Getting your beauty sleep is essential to kickstart a brand new day. When we have attained sufficient and peaceful sleep, we wake up with zeal every morning and more energy to seize the day. As such, choosing a good mattress is a prominent factor in achieving this.

With the help of a latex foam mattress which delivers utmost comfort and firmness, you can expect to sleep better and deeper! Due to the natural springiness of latex, you’ll first feel a soft sinking feeling upon lying down on a latex foam mattress, followed by an immediate buoyant supportive sensation. Apart from being extremely comfortable, latex foam mattresses also promote pain relief and better spinal alignment as they conform to your body’s contours – making it the perfect choice for those who suffer from any physical discomfort during sleep.

If you’re looking to improve your quality of sleep, check out these 6 best latex foam mattresses in Singapore and say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Four Star

Image Credit: Four Star

Since 1968, Four Star has been Singapore’s top household mattress brand, providing the sale of luxury mattresses at affordable prices to families and hotel industries from all over the globe. With the combination of technological innovations and handcrafted traditions, FourStar promises both technology and quality in their bed designs.

Browse through their various latex foam mattresses available, from their Chiro Series which features cooling technology to help you sleep cooler, to their Superior Series with high-density foam encasement for enhanced periods of sleep. Their latest bed product is the Detense | Arcticsilk® Advanze Aire Flex™ which has gel infused memory foam and natural latex material to reduce muscle tension and promote deeper sleep. Head down to their stores to try their mattresses and feel the difference for yourself!

Customer Review

Jenny Zhen

The staff is nice and very professional. He patiently explain to us most of the mattress and the thing that we ask. Buy a bed and mattress here, worth the invest. 


We bought 2 pieces of Chiro Optima Queen. Repeat user of their mattress. So? Must be good!

Contact: +65 9234 4442
Location: 44 Kallang Place, Level 1, S339172
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-8PM

2. Inkagu

Image Credit: Inkagu

An integrated sleep solution provider in Singapore, Inkagu has developed their mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and bed frames to maximise each other’s benefits after numerous trials and errors to attain the perfect combination.

Their charcoal fabric air-gel memory foam latex mattress is cooler than your typical memory foam, as a special cooling gel is infused into the air memory foam. Ingkagu only uses the best materials for their products – latex foam is chosen due to its breathability and sidewall technology which also prevents the accumulation of heat. You’ll get your ultimate night of healing sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed with Inkagu’s latex foam mattress!

Customer Review

Perry Tan

The senior lady staff there was very helpful,  friendly & provided good service even though I didn’t buy the 1st round when I was there. Explained patiently to me its products to me. Went back after shopping at IMM to buy the mattress from her later same day

Amran Varis

Just bought shinju 4 mattress king size double cool. Awesome. Good customer service

Contact: +65 9785 4232
Location: 25 Tagore Lane, Level 2, Singapore 787602
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM Daily

3. Tilam King

Image Credit: Tilam King

A revolutionised mattress and bedding boutique, Tilam King strives to bring the best components together to create quality mattresses that deliver maximum comfort and support for the ultimate rest and relaxation. From designing to manufacturing, they put their greatest effort in each process to produce exceptional mattresses at reasonable prices.

Under their Luxury Series, you can enjoy the generous thick comfort topper in Tilam King’s latex mattress, which is made with 100% natural latex without synthetic latex or fillers blended in. It also contains the best individual pocketed springs which inherently absorbs movement directly underneath the sleeper, instead of spreading it across the whole bed – causing minimal disruption throughout the night.

Customer Review

Desmond Sim

Wonderful service rendered by Tony. Very passionate and no marketing fluff when talking about his mattresses. Honest about his products and have to say for their price it punches well above their weight. Specifications wise you will find it hard to get a similar one for their price.

I’m looking forward to receiving them!


Had purchased a king size luxury series mattress from them a month back. As compared to other brands, TK’s Mattress super thicker Latex Top does make a difference.

Would recommend their luxury series range mattress to anyone who is looking for a new Mattress.

