhand books are right up your alley.

Loved its cosy vibes and ample seating. There’s a comfy couch just right by the entrance. This is the place for you if you’re looking to hunt for used books in a pristine condition. Price range is between $10 and $25, depending on the genre – children’s books, non-fiction, fiction, vintage comics. Christmas jazz tunes were playing in the background while I was there, and they helped set a relaxing mood for my book browsing experience. I cherish what they do for Nepalese girls’ education through the sale of preloved books and handcrafted items (yak bar soap, notebooks, coin pouches, etc.) by the local community. Walked away with a rare find published by New York Review Books (NYRB). Do pay this bookshop a visit if you’re hoping that your book purchase contributes to a good cause!

Location:33 Erskine Rd, #01-08 Opp Maxwell Food Centre/MRT Exit 2, Singapore 069333
Opening Hours:11 AM – 8 PM Daily

4. Ana Book Store

Ana Book Store Singapore
Image Credit: Ana Book Store

Renowned as the only second-hand book shop in Orchard Road, Ana Book Store is a more than 10 year old book store in Singapore located on level 5 in Far East Plaza. With no specific subject areas, the bookstore encourages discovery and provides a wide range of books on a variety of subjects. The amiable owner adds a personal touch by striking up talks with visitors and making wise suggestions. Piles of books and a warm atmosphere provide for a nostalgic setting that invites guests to lose themselves in the wealth of books. Anybody looking to experience the excitement of finding a new book should definitely visit Ana Book Store because of its friendly atmosphere and reasonable costs.

Customer Reviews

Melali Bingin Bali
Love this place. It’s tucked away upstairs on level 5 of the Far East Plaza in behind a few, small food outlets. The owner is friendly and loves to chat. There’s a big selection of books of all types. No designated subject areas, so best just to get in there and hunt around, that’s where you find the gold. We’ll definitely be back next time we are in Singapore. Thank you so much.

Josef lim
Friendly owner !

Nash Vinn
What a rare gem! It’s so hard to find second-hand bookstores these days, but Ana really brought me back to my childhood. With a multitude of books covering most topics under the sun, and piles of books around every corner, I could spend hours exploring all the titles. Shop owner was extremely friendly, striking up conversations and helping us with his recommendations. Prices were extremely affordable too. I bought 3 books for a total of just $30! It’s hard to find places like these nowadays, definitely recommend heading here while you can.

Contact:6737 2385
Location:Far East Plaza #05-01, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 12:30 PM – 7 PM | Sunday: 2 PM – 5 PM

5. BookXcess OCBC Bank

BookXcess OCBC Bank Book Store Singapore
Image Credit: BookXcess OCBC Bank

BookXcess is a real treasure for bookworms and families alike. This book shop in Singapore is tucked away in OCBC Banks around Singapore and provides a large selection of books for readers of all ages and interests. The store’s attractive layout makes perusing simple and pleasurable. Its distinctive integration with OCBC Bank, which is smoothly incorporated into the bookstore, is what makes it stand out. This creative arrangement makes it possible for guests to satisfy their banking needs and indulge in their love of books, making it a practical “2 in 1” location. BookXcess, which provides a delightful  experience for everyone who steps inside, is a tribute to the changing face of bookshops.

Customer Reviews

Very quiet, neat and picturesque bookshop with wide variety of books across all ages and interests. Further into the bookshop, there’s OCBC bank. Both the bookshop and the bank are so well designed. (So so proud of bookxcess especially after seeing this beautiful branch cause grew up frequenting their original and first bookshop).

Ruth Zhao
A bookstore that can satisfy a family at the same time, very easy to browse.

Paul Young
Quite an interesting place. You can look at books and also wait at the bank:) 2 in 1?

Location:OCBC Bank, United Square: 101 Thomson Road, #02-26 to 29, United Square, 307591, Singapore.

OCBC Bank, Tampines: 1, Tampines Central 5, #01-04/05, CPF Tampines Building, 529508 Singapore

OCBC Bank, Ang Mo Kio Central: 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #B1-32/33 AMK Hub, 569933 Singapore

OCBC Bank, Wisma Atria: 435 Orchard Road, #04-01 Wisma Atria, 238877 Singapore

OCBC Bank, Jurong Point:  1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-31/32/33/46, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 648886 Singapore
Opening Hours:OCBC Bank, United Square: Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 1:30 PM | Closed on Sunday

OCBC Bank, Tampines: 11 AM – 7 PM Daily 

OCBC Bank, Ang Mo Kio Central: 11 AM – 1:30 PM Daily

OCBC Bank, Wisma Atria: 11 AM – 9 PM Daily

OCBC Bank, Jurong Point: 11 AM – 7 PM Daily

6. Basheer Graphic Books

Basheer Graphic Books Store In Singapore
Image Credit: Basheer Graphic Books

Basheer Graphic Books is a truly hidden gem amongst the book shops in Singapore. Don’t turn away from its modest appearance; when entering, you will find yourself in a gold mine of graphic novels from a range of genres. With the assistance of their amiable and competent staff, spend hours perusing their exceptional collection. Artists, designers, and fans of exquisitely drawn books will find paradise here. More than just a bookshop, Basheer Graphic Books is an amazing and inspiring experience.

