11 Best Wedding Ring Designs In Singapore For Your Beloved

April 29, 2020
Best Wedding Ring Design Singapore

The most important day of your life is approaching – it’s real, it’s happening, and you can finally be wed to your beloved partner. What a dream come true, indeed! However, before you can even get on with the solemnisation or the actual wedding day; you must find a wedding that goes perfectly on your bride-to-be. So, with all the different and stunning wedding ring designs in Singapore from so many renowned jewellers – how do you know which is the best fit for your partner?

We’ve put together a couple of distinguished jewellers with a stunning collection of wedding rings – read on and find out which jeweller has the perfect wedding band for you!

1. SK Jewellery

Image Credit: SK Jewellery

At SK Jewellery, you get to dazzle your very brightest with their exquisitely crafted and meaningfully conceptualised jewellery collection. The prominent jewellery brand believes that every individual should have the opportunity to shine. Set up in 2003, SK Jewellery was established with the belief that the luxury, beauty, and allure of the finest jewellery should be within reach of any modern woman. From thereon, SK Jewellery poured their heart and soul into design and innovation, eventually making a name for themselves in the jewellery industry for its elegantly beautiful and high-quality diamond jewellery.

Any piece of jewellery you’ll find at SK Jewellery is thoughtfully crafted, each one setting itself from one another, and designed in a way where modern jewellery blends perfectly with tradition and art. When it comes to their array of jewellery, you can find rings of different materials; be it silver, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and many more. You can even select from various collections such as their Skarlet Diamond catalogue or Dancing Star collection! Browse through the different wedding rings available and select a unique piece which speaks to the heart of your beloved.

Contact Number: +65 6336 1033 – Plaza Singapura | +65 6337 1233 – Bugis Junction | +65 6688 7833 – Marina Bay Sands | +65 6345 1433 – Parkway Parade | +65 6634 4533 – NEX
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #01-27, Singapore 238839
Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, #01-34/35, Singapore 188024
Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Lobby, 10 Bayfront Avenue, #01-03, Singapore 018956
Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449269
NEX, 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-60/61, Singapore 556083 and more
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

2. Love & Co.

Image Credit: Love & Co.

When it comes to beauty, quality, and uniqueness – Love & Co. is unparalleled. They’ve made every effort to carefully craft the perfect wedding ring or any other jewellery for your significant other. All jewellery is certified and graded by De Beers Group’s Institute of Diamonds, each Lovemarque diamond carrying a unique identification number carved on its girdle and table. Even adhering to the Kimberly Process, Love & Co. ensures that only the best diamonds are selected and transformed into a Lovemarque diamond.

Quality aside, Love & Co’s bridal jewellery collection consists of meaningful yet exquisite wedding rings. From their LVC Acqueen, LCV Purete, LVC Classique, LVC Promise, LVC Eterno, LVC Soleil, LVC Desirio, LVC Poesie up to their LVC Noeud collection – every one of them focuses on different designs and colours, bringing forward a wide range of wedding ring options for your selection! Give Love & Co’s bridal jewellery collection a look and see which one will fit your partner beautifully.

Contact Number: +65 6509 8633 – ION Orchard | +65 6835 7533 – Plaza Singapura | +65 6734 8033 – JEM | +65 6970 4233 – Jewel Airport
ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-64, Singapore 238801
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #01-07, Singapore 238839
JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-47, Singapore 608549
Jewel Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, #01-258, Singapore 819666
Opening Hours: 11AM-9PM Daily

3. Star Carat

Image Credit: Star Carat

At Star Carat, it’s all about offering you a larger lab grown diamond which you never thought you could afford. Dreaming about the perfect ring is one thing, but with Star Carat – they don’t just want you to dream about it – but make it a complete reality! Whether it’s an engagement or wedding ring, they’re capable of creating the perfect piece of jewellery at a price which accommodates your budget.  Star Carat has been in the diamond industry for more than 30 years, and they absolutely know what to prioritise: quality.

Staying true to their goal of making the perfect lab grown diamond for you, they’ve even earned a significant amount of reputation – having featured in several news publications like Yahoo! News, The Strait Times, CNA, Vulcan Post, and many others. Moreover, for any piece of their diamond jewellery, it holds at least a minimum of 1 carat and even has an international certificate obtained from one of the globe’s leading gemological grading laboratories. Discover the diamond ring of your choice as you scan through the range of stunning jewellery that Star Carat has to offer!

