Want to pick up a new language? What better way to start than with the learning of the beautiful Japanese language. Unlike traditional language centres with standard class schedules, we know that you may be busy with your respective schedules. Whether it’s school or work, now you can learn the Japanese language at the convenience of your home.

Through these online classes, you’ll be able to learn the fundamentals of this language and study at your own pace. From basic phrases to complex sentences, you’ll be speaking like a local in no time. So start now with online Japanese courses from any of these 5 best language schools in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Berlitz Singapore

Image Credit: Berlitz Singapore

Upgrade your skills by venturing into a new language today! With Berlitz Singapore, you’ll be able to impress anyone with this new, impressive trait. Using their signature Berlitz method, you’ll be able to learn more about the Japanese language efficiently! Unlike other places that rely on mini-tests and examinations, Berlitz encourages you to use the language in real-life situations which helps build confidence in each speaker.

Moreover, Berlitz knows that no two people are alike. That is why they are passionate about tailoring their teaching to your individual learning style. Even if you would prefer to place a heavier emphasis on reading or writing, you can be assured that they will carry this out. Here to be a helping hand, head to Berlitz Singapore for their online Japanese classes!

Website: https://sg.berlitz.com/homepage/language-training-solutions/types-of-language/japanese-language-training/
Contact: +65 6690 4247

2. Lingo Languages

Image Credit: Lingo Languages

Located amongst a stretch of path on Beach Road houses the Lingo Languages centre. They pride themselves for offering an extensive range of courses across different languages! Lingo languages believes that language connects people and brings us closer together. Helping you to understand people, you’ll be able to overcome communication barriers in no time.

As a private education centre, they believe in putting the fullest attention to each one of their students. They promise to go the extra mile just for you. Always upgrading their skills, they hope to serve you with the best services so that you will always go back to Lingo Languages!

Website: https://www.lingo.edu.sg/online-lessons
Contact: +65 6253 3320

3. Japanese Online Institute (JOI)

Image Credit: Japanese Online Institute

Willing to help every student, the Japanese Online Institute (JOI) is one of the best places to go to for online Japanese courses. This global brand caters to people from all across the globe. Understanding that people may not be able to stick to the same plan, their flexible hours make it a perfect choice when you are met with unexpected life events.

With their team of highly capable tutors, you’ll be on your way to conversing in the Japanese language fluently in no time. Their online course is designed to help people overcome their fears and build confident and capable students. Choose from their group classes for a more interactive experience or go for a one-on-one session if you are just starting out. Convenient and literally at your fingertips, look no further than JOI.

Website: https://www.japonin.com/group-and-private.html
Contact: support@japonin.com

4. Globibo

Image Credit: Globibo

Recognised by many people in Singapore for their quality courses, Globibo aims to cater to every sector by offering an array of courses! Using the latest teaching methods, they help to ensure that every student comes out a better individual. Breaking down their various courses, they use a unique ranking system. So that whether you’re looking for a quick crash course or a comprehensive course, they’ll be sure to have it.

Learn from their native Japanese instructors to give you the full experience. Using a blend of videos, quizzes and online evaluation procedures; you’ll be able to quickly adapt to their teaching methods fairly quickly. Designed to make things easier for you, go to Globibo today!

Website: https://www.globibo.com/language-course-japanese.php
Contact: +65 6336 9002

5. Hougang Japanese Language School

Image Credit: Hougang Japanese Language School

With multiple outlets islandwide, this well-known centre is here to teach you everything related to the Japanese language! Started in 1983 by Mr Kenji Kitahara, he had sought out ways to bring his culture to the people of Singapore. Providing affordable classes, his quality of teaching is not to be disregarded. Many go to the centre for its distinctive teaching style.

So, make use of your time by enquiring this skill today. You’ll never know when the Japanese language can come in useful. Be it for travelling or work-related conventions, blow people away with your natural flow of Japanese speech. In addition, Hougang Japanese Language School also conducts kid classes for those looking to send their children there!

Website: https://www.hougangjapanese.com/online-class
Contact: info@hougangjapanese.com