Customer Reviews

Jake Wong
A Hidden Gem on the Fourth Floor. This bookstore is a treasure of graphic books across genres. Its diverse collection make it a must-visit for fans and people like me who needs lots of visual / illustration.. A true hidden gem! Always heard, don’t judge a book by its cover. Here, don’t judge this store from the store front. Go inside, and it is amazing!!!

Unique bookshop in Singapore where I can stay for an hour or more searching for interesting, pretty books. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The experience of browsing physical bookstores can never be replaced!

Britney Khu
The location elicited outstanding and gasp-worthy reactions. A true haven for artists and designers, this place is a book lover’s paradise, offering inspiration at every turn.

Contact:6336 0810
Location:Bras Basah Complex #04-19, 231 Bain St, Singapore 180231
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 10 AM – 8 PM | Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

7. Epigram Coffee Bookshop

Epigram Coffee Bookshop SG
Image Credit: Epigram Coffee Bookshop

For readers looking for local and Asian authors, Epigram is a book shop in Singapore dedicated to keeping the local authors in the spotlight. The modest exterior conceals a wealth of riches within. You could easily spend hours perusing the shelves due to the large selection. The staff greets you with a pleasant demeanour and is always prepared with excellent suggestions. You’re tempted to get a freshly brewed coffee and pick up a new book by the inviting ambiance. Although it’s not in the middle of everything, there’s plenty of parking nearby. Checking out Epigram is essential if you want to find your next great read.

Customer Reviews

Ruth Nina
Despite the trivial journey to get here, this place is worth it for those searching for local books. Parking are plenty, so I understand why people recommended driving. But if you do decide to go on public transport, TEL line Maxwell station is your best bet. Then catch the 145 bus, stopping st opp. Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. It’s a 5-minute walk to the entrance. From the outside, the building looks like a warehouse, but once you’re in the area, they have a large sign for the museum that you won’t miss it.

Jas Explores
Absolutely chill and lovely spot for a sip of freshly-brewed coffee while reading something written by local indie authors. The iconic and colorful book wall is incredibly beautiful and instagrammable. However, the overall location of this coffee bookshop seems way too far away from central district and it’s not really within walking distance. It took me 20-25 minutes to walk to the nearest MRT station so it’d be much appreciated if you drove there. There’s a large parking lot right next to it, though, so please just drive here for a nice drink and a good book.

Sarah Ang
Amazing selection of local and asian authors! Could browse for hours! Ask the owner lady for book recommendations! She’s so friendly and a great storyteller, now I have so many books waiting for me to read. ❤️

Contact:9137 9050
Location:Singapore Art Museum (SAM) @ Tanjong Pagar Distripark, 39 Keppel Road, #01-02, Singapore 089065
Opening Hours:11 AM – 6:30 PM Daily

8. Book Bar

Book Bar Shop Singapore
Image Credit: Book Bar

Book Bar provides a calm haven for both bookworms and coffee connoisseurs. This book shop in Singapore is the ideal place to relax with its roomy and serene ambiance, whether you want to spend a quiet afternoon reading a new book or just unwind. Book Bar guarantees that every reader will find something they enjoy from its amazing selection of books written by Asian and local authors, which includes fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature. The owner makes suggestions to help you find your next best book while serving up delectable goodies, such as their famous orange scones. A paradise for book lovers that’s a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

Customer Reviews

Jas Explores
Absolutely enjoy the serenity in this café! I love that there’s so much space to dine in or read. Their selection of books is pretty nice, too. Would love to come back ASAP. Totally recommend!

Roxanne Wong
My new favorite place in Singapore! Fantastic collection of books by local and Asian authors! If you’re looking for good books in any genre — the children’s, social issues, fiction and food/hawker related selections are particularly awesome — and especially if you want to get a gift for someone visiting Singapore, this is the place to do it. Plus it’s a cute cafe with great food (the orange scone is delicious)! The owner is super helpful and has great personalized recommendations too, so definitely ask for some!

G Casey
A quiet cafe where you can relax, have some coffee and browse and purchase books that you like. The serenity of the place is unlike others. Definitely a good place to spend a quiet afternoon.

Contact:8389 7871
Location:57 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089521
Opening Hours:Monday – Thursday: 9:30 AM – 7 PM | Friday & Saturday: 9:30 AM – 10 PM | Sunday: 9:30 AM – 6 PM


Finding your next favourite book is a fun adventure in Singapore, where there are a tonne of bookstores ranging from small independent stores to large franchises. These top 8 book shops in Singapore serve a wide range of interests and tastes, each with its own distinct atmosphere and collection. These places have something for everyone, whether you’re a bookworm seeking out literary adventure or an occasional reader seeking out a new release. Thus, don’t pass up the opportunity to visit these wonderful bookshops in Singapore and start your next reading journey!