Are you a wine enthusiast who is searching for an excellent option to enjoy wines every evening? Or perhaps your wine collection has grown too large for your home refrigerator? Whichever it is, having a wine cooler would be the perfect present you can get for yourself and your escalating wine stash! These coolers have various special features but share the same goal – to keep your wine collection safe and cold for any occasion! 

If you need one of those, you should check out our list of the best wine coolers in Singapore that offer a variety of features!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Kadeka

Image Credit: Kadeka

Kadeka’s best wine cooler is the Kadeka KSJ115EW, a small and compact unit that is perfect for those who don’t often drink wine but likes to store certain wines for special occasions. This is also a good wine cooler for those who are just starting to set up a wine collection. This cooler has a 15-bottle capacity with a single-zone cooling system, so if you enjoy a specific type of wine, this is the best choice for you.

This cooler also has a 20layered tinted glass door which helps keep a consistent temperature since it’s built with high-quality wooden shelves. 

Customer Reviews

Heidi Pan

We have renovated our kitchen, it is so exciting to receive this wine cooler because it is just what we wanted. It is nice with a stainless finished door, beautiful blue LED light, the design makes our kitchen stylish and nice.

Amy Morgan

We purchased these refrigerators because we need front venting units to fit under a built-in cabinet. These are perfect. They are quiet, attractive, keep the wine cool, and remain at a constant temperature.

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Location: Tagore Singapore, 9 Tagore Lane, #02-31, Singapore, 787472
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.45AM-5.30PM | Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays

2. Europace

Image Credit: Europace

Europace’s most popular wine cooler is the Europace EWC 6910 which features a dual-zone cooling system that provides accurate, even, and consistent temperatures for all types of wines. You can set the temperature between 5 to 20 degrees Celsius for every individual zone so you can ensure proper preserve process in your wines. Europace was founded in 1992 and was conceived by starting out importing in Italy Hobs, Ovens, and Hoods. However, the company is proudly a Singapore Brand with an international and European flavor.

This wine cooler has 3-layered durable glass that minimizes condensation when in a high-humidity environment. Europace is Singapore’s Number 1 brand of Home Appliances in sales volume, with the largest range in the industry of more than 50 product lines and more than 300 different models, which includes fans, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, major appliances, and lifestyle products. The company’s products can be found in all major retail outlets, including electrical chain stores.

Customer Reviews

Shaowei Toh

Support local! Affordable, good values, and a wide range of products for selections!

Enrica Joan

I recently purchased a wine cooler for my house and it’s amazing! I’m very excited to use it and come back to purchase more appliances!

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Location: 10 Changi South Street 3, #06-01, Singapore, 486147
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM | Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays

3. Valenti

Image Credit: Valenti

Valenti’s most purchased wine cooler is the Valenti VAW47S, which is a classic mid-sized model that you can use for wines other beverages as well. So, if you do enjoy other drinks like beers and sodas, this could be the perfect storage for you! It has a single-zone cooling system with a temperature range of 7 to 18 degrees Celsius that offers a wider range compared to most wine chillers on the market. The cooler’s fan motor is frost-free so you won’t have problems with frequent defrosting. Plus, it has a strong structure that can hold up to 47 bottles!

This wine cooler has a touchpad control and LED display, so you can easily modify and monitor the temperature setting!

Customer Reviews

Xiao Mi

Thanks for the prompt service at this difficult time!

Contact: +65 6453 4650
Location: 23 Tagore Ln, Singapore, 787601
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | sat 8.30AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun & Public Holidays

4. Farfalla

Image Credit: Farfalla

Farfalla’s best wine cooler is the Farfalla FWC-24S3G which features a total of 2 compartments that come with different temperature settings so you can preserve different types of wines. It has wooden shelves that are removable, making it easy to clean. This cooler is highly-functional and long-lasting since it’s designed with a stainless steel door frame and 3-layered brown glass, and it comes with a door lock to fully secure your wine collection.

This wine cooler has an interior blue LED light so you can instantly choose which bottle to drink even without opening the chiller.

Customer Reviews

Kai Weng Wong

It is an independent-type factory that deals with electrical appliances, metal powers, has been here for over thirty years. Its business is good!

5. Tecno SW-180

Image Credit: Tecno

Tecno’s most loved wine cooler is the Tecno SW-180, which offers the largest capacity of storing 176 wine bottles with a total capacity of 480 liters. The cooler’s 8 wooden telescopic shelves accompanied by a dual-zone system lets you preserve your entire wine collection. Plus, you can instantly manage the temperature through its user-friendly digital controls and LED display to let you easily see the range of your collection and pick one before opening the door.

This cooler’s door is made up of 3-layered glass to reduce condensation and absolute durability! Plus, it comes with a lock and key for additional security.

Customer Reviews

Andrew Ang

Caller attended to my phone call promptly and answered my queries on 21/10/2020. Very helpful and informative!

Katherine Gou

Showroom staff went out of the way to help me find a replacement for my old hob and oven. Very impressed as mine was a very old model. Reputable brand living up to its billing!


Your wine collection needs protection and capacity that a home refrigerator cannot suffice, so it would be best if you have a wine fridge at home to keep your collection chilled and ready for any gatherings. Check out the best wine coolers from the reputable electronic brands in the country and take a pick!