Have you been searching for the best wedding videography in Singapore? We have just the list for you! Curated below are the top five wedding videographers in Singapore, offering experienced staff who help you capture your precious and cherished moments on the big day. Not only that, you will receive a well-crafted video and photos at the end of your wedding for you to look back on many years down the road. Join us as we delve into the best wedding videography in Singapore for top-notch videography and photography services.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Film192 Wedding Videography

Film192 Wedding Videography In SG
Image Credit: Film192 Wedding Videography

Film192 Wedding Videography stands out among the top picks for wedding videography in Singapore with their unparalleled ability to capture the essence of each couple’s love story. Led by the talented Croix, Film192 go above and beyond simple documentation, crafting cinematic masterpieces that genuinely capture the distinct characteristics and feelings of the bride and groom under the direction of the gifted Croix. Film192 Wedding Videography creates timeless films that immerse viewers in the romance of the wedding day with an exquisite attention to detail and a love of storytelling. Couples looking for enduring memories love them because of their passion, professionalism, and inventiveness in capturing honest moments and stunning settings.

Customer Reviews

Kimberly Fong
We engaged Croix for our wedding in July 2023 and I have to say that it’s the best decision we have ever made. He did both our pre wedding and actual day video and it’s truly amazing. All he had was a 2 hours interview with us and he can accurately capture our characters to design the right theme and “feel” of our video. On the actual day of the wedding, he impressed our guests with his wonderful and creative work. Many of them left the wedding  complimenting him and his video. 🙂 #superproud Now whenever we meet up with our friends, they will always rmb the video highlights and the funny moments we all share through the day. Thanks to Croix, it will be a memorable memory in our guests minds. Thank you again Croix for your dedication, your commitment and for being YOU through this engagement with us. Thank you for allowing us to be comfortable so that we can be ourselves in front of your camera. 💞you are amazing and I’m sure you will do very well very soon. When u do that, please don’t forget us! We will get you to take more videos for us on our other milestones soon!


Gz and Kim

Kaixun Kazel
My partner and I are so grateful to have had Croix and Winson to film and record our wedding day. They are both talented in videography and photography and are also great editors. Croix and Winson both have an incredible ability to capture the most special moments in a way that is both beautiful and heartwarming. Both of them are also great guides. Their guidance had helped us to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and they also made sure to capture all of the important moments of our day. We have also received so many compliments on our wedding video from our friends and family. Everyone says that it is the best and unique wedding video they have ever seen. We are so thankful to Croix for creating such a special and lasting memory of our day. We also absolutely love our wedding photos. They are everything we could have ever wanted and more. We highly recommend Winson to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. He is the best! If you are looking for a wedding videographer and photographer, we highly recommend Croix and Winson. They are truly professionals. We are so grateful to both Croix and Winson for capturing the memories of our special day in such a beautiful way. We will cherish our wedding video and photos forever. Thanks Croix & Winson!

Marie Kwok
Criox is fantastic and responsible wedding photographer. We engaged him for our wedding back in May and he is energic, lively and makes you laugh during the shoot which actually creates many candid shots from the session. I will refer any friends to him in confidence because i know he is very responsible in making sure all things went well from the shoot session all the way to the end point of photo collections. Thanks CRIOX!

Contact:8850 1379
Location:APT BLK48, Bendemeer Rd, Singapore 330048
Opening Hours:24 Hours Daily

2. Just Married Films

Just Married Films Wedding Videography Singapore
Image Credit: Just Married Films

Among the top wedding videography in Singapore, Just Married Films stands out for its unmatched passion and contagious excitement. Under the energetic leadership of Jamie, the team demonstrates exceptional originality and flair in capturing the soul of each couple’s special day. Jamie’s excitement makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone has fun—from the first consultation to the last edit. Beautiful wedding videos that couples will treasure for a lifetime are produced by Just Married Films, who have an eye for detail and a talent for tying together meaningful moments. You can rely on Jamie and his crew to adapt your love tale expertly and stylishly for the movie.

Customer Reviews

Jasmine Yap
Having Jamie from Just Married Films as our videographer was an absolute delight. From the moment we met Jamie, he radiated an infectious energy that set the tone for the entire process. Before we even confirmed the booking, Jamie took the time to engage with us to understand our expectations and preferences. Furthermore, on the day of the event, his enthusiasm was palpable and infectious, making us feel very much at ease. Thank you for ensuring that every aspect of our special day was beautifully documented, Jamie! Cheers!

Tricia Wong
Jamie was the actual day videographer for my wedding in Nov 2022 at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore. First and foremost, I love Jamie’s enthusiasm and passion in his job/art. That was what drew me to his works. He brought so much fun, energy and enthusiasm to our wedding and made filming with him so fun and easy! He delivered a great piece of work and was so patient in his interactions with us, especially when it came to waiting for me to pick the soundtrack of my wedding video. There arent many videographers this passionate anymore and I can’t wait to see more couples enjoy his works of art. Joshua @thebeautifulmoment and Jamie @justmarriedfilms make a great pair! 👍 The best! P.S. Jamie has great taste in music!


