Slim Couture Offers Divine SlimTM Treatment For Weight Loss

October 23, 2020
Slim Couture

A homegrown slimming centre, Slim Couture has achieved countless success with their Divine SlimTM treatment to help individuals shed weight safely and healthily using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Apart from healthy dieting and attempting new exercises, they are able to offer a more holistic method using TCM techniques to lose weight for a fit body, better health, and higher quality of life.

Slim Couture is dedicated to offering safe and effective slimming solutions and weight loss programs to clients, both female and male, since 2010. The company has been acknowledged by the masses, earning several awards including Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award, Singapore Quality Brands, and Promising SME 500. Their signature weight loss program, the Divine SlimTM was created to shed weight healthily without any negative side effects.

Through the principles of TCM, the Divine SlimTM serves as an all-natural weight loss treatment without requiring the use of machines, supplements or extreme diets. The slimming solution utilises specialised techniques like Guasha (刮痧), also known as “skin scraping therapy” and in-house specialised suction tools to increase blood circulation and overall metabolism, respectively. With no harmful potential side effects to boot, it’s an effective TCM slimming technique which offers benefits like stress relief, increased overall metabolism, body toxins removal and more.

Individuals can take up the standard treatment plan at their centre, with the option for 8 treatment sessions in 28 days, twice per week, or 12 treatment sessions in 42 days, twice per week. Regardless, results may differ for each person. Their staff are also able to customise treatment schedules to meet each customer’s personal requirements. During consultation, customers will also receive recommendations on the number of treatments to undergo or be advised on additional treatment sessions for the best results. Through Slim Couture’s Divine SlimTM treatment, it will effectively assist individuals with weight reduction using the healthiest and safest way possible.


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