Valencia Yachts has been offering luxurious and affordable yacht rental services to customers since May 2013. The yacht rental company offers a myriad of exclusive, lavish yachts to provide customers with a private yacht experience; the available yachts for charter include their Valencia Yacht, and Victoria Yacht, each able to fit up to 33 guests and 28 guests, respectively.

The Valencia Yacht includes their lavish 51 Ft Leopard catamaran, focused on delivering blue-water performance, stability, and efficiency. While the Victoria Yacht is a highly innovative, spacious, and efficient Leopard 39 Powercat that serves as an electrifying midsize catamaran. Through these private boat charters, Valencia Yachts helps to plan events like: corporate events, dinner cruises, wedding solemnisation and proposals, birthday parties/celebrations, team building events, family bonding sessions, hosting of VVIP clients, and island hopping. They are also able to assist customers in planning for other occasions besides the mentioned events.

The yacht charter company was founded by banker-turned-entrepreneur Evangeline Wong in May 2013. Valencia Yachts is a premium brand for a lavish yacht charter in Singapore, possessing decades of sailing along the magnificent Singapore waters and hosting special events, like a yacht party or wedding for customers. They have a team of passionate and experienced individuals who caters to the desire and needs of the customer. Valencia Yachts offer dedicated services, an experienced and professional crew, attention to detail, and unbiased recommendations to offer customers an exclusive luxury experience.

With Valencia Yachts’ luxurious and affordable services, they are able to provide customers with a private, lavish yacht experience. The yacht charter company currently offers Phase 3 rental rates with the private yacht cost starting from $1,100 onwards for a 5-hour charter. Each yacht is able to have up to 8 guests, and rates vary according to the number of pax available. Through these luxurious and affordable yacht rental prices offered, Valencia Yachts desires to meet customers’ needs for a lavish, exclusive yacht experience.

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