Andy & Tricia

Audrey Chua
My husband and I engaged Jamie as our wedding videographer, and it was definitely one of the best decisions we made for the wedding. From the start, Jamie had so many creative ideas for the video, and also gave us many helpful tips on how we could best plan our gatecrash/wedding night activities. During the wedding day, his energy was super infectious, and he really did a great job capturing both the funny and emotional moments. We were especially impressed by his insanely fast and highly entertaining same day edit of the morning highlights, which we and our guests absolutely loved! If you’re thinking about engaging Jamie for your own wedding, do it!! 🙂

Contact:9776 3321
Location:53 Dafne Street, Singapore 459573
Opening Hours:9 AM – 11 PM Daily

3. Kint Weddings

Kint Weddings Videography Singapore
Image Credit: Kint Weddings

With an unmatched combination of professionalism, inventiveness, and individualised service, Kint Weddings distinguishes out as a top option in Singapore’s wedding videography market. Under the direction of the extraordinarily gifted Steph, their team truly shines at encapsulating the soul of the couple’s unique day by masterfully fusing moments of happiness, love, and celebration into amazing narratives. Kint Weddings surpasses expectations by providing breath-taking and emotional videos with an exceptional eye for detail and a talent for grasping their clients’ objectives. Their distinct flair and commitment make them an exceptional option for couples looking to create enduring memories, whether they are having a modern wedding or a conventional one.

Customer Reviews

Phyllis P
Steph was the videographer covering our actual day wedding and she was amazing! Made us really feel at ease and the final video she made exceeded our expectations. Such a great storyteller, and we loved her edits! She even made the video longer than usual to capture all the special moments on our wedding day, which we really appreciate 🙂 Highly recommended!

Arjun B
We are thankful for being able to have engaged Kintweddings for our ROM and for the traditional Hindu ceremony. We would love to personally thank Steph for her proactiveness during the wedding shoot and giving us wonderful suggestions for posing. Also we would like to thank Firdaus for being very engaging and warm during the ROM videography. Kintweddings have a unique style to their videos and we are thankful for having such an amazing video crew! Highly recommend them to everyone!

Gordon Chia
Really enjoyed having Steph from Kint Wedding as our videographer! the video turned out perfect! From before the wedding, Steph was able to provide advice to us on the schedule and also take note of what we wished to be included in the video. Chose Kint Weddings because we really liked how they capture the right moments in a church wedding and we did not regret our decision. ☺️☺️

Contact:9336 8853
Location:326 Ubi Ave 1, #02-695, Singapore 400326
Opening Hours:10 AM – 6 PM Daily

4. PixelMusica Weddings

PixelMusica Best Wedding Videographer Singapore
Image Credit: PixelMusica Weddings

PixelMusica Weddings stands out as a top pick for their excellent wedding videography skills in Singapore. With a dedicated team led by professionals like Jackie and Alex, they excel in capturing the essence of each couple’s unique story with precision and creativity. From meticulous planning to seamless execution on the big day, they prioritise not just documenting moments, but also ensuring couples feel at ease and fully enjoy their special day. Their mission to preserve and promote marriages shines through in their work, delivering beautifully crafted videos and photos that evoke cherished emotions and memories for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Gen Tan
Choosing PixelMusica for our wedding was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Right from the get-go, we were impressed with the team’s professionalism and knew we’re gonna be in good hands. Jackie and Alex took the time to go through nitty-gritty details of our plan, patiently talking through our schedule in preparation for the actual day. We got quite worried mid-way through as we realised we’ve landed on a really tight itinerary – instead of stressing out with us, they insisted that we relax and leave it to them to solve these challenges. Throughout the entire discussion, their priority was how to make sure we could fully enjoy ourselves on our wedding day. We felt so assured and comfortable with them. On the actual day – Jackie, Alex, Sebastian and Paul were superstars. Everything was so well coordinated and it was great to witness everyone’s camaraderie and synergy at work. We just received our wedding photos and videos and cannot be happier with it. We also received lots of compliments from family and friends. Thank you Jennifer, Adrian and the PixelMusica team for your dedication. Your passion and skills made all the difference, and we’re so thankful for the beautiful memories captured that we get to keep for a lifetime.