Contact Number: +65 6280 0733
Location: SOOKEE HQ, 7 Changi Business Park Vista, #01-01, Singapore 486042
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6.30PM | Wed & Sat (By Appointment Only) | Closed on Sun

4. Meyson Jewellery

Image Credit: Meyson Jewellery

Meyson Jewellery’s humble beginnings started in 1961, but only officially set up the first-ever goldsmith retail store in 1984, slowly expanding into their first, official Meyson Jewellery retail shop at Bugis Junction. Now, they’ve attained a significant amount of reputation and have established themselves to be one of the go-to jewellery brands in Singapore. Moreover, they’re known as the sole jeweller in Singapore with the capability and organisational scale to give customers an entire suite of jewellery sales and after-sales services. Once you step into their store or take just one glance at their online wedding jewellery collection, you will find a wide array and variety of diamond, gold, and gemstone jewellery collection.

Every one of their jewellery collection even represents something special and meaningful to a couple – be it their Eternal Unity, Timeless Love, Everlasting Commitment, Cherished Completeness or Enduring Fidelity collection. For a touch of personalisation and thoughtfulness – you even have the option of having a romantic message, or both of your initials lasered onto the ring band! Let Meyson Jewellery provide their sincere assistance during this once in a lifetime experience.

Contact Number: +65 1800 8414141
HQ Building, 40 Horne Road, Level-1, Singapore 209065
Changi Airport Terminal 1, 78 Airport Blvd, #B1-252/253, Singapore 819666
Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, #01-26, Singapore 188021
Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-150/151, Singapore 449269
Joo Chiat, Joo Chiat Complex, Blk 1 Joo Chiat Road, #02-1041/1045, Singapore 420001
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

5. Artemis Rings

Image Credit: Artemis Rings

As you walk into Artemis Rings, you’ll be stunned by their quaint studio which comes with a sense of hygge – the perfect place where the happiest proposals and most romantic love stories come to life! By taking the time to understand an individual’s personal preference and style, a journey with Artemis Rings is where a beautiful yet meaningful ring is created – they do everything they can to incorporate uniqueness and exquisity across all their jewellery. Not to mention, each personalised wedding band, proposal ring, and jewellery is handcrafted using high-quality diamonds.

All diamonds are GFA certified, coming in rounds of fancy and brilliant cuts ranging from D-F colour and triple exceptional grading. When it comes to the customisation process, you stand to choose from various materials, such as platinum, 18k white, yellow, palladium, or even rose gold! Personalise your very own wedding ring to make the momentous occasion extra special, or simply select from one of the available, gorgeous wedding band which Artemis Rings offers!

Contact Number: +65 9616 4588
Location: 5 Purvis Street, #02-06, Singapore 188584

6. State Property Fine Jewellery

Image Credit: State Property Fine Jewellery

Known for being an award-winning modern fine jewellery label established in Singapore, State Property Fine Jewellery ‘s story all started because of the partnership of an industrial designer and jeweller. Awards that State Property Fine Jewellery has previously won include Singapore’s Best Jewellers 2018 & 2019 and Emerging Accessories Designer of the Year in Singapore Fashion Awards 2017. Valuing design and art greatly, State Property Fine Jewellery even blends in traditional craftsmanship together with contemporary approaches to design. Moreover, what makes State Property Fine Jewellery stand out is their thoughtfulness for Mother Nature and the incorporation of science with it.

By playing with one structured silhouette to another in precious metals contrasting the soft textures of one’s body, providing fine yet adventurous and dazzling pieces for those who crave both quality and style. The different designs you can find in their bridal jewellery collection consists of the Phantom, Esquire, Saville, Aviator, Chelsea, Windsor and many others! Go on and take a closer look at their online catalogue or visit their store for a better idea of the exact wedding ring you’re looking for. 

Contact Number: +65 9859 8196 | +65 6803 8005
Location: 81 McNair Road, Singapore 328554
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Closed from Sat & Sun

7. Bvlgari

Image Credit: Bvlgari

From stunning bag and accessories designs, exquisite watches up to divine, fresh fragrances – Bvlgari is famous for many different things. Their range of products available even includes their mesmerising and beautiful collection of bridal jewellery, ready for your pick to prepare for the upcoming wedding day. With over 130 years of experience, Bvlgari has made a name for themselves and take absolute pride in the authenticity and quality of every one of their services and products. They have an IP & Brand Protection team that operates worldwide, daily protection of each one of their company’s distinctive signs – be it design, trademarks, copyright, or patents.

You can rest assured when it comes to quality, Bvlgari offers the finest pieces of jewellery out there with arresting designs. Especially when it comes to their bridal jewellery collection, you won’t be disappointed. Bvlgari has all kinds of collections available, ranging from their Fedi, Griffe, Marryme, Eternity Bands to their Serpenti collection. Be prepared to be amazed at just one look at Bvlgari’s wedding jewellery collection!

