Imagine being able to sit on one of the best massage chairs in Singapore as many times as you want! After a stressful day at work or school, you can crash into one of these and unwind with a massage without having to go to a massage salon. A massage chair is not something you would find in every house, but it could be one of the greatest investments in your household purchase!

If you are unsure which one to get, due to the extensive variety available in the market, don’t worry! We came up with a list of the best massage chairs in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. OTO Capsule

OTO Capsule CP-01 is the first easily movable massage chair filled with grace! This brand-new stylish design never seen before to fit right into the new era is therapeutic techniques are engineered to stimulate your fatigue body and soul into a state of relaxation. This chair is a perfect choice if you are looking for a value for a money massage chair since it has human-hand-like therapeutic techniques with 5 auto-massage programs to stimulate your body for relaxation and alleviate fatigue. The chair is equipped with a 3D Smart Chip, and features a 3D intelligent massage movement that follows your body contours! Plus, it has a 2-dimensional intelligent body scanner with G-SENSOR to help detect your shoulder position and body contours.

OTO Capsule CP-01 massage chair features 5 different types of massage strokes – pounding, shiatsu, pulsating, tweaking, and kneading. Plus, it has a 12cm protrusion dual-roller design, 3 width settings, and 3-speed selections, that offer a wider variety of relaxation. Also, if you are into heat therapy, this chair offers 45 degrees Celsius heat therapy for soles!

Available On: OTO

2. Ergoworks

Image Credit: Ergoworks

Ergoworks EWZG6000-HWIY is a truly zero-gravity chair that provides you indulging massage and has an eye-catching design, too! This chair has high-grade genuine leather for its seat and solid Birchwood construct  ion that features an Air Massage Mode, which has 8 airbags that can inflate and deflate according to an optimized sequence. If you have sore muscles or want some relaxation without having to visit a salon, this Ergoworks massage chair is here for you! This chair emanates a soothing heat for a more rejuvenating massage, while its one-touch zero gravity can put you in a zero-gravity position with one button!

Ergoworks EWZG6000-HWIY has a natural S curve your body adopts when weightless where your feet and legs are above your heart with your spine horizontal with no stress on the vertebrae! This S curve is an ideal massage position since your blood moves towards your core and your heart rate goes down.

Available On: Ergoworks

3. OSIM uNano Series

Image Credit: OSIM uNano Series

OSIM uNano Series is the smallest full-body massage chair in the market which makes it easy to move around! Anyone who loves full back massage treatment should consider this chair since it is specifically designed to give shooting warm air to your full back to relieve all the muscles which put your body in deep relaxation and reduce your fatigue very quickly. Plus, this chair features 3D Massage technology that replicates the best massage technique including tapping, kneading, and the combination of both, which provides the most satisfying deep tissue relief for common pain points like the neck, shoulders, back, and lumbar.

OSIM uNano Series has a push-button where your upper arm side panels are expanded to accommodate varied body sizes for greater comfort. Its foot massager can also be extended to fit one’s physique, with a simple stretch of your legs to extend the foot massager, you will have a comfortable position for a personalized massage experience.

Available On: Lazada

4. Ogawa Master Drive Plus

Image Credit: Ogawa Master Drive Plus

Ogawa Master Drive Plus is the epitome of class, elegance, and massage mastery. This massage chair is engineered with state-of-the-art technology where you can indulge in the ultimate massage experience which is unique and personalized to each individual user. The chair is highly maximized through incorporating elemental enhancements of all preceding generations of mechanism technology. It has combinations of an extended massage track, improved 3D motions of individual massage rollers, and increased depth of protrusion blend seamlessly to ensure complete massage coverage. The chair also has the ability to incorporate and perform a plethora of widely practice massage techniques.

Ogawa Master Drive Plus is powered by state-of-the-art M.5 Gen. Technology and has a revolutionary engine that combines power and delicateness, which delivers precision scanning and analysis. Plus, it delivers aLIVE TOUCH that reacts and adapts massage motions and intensity in real-time, which is enhanced with thermal processers that are capable of delivering a human-like massage experience through its isolated thermal massage rollers.

Available On: Ogawa

5. MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair

Image Credit: MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair

MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair takes the spot in terms of extra features. Even though its price will make your wallet cry, this massage chair will surely give you your money’s worth, down to the last dollar. It comes with USB ports that allow users to charge their devices while having a relaxing massage, and it also has a Bluetooth speaker where you can play your favorite song. Plus, this massage chair has a 3D massage feature, which gives users a sensation like that of a massage given by a professional masseuse. Furthermore, this massage chair also comes with an ultra-long massage track that relaxes and massages the entire back area – from shoulders down to the thighs.

MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair turns into a zero-gravity position, so if you love feeling completely relaxed when you lie back in a massage parlor, you can also experience the same in this chair. This position gives you the feeling of weightlessness and a glimpse of how it’s like when you upgrade your flights from economy to business class.

Available On: Miuvoshop


Who wouldn’t love to sit on one of the massage chairs after a day of stress at work or school? Imagine coming home after an exhausting day and crashing into one of these electric chairs. With a massage chair, you can loosen up your muscles and feel the ultimate relaxation with only the touch of a button! If you are looking for one of these household investments, check out the list above of the best massage chairs in Singapore!