Perfume is more than just a product to keep you smelling good and fresh. It’s a reflection of your identity, something that holds significance to who you are. In fact, it’s been said that perfume is the most intense form of memory.

Spritzing on your favourite perfume every morning is a great finishing touch to boost your confidence and get you ready to tackle the day ahead. Unfortunately, finding a fragrance that lingers through your busy schedule can be a challenging feat.

That being said, if you’re looking for a long-lasting perfume to get you through from day to night, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for our picks of the 8 best perfumes for women that will last throughout the day.

Note: This list is in no particular order.

1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Image Credit: Viktor & Rolf

Spritz some of this perfume on for an intoxicating bouquet of sweet floral notes, just like its name suggests. This feminine scent is a classic and has been a consistent bestseller since its release in 2005.

It opens with fresh accords of green tea and bergamot, followed by a heart of flowers – jasmine, orchid and freesia. Grounded by a gourmand base of rose, patchouli and vanilla, Flowerbomb is a seductive signature scent for ladies who want to smell sweet and girly all day.

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2. Gucci Bloom

Image credit: Gucci

Another scent that will get you smelling like a garden of fresh flowers is this floral fragrance by Italian luxury brand Gucci. Bloom manages to capture the essence of a diverse, fashionable woman with its rich scent. Tuberose and jasmine dominate the blend, while Rangoon creeper adds a soft, powdery touch.

Hailed by many as a perfume that can last up to days, this youthful fragrance is a favourite among women everywhere.

Available on: Sephora

3. Byredo Mojave Ghost

Image Credit: Byredo

This fragrance pays homage to the exquisite ghost flower that blooms in the Mojave Desert. It opens with musky top notes of ambrette mixed with a hint of sweetness from Jamaican naseberry. This woody fragrance is then followed by powdery violet and sandalwood, grounded by musk, amber and sandalwood.

This oriental scent is not too overpowering for those who want a less intoxicating perfume, but it lingers on your skin for hours nonetheless.

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4. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Image Credit: Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium is a distinctive fragrance that stands out from the usual flowery, feminine scents. This spicy blend embodies mystery and adrenaline. With an opening whiff of sweet orange blossom and pink pepper, the spice kicks in with dominant notes of delectable vanilla and coffee.

If you like bolder scents, this one is ideal for you. A small spritz of this modern perfume will last you for an entire day.

Available on: Cosmetics Now

5. Maison Margiela REPLICA By The Fireplace 

Image Credit: Maison Margiela

Replicating the warmth of a crackling fireplace, this fragrance gives off a smoky aroma that evokes comfort. This unique perfume is part of Maison Margiela’s collection which serves as a replica of scents that induce familiar memories. This one, in particular, has a warm heart of chestnut and woody notes blended with the sweetness of vanilla and red berries.

It’s combined with a floral mix of neroli oil and orange blossom to give it a soft touch. This inviting scent resembles the holiday season and is versatile enough for anyone to use.

Available on: Sephora

6. Dolce & Gabbana The Only One

Image Credit: Dolce & Gabbana

The Only One is a sophisticated, feminine scent that mixes floral and gourmand together. This hypnotizing perfume opens with a lively bouquet of violet and bergamot with a seductive blend of coffee and iris in the middle.

Embraced by comforting vanilla and patchouli as its base, this unique combination captures the essence of femininity and seduction. This fragrance is great as a signature scent that not only lasts long on your skin but as a representation of your identity as well.

Available on: Sephora

7. Burberry Women’s Classic

Image Credit: Burberry

A timeless scent that’s been popular for decades, Burberry’s classic fragrance is recognised by its deep base comprising sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk. Complemented by tropical peach and apricot, it has a hint of candied sweetness which brings out the fragrance’s femininity.

If you’re looking for something that represents chic elegance, this perfume is one that’s ideal for you or even to gift your girl pal. Just like its ageless appeal, this scent lasts for hours on end.

Available on: Isetan

8. Diptyque Eau Capitale

Image Credit: Diptyque

This unique, chypre perfume aims to celebrate Paris in a bottle. This scent is a mix of floral and woody, comprising a bouquet of fresh roses and bergamot, with pink peppercorns to add some spice to the mix. Patchouli builds its strong base and is present throughout the scent’s development.

This fragrance is the definition of chic, encapsulating the essence of Paris with just a spritz. Its well-balanced aroma moves with you through the day without fading.

Available on: Selfridges


Some of the things to look out for when shopping for a perfume is how well it matches and reflects your personality, and how well it can last. We hope that our list helps you to find a fragrance that ticks all the checkboxes so that you can exude confidence with your signature scent all day long!