Cavin Ying
My wife and I are so glad that we got Pixelmusica’s help to capture our wedding day! It was a real joy working together with them. We had a great feeling right from the start when we first met Adrian & Jennifer. They then introduced us to Jackie, our main point of contact. Jackie was very attentive to what we desired from our big day, and was very patient with us as he walked through our draft wedding schedule, giving us lots of helpful advice (like highly recommending that we put in time for us and his team to rest and eat!). Beyond that, he also properly got to know us as people, and made us feel very assured to entrust him with our big day. His gift of being attentive and listening deeply, and of course in photography, inspired us a lot. (Thanks Jackie for being on mission and gifting us with your presence as you lived out your vocation!). This carried through to the actual day, where Jackie, Paul John & team were on point and had everything under control. Coupled with their easy-going nature, this allowed us to feel comfortable and free to be ourselves as we enjoyed the celebrations. Pixelmusica’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote marriages and this spirit was evident in all our interactions with them and in the wedding photos/videos they captured for us. Viewing these back still brings back a lot of emotions from the wedding day and we’re beyond thankful that they captured these so so beautifully! We know that we will cherish these for many years to come. 🙂

Jonathon Seah
We had just received our much anticipated wedding video and it did not disappoint. We had seen the other samples on social media and ours still appears fresh and original. I think PixelMusica is truly able to bring out everyone’s original story and make it into a memorable video to be watched over and over again. The actual day photos were also very clear and captured many joyous moments which we were so grateful for. Many thanks to Jackie, Paul John and the team, who throughout the journey made us feel very comfortable and were very accommodating to our requests. Also thanks to Adrian and Jennifer for sharing their mission with us. It now makes sense. 😉

Contact:(Through Website’s Contact Us only)
Location:261 Waterloo St, #03-07, Singapore 180261
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Saturdays & Sundays

5. Substance Films

Substance Films Top Wedding Videographers Singapore
Image Credit: Substance Films

Within the wedding videography scene in Singapore, Substance Films is considered one of the best. Overseen by the extraordinary Yang and his committed group, they skillfully combine professionalism, imagination, and close attention to detail to create cinematic works of art that perfectly capture the spirit of each couple’s unique wedding day. A smooth and customised experience is guaranteed by Substance Films, who customises their method to fit each client’s own vision and aesthetic from the first consultation to the last edit. Wedding moments are transformed into enduring memories by Substance Films, who won both couples and guests with their unrivalled craftsmanship and contagious passion.

Customer Reviews

Edward Mong
We hired Substance Films to be our videographers for our wedding in Singapore last month, and we couldn’t be happier with their services! 😄 From our very first consultation, Yang was extremely professional, responsive, and attention to detail. 👌🏼 He and his team captured our vision perfectly and has also helped us a ton in hyping us up when we needed it. The express video editing was really good and the attention to detail to every scene was perfect. 👏 Our guests mentioned that the video was top notch haha! 🔥 Our wedding videos will forever be cherished memories thanks to their incredible work! ❤️

Nadine Yeo
Having Yang and team on our big day was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our wedding. We had a call prior to introduce ourselves and the style/direction of our preference. Yang knew exactly what we wanted – same day edits did not disappoint one bit! Love that he showed up all smiley and cheerful early in the morning and maintained that energy and joy throughout! It was truly a pleasure, Tim and I appreciate you guys for your great work – thank you Yang and substance films for capturing our special day so beautifully! <3

My husband and I had such a great experience engaging Yang and his team to capture our wedding day!! I remember when I was first researching for videographer and came across Substance Films IG page. I couldn’t stop scrolling and I knew instantly we MUST engage him! They are 100% the BEST in Singapore. Whether you want a more elegant romantic vibes, or something fun/ specific theme for your wedding, they do it all so so so nicely. Before our wedding day, we had a videocall to walk through the day and share our vision with him. I shared some ideas of what I like but honestly do not have a fixed style, yet the video turned out so perfect! Yang managed to capture all the right moments that we now get to look back on and cherish for the years ahead. As we watched the same-day highlights (the team managed to include the solemnisation too even though it was literally right before the dinner), I vividly remember watching it with our guests, and my laughter eventually turned into tears (OF JOYYY!!!). One guest mentioned how parts of the video look like we were filming a professional commercial shoot haha. So many praises from everyone! Yang and his team remain cheerful throughout the long day and really helped to guide us for the right angles/ideas, and make us feel so at ease. PS: Yang also has the most perfect glowy skin ??hahah. One moment that really stood out to me was when we are done with the tea ceremony and before we head back to the hotel to rest/prep for the dinner. Yang asked if he can continue to film us for awhile longer. This clearly shows his dedication to what he does and his creatively to think on the spot for ideas. He made us feel at ease by asking each other light-hearted fun questions/games and we ended up capturing some really nice and candid footage for the highlight clip too! Everything was just beyond what we expected and more~ The editing, song choice, different moods throughout the day was so beautifully captured. Hoping for more events to engage Yang, and I will never stop recommending him enough to family and friends!

Contact:9711 7359 | 9299 4143
Location:140 Paya Lebar Rd, #05-26 Encryption Technology Pte Ltd, AZ @ Paya Lebar, Singapore 409015
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM | Closed on Saturdays & Sundays


Invest in the best wedding videography services in Singapore to preserve the romance of your special day. With these five selections, you can be guaranteed that your memories are exquisitely preserved—from intimate encounters to dramatic narration. Get amazing cinematography, fine editing, and customised packages made to fit your vision. These videographers promise to transform your wedding into an enduring masterpiece with a blend of creativity and professionalism. Look through our selections and give your most valuable moments to the best wedding videography in Singapore.