Contact: +65 6288 8666
Location: 8 New Industrial Road, #01-01, Singapore 536200
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11AM-7PM | Closed on Mon

4. Sleep Space

Image Credit: Sleep Space

As a one-stop online store for everything related to sleep, Sleep Space carries beds, pillows, mattresses and more from leading brands that you can conveniently shop for at the comfort of your own home. From firmness level to bed type, you can filter through their wide selection and source for the best mattresses that meet your needs.

If you need a more portable mattress, Sweet Touch’s Foldable Latex Foam Mattress is perfect for any occasion – whether it’s for hanging out with your loved ones or to accommodate a house guest. Plus, it takes up just a fraction of the space since you can fold it up for storage when you’re not using it. If you have extremely sensitive skin, fret not as this mattress is hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite!

Customer Review

Damien Low

Bought a Mattress and Bed Frame budnle from this website. Price is cheaper than those in retail store and online. What i like about Sleepspace is the sincereness, great presales support, customer service and FREE DELIVERY AND FREE ASSEMBLY. this is something i would recommend for those who wants to buy mattress and beddings in Singapore to come to this website to get good price.

Celine Khoo

Purchased 3 single mattresses for my kids and I’ve found these mattresses extremely comfortable and value for money. I appreciated the personal service and recommendation from the Manager and delivery was speedy and problem free! Will definitely be buying my next mattress from here!

Contact: +65 6677 7645
Location: 28 Senang Crescent Singapore, Singapore 416601
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. Spring Air

Image Credit: Spring Air

Founded in 1926, Spring Air has garnered much recognition for its series of innovative mattresses. Standing firm with its commitment to innovative design, quality and value, their mattresses offer consistent quality and comfort. Currently as a global brand in over 30 countries, Spring Air has the aim to be your trusted mattress provider.

Spring Air offers latex mattress for selected models across their collections: Comfort Flex, Back Supporter, Sleep Sense and Four Seasons. Their latex foams are naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, and provides superior pressure-relieving properties and breathability. Combined with pocketed spring system, their mattresses provide unparalleled support and conform to the sleeper’s unique body contour for pressure relief.

Customer Review

Chin Wei Low

Great selection of mattress. We are well assisted by Remy and Thomas on our selecting our mattress. Highly recommended for family who are looking for new sets of mattress and bed. Look out for Spring Air mattress which are really comfortable

Zoann Tee

Just received the bed. Special thanks to the delivery guys for the punctual delivery. Tested the bed and already loving it.

Contact: +65 6612 4792
Location: Oxley BizHub, 63 Ubi Road 1,#01-49, Singapore 408728
Opening Hours: 11AM-8PM Daily

6. Willow Mattress

Image Credit: Willow Mattress

Willow began as an idea-turned-to-passion when they found it challenging to find well-designed mattresses with reasonable prices in Singapore. Combining only the best quality materials with simple and effective design, Willow offers top-quality mattresses to achieve comfortable, natural, and healthy sleep.

Made from 100% natural latex, The Willow Mattress provides the ultimate support and breathable comfort for your sleep experience. You can switch around its three different layers of firmness to find your most comfortable arrangement – and given its breathable cell structure; air can circulate freely to counter body heat for a cool sleep. The innate elasticity from its 100% natural latex also provides your body with a level of support it needs.

Customer Review

Tan How Yong Danny

Fantastic mattress with excellent value proposition. Provides great comfort and support. Much cooler to sleep on as compared to my previous mattress with memory foam. The ability to change the firmness anytime on my own and not having to worry about dust-mite “future-proofs” the purchase.

Peta Delahunty

LOVE my new willow mattress! My sleep has improved dramatically – it’s much deeper and I am far less restless at night. Also, the customer service was fantastic – friendly, helpful and informative – my husband and I visited the shop a few times to try the mattress and each time they were just as helpful and never gave the hard sell. They even followed up after the purchase to see if everything was ok and we were happy. Awesome! Sweet dreams are made of these (mattresses!)

Contact: +65 8787 7817
Location: Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road, #01-10, Singapore 169074
Opening Hours: 11AM-5PM Daily


Sleep is the reset button in our lives that has the ability to rejuvenate us and prepare us for another day. And latex foam mattresses provide many benefits to finally help you achieve a great night’s sleep! Feel the difference in your mornings as you wake up from a deep, restful slumber with these 6 latex foam mattresses.