What if there was a way for you to take those memories today so that you can visit them tomorrow and in the future? With top wedding photographers and studios, you’ll be able to cherish these memories eternally! As a wedding is one of the most significant events in anyone’s life, you should look to capture your wedding day with the best photos possible!

Unsure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 studios and photographers with the best wedding photography packages in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Firefly Photography

Image Credit: Firefly Photography

Firefly Photography is an all-rounded Singapore photography company that caters to all kinds of shoots or events you have. Their team of professional photographers are dedicated to capturing all the moments on this special day. Firefly’s wedding photographers have a strong background experience and have enhanced their skills over the years. This company aims to provide you with a full suite of media services such as pre-wedding previews, photo booths, morning highlights and wedding videography on an actual day.

Firefly Photography offers full-day and half-day rates for wedding events, as some weddings last for different hours. The rates may differ due to factors such as equipment used, the skill set of their team, and taking into account the photographer’s experience. The turnaround time is 4-6 weeks to ensure that your photos are approximately 400 High-Resolution Edited JPEG photos.

Website: https://fireflyphotographysg.com/event-photography/
Contact: +65 9147 3301
Location: 1 Yishun Industrial Street, #07-19, A’Posh Bizhub, Singapore 768160
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30AM-6PM | Sat&Sun 9AM-8.30PM


Image Credit: NATSTUDIOS

NATSTUDIOS, the award-winning wedding photographer, ensures that you’ll be able to capture today’s moments and safe-keep them as tomorrow’s memories. Featuring wedding photography packages that ensure you’ll take your love to extraordinary heights and places such as Paris, Tokyo and New Zealand, NATSTUDIOS travels with you to your dream destination. From pre-wedding to actual day shoots, NATSTUDIOS has you covered.

Beautiful photos are meant to be shared, and what better way than with your significant other in the best spot ever? Whether it be shooting on a warm summer afternoon with the sun beaming down, or under ambient nights with the brilliant skies, NATSTUDIOS goes all out. They ensure you’ll receive the best while delivering excellence that you’ll keep forever. Featuring 4k resolution photos at stunning locations from Perth to Prague, Croatia to Santorini, take the flight today and make your memories shine bright forever. With wedding photos you’ll cherish for a long time, make NATSTUDIOS your joyous choice!

Website: https://natstudios.sg/packages
Contact Number: +65 9296 9679
Location: The Hive Carpenter, 36 Carpenter Street, #02-01, Singapore 059915
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-8PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Studio Five Weddings

Image Credit: Studio Five Weddings

Since their establishment back in 2009, Studio Five Weddings has served over 500 wedding couples since their founding. Apart from their unique and famous documentary-like wedding cinematography services, Studio Five Weddings also has their toes dipped into wedding photography packages, photo booths and much more. With their already booked out weekends, you might have to call ahead to ensure you get in line!

Refined in their ideals to give couples a memory that they will cherish forever, Studio Five Weddings puts the beauty of your wedding day first. Their priority is to pull emotions out of the viewer and transport them back to that special day so that they too can feel each moment once more. No matter what service you choose from them, you’ll never lose the essence of warmth and trust of the beautifully spoken vow. With their pre/post wedding photography packages, luxury cinematography packages and more, let Studio Five Weddings add ‘forever’ to your memories!

Website: https://studiofiveweddings.com
Contact Number: +65 6339 3738
Location: A’Posh Bizhub, 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #06-12, Singapore 768160
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Lumiere Photography

Image Credit: Lumiere Photography

Lumiere, from French, which translates to “light”, showcases indeed how Lumiere Photography are disciples of light. Having been in the industry for 10 years, Lumiere ensures that the picture and the frame are perfect, never taking it for granted. As such, you can be sure that their professional and creative photographers, videographers, cinematographers and more are working towards turning something ordinary into something spectacular!

Lumiere understands that a wedding lasts a lifetime. They seek to promise one simple thing: by immortalising these precious moments for you and your significant other. Choose from their wedding photography packages, in which they showcase a range of different photography styles to match you and your loved ones’ taste! Whether it is contemporary, unconventional or modern-day, Lumiere’s experts are ready to handle it. Their packages offer actual day photography, pre-wedding photography and more, featuring up to 3 locations and other add-ons, to ensure that your wedding photos are memorable and truly special.

Website: https://www.lumierephotographysg.com/wedding-photography
Contact Number: +65 9023 8794
Location: 11 Woodlands Close, #09-12, Singapore 737853
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. Digio Bridal

Image Credit: Digio Bridal

A bridal boutique located in the buzzing Tanjong Pagar, Digio Bridal has aided many couples all over Singapore look and feel beautiful on their wedding day for over 20 years. Digio Bridal’s consultants seek to understand your individuality, guiding you to the perfect wedding gown without losing sign of what makes you stand out!

This affordable one-stop bridal studio can set you up with wedding photography packages, pre-wedding and actual day shoots, as well as gowns, corsages, makeup, hand bouquets, canvas portrait and much more! What makes it even better is Digio Bridal charges no extra costs for accessories and removes any hidden costs such as cleaning for returned gowns! This makes it easy for you to know the exact amount of fees needed. Other Digio Bridal services include having bridal consultants, on-site designers and more ready on the day to fix you up beautifully. For a complete celebration of love, make Digio Bridal your choice!