Contact Number: +65 3158 2590
Location: 11 stores islandwide
Opening Hours: Differ for each location

8. eClarity

Image Credit: eClarity

At eClarity, it’s where artistry meets love. eClarity’s story began after the founder, Amanda, finished her studies and set out to opened up her dream business – a jewellery store. eClarity’s first shop opened in Shaw Centre in end 2005 where they produced three trays of mass-produced wedding bands in the Japanese style. Later on, they decided to venture into the online platform and started an e-commerce website selling diamonds. With accredited designers and gemologists, state-of-the-art technology to design jewellery with detailed 3D configuration – eClarity ensured diamonds of superior quality and came up with computer-engraved wedding bands.

Together, this made the online shopping experience much easier and enjoyable, while guaranteeing the quality of their diamonds and jewellery still. Together with her team of extremely passionate and professional staff, eClarity managed to dominate the jewellery industry both offline and online alongside many other renowned jewellers. Join eClarity on discovering the perfect wedding ring for your cherished partner – they’ll do their best to help you in any way!

Contact Number: +65 9833 1220
Location: Ngee Ann City Tower B, 391B Orchard Road, #21-05A, Singapore 238874
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-8PM | Sat 12PM-3PM | Closed on Sun



As their name states for themselves, every one of their jewellery revolves their inspiration and movement of “Living A Fonder Life”. Using this concept, FONDER DIAMONDS does their utmost to craft the best wedding ring designs in Singapore, which are brimming with glamour and thoughtfulness. FONDER DIAMONDS makes sure to personally pick out the finest diamonds, while ensuring impeccable craftsmanship which comes with the most contemporary designs. Additionally, FONDER DIAMONDS is supported by a team of professionals from various industries possessing more than 20 years experience on average like diamond suppliers, craftsman, jewellery design, and even IT technology.

As when it comes to the designs of their wedding rings – your breath will be taken away for sure. FONDER DIAMONDS has a range of diamond shapes available – simply take your pick and either choose from their oval, cushion, marquise, radiant, round, or emerald-shaped piece! But that’s not the only thing you have to consider; you’ll also have to factor in the colour, design, and many other aspects. Check all these out, and you’re on your way to gifting the perfect wedding ring of your partner’s dreams! 

Contact Number: +65 6820 3338
Location: 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #08-01, Singapore 139964
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

10. Rio Diamonds

Image Credit: Rio Diamonds

With Rio Diamonds, be prepared to have all your demands met and be fully satisfied as you complete your purchase. They’ve not only brought the shopping experience, but they also offer diamonds of superior quality, thanks to their in-house, highly innovative tools like the ASET scope, Ideal scope, and HCA calculator. Say goodbye to exorbitant mark-ups and look for the perfect diamonds and jewellery within the comfort of your very own home or device. Rio Diamonds even specialises in GIA certified diamonds and custom-made rings to give you a wonderful experience and high quality pieces of jewellery.

Holding more than 20 years of experience in sublime craftsmanship and jewellery design, Rio Diamonds brings out the brilliance and beauty within every one of their diamonds. Assuring that you end up with the jewellery that fits you best, they even offer the help of their Rio Diamond and Jewellery consultants and Diamond Education guide At the same time, they even offer a 7-days money back, lifetime warranty, and 30 days exchange policy! You’re in good hands for sure when you’re with Rio Diamonds – so, rest easy and focus on finding the perfect wedding band design!

Contact Number: +65 9014 5988
Location: Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road, #11-13, Singapore 238882
Opening Hours: 10AM-8PM Daily

11. LeCaine Gems

Image Credit: LeCaine Gems

Coming from Singapore and Hong Kong, LeCaine Gems is an online jeweller specialising in the crafting of fine jewellery. Bespoke, elegant styles specially personalised for any sort of occasion is possible with LeCaine Gems. They do so by bringing together ethically sourced gemstones and conflict-free lab diamond alternatives like Moissanite, crafting luxurious, jaw-dropping jewellery that remains reasonably priced for you. Their handcrafted jewellery are intricately and carefully by their skilled craftsman to perfection.

They’re a jeweller which is always striving to surpass their client’s expectations, making sure that exceptional workmanship always remains a top priority across all their jewellery designs. Even when it comes to sustainability, LeCaine Gems holds high regard for it. They make sure to create eco-friendly sustainable jewellery, doing their best to reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the designs you’ll find at LeCaine Gems are timeless, unique, and unbelievably exquisite – get a closer look as you browse their website! With LeCaine Gems, finding the ideal wedding band is easily possible with their beautiful designs at affordable prices.

Contact Number: +65 8363 3168
Location: 888 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678185
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-9PM | Closed on Sun

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