Website: https://www.digiobridal.com/photography
Contact Number: +65 6225 1612
Location: 69 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088490
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12PM-9PM | Sun 12PM-8PM

6. Forest Productions

Image Credit: Forest Productions

Founded in 2005 by the award-winning wedding photographer Don Lim, Forest Productions rose to become one of Singapore’s leading firms in wedding photography, videography and more. Forest Productions also dabbles in event photography and videography, with a dedicated team working to ensure that your wedding day is a spell of magic you’ll keep forever!

With many years under their belt, Forest Productions offers the best wedding photography packages in Singapore, including photography rates for a full day coverage. In their package, you’ll receive HD soft copies of your wedding photos, with professional and experienced wedding photographers ready to snap your shots! As visual storytellers, Forest Production places your love story as their priority. You’ll also get to receive fun on your wedding day, a great way to relieve stress on the biggest day of your life! With wedding videos and photos of supreme quality, let Don Lim and Forest Productions give you the greatest gift of love: special memories forever!

Website: http://forestproductions.com.sg/wedding-package-singapore
Contact Number: +65 8113 0502
Location: 21 Ghim Moh Road, Singapore 270021

7. AndroidsinBoots

Image Credit: AndroidsinBoots

As a team filled with image-makers seeking the essence of visual storytelling, AndroidsinBoots places emotion and personality when crafting your personal moments. They constantly seek new opportunities, bringing a unique visual experience to every client. As dreamers, they ensure that magic is never lost in people, nor photos, making them your perfect choice in the brilliance of moments with you and your loved ones!

Their prices range from pre-wedding shoots to actual day photography, with prices that offer flexibility and customisability. Apart from their wedding photography packages, AndroidsinBoots also tells your engagement story, stop motion, and many others! They also provide additional coverage, depending on what you might require for your wedding. If you’d like, you can even opt for their wedding day stills with motion, that gives you and your significant other memories forever. Make AndroindsinBoots your wedding partner and let them take you through all you need for an eternal wedding day memory!

Website: http://androidsinboots.com/wedding-photography
Contact Number: +65 8787 5560
Location: 16B Lorong Ampas, Singapore 328778
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

8. John Lim Photography

Image Credit: John Lim Photography

How do you make memories last a lifetime? By using sincere and genuine photographs, and with someone that understands the essence of love! John Lim, an engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore, found his passion by starting his very own photography studio in 2003. Since then, you can find his conservation shophouse located in Chinatown.

In addition to his love for travel, John Lim has been to over 50 countries, and over 500 towns. His services offer wedding day photography, pre-wedding for worldwide and Singapore, as well as wedding videography services and more! What makes John Lim one of the best wedding photographers is his skill, sensitivity, and dedication. Through his wedding photography packages, you’ll be able to find more than just photos to keep forever, with John’s keen and romantic eye. By making your moments his passion, John Lim Photography excels in turning your favourite moments into beautiful memories.

Website: https://johnlimphotography.com/services
Contact Number: +65 9821 6091
Location: 41 Temple Street, #02-01, Singapore 058586
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-8PM | Sat 1PM-5PM

9. Bokelicious

Image Credit: Bokelicious

Formerly known as the ZX Workshop Photography in 2010, Bokelicious has since developed into a team filled with passionate videographers and photographers towards one goal: capturing love into memories. Mainly serving couples all over Singapore with wedding photography packages and more, Bokelicious offers photography services for actual day, ROM as well as birthday parties!

At Bokelicious, the team is committed to ensuring all of your precious moments are captured and compiled into everlasting memories. Most importantly, their wedding photography packages offer competitive rates while not diminishing in quality. One of the biggest factors is Bokelicious providing unlimited photos, digitally enhanced photos that are ready in as soon as three weeks! Not to mention, their other packages offer equally competitive prices with other wedding photography studios too. So, what are you waiting for? Join Bokelicious in celebrating their 10th anniversary and let them be a part of the story on your wedding journey!

Website: https://www.bokelicious.com/wedding-packages
Contact Number: +65 8399 5920
Location: 87 Anchorvale Crescent, Singapore 544651

10. Story Wedding

Image Credit: Story Wedding

A bridal boutique that originated through elegance and fashion in their blood, Story Wedding ensures that every couple is able to take home their own flawless and unforgettable moments. Seeking to capture the timeless elegance and effortless grace, Story Wedding focuses on the treasured moment of wedding and love.

Story Wedding offers signature wedding photography packages for full day photography and more. Their actual day wedding photography package also has an a la carte price list, where they offer more selection for you. Their pre-wedding photography package that features both local and overseas shoots assures you with a gown and suit rental, indoor and outdoor photoshoots and much more! You can fix yourself up with their gown rental and makeup services too, with signature packages catered to all of your wedding needs. Story Wedding looks to alleviate any stress you might have from your wedding and ensures that you only have to look forward to a magical day!

Website: https://www.storywedding.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 8828 5277
Location: Ubi Techpark, 10 Ubi Crescent, Singapore 408564
Opening Hours: 11AM-8PM Daily