The importance of choosing the top SEO marketing agencies in Singapore in the ever-changing world of digital marketing cannot be more emphasised. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is becoming increasingly crucial as businesses work to build and grow their online presence since it increases exposure and draws in target customers.

Since the internet is a competitive environment, one must be skilled at reading search engine algorithms and keeping up with changing trends. Selecting the best SEO marketing agency in Singapore is strategically important because it guarantees the use of efficient optimisation tactics catered to the local market, which in turn results in improved brand awareness, greater website traffic, and long-term business expansion. In this regard, choosing a qualified SEO agency in Singapore with care is not only beneficial but also essential for companies looking to succeed online.

In this article, we have curated a list of the best-reviewed agencies for SEO marketing in Singapore. 

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing Seo Agency Singapore
Image Credit: Impossible Marketing

Founded in 2012, Impossible Marketing is an award-winning SEO agency in Singapore providing a variety of digital marketing solutions to support the online expansion of companies spanning across a wide range of industries. They have received the seal of approval from renowned brands, such as Adidas, UOB, Cathay Pacific, L’Oréal, Grab, and many more, and were named The Search Marketing Agency of the Year in 2020 and 2022.

As of 2023, Impossible Marketing has garnered 100+ 5-stars Reviews on Google Business, 100+ Recommendations, a 4.9 rating on Facebook, and 300+ Positive Video Testimonials on Youtube. Based on the reviews, they are widely recognised for their quick and attentive service, clear communication, and most importantly, dedication to improving companies’ SEO performance at all times.

Customer Reviews

Rin L
Highly recommend Impossible Marketing 🙂 Their team’s professionalism, tailored strategies, and transparent communication truly set them apart. Their adaptability and holistic approach showcase their expertise in the ever-changing digital landscape. The team (Valerie, Jerome, Joanne, Adeline) is also very responsive, speedy and ensures that what was communicated was clear and viable.

John Lee
We engaged Impossible Marketing for our SEO service. They are very professional and we have seen an increase in traffic and better ranking. Highly recommended!

Impossible Marketing has been a game-changer for our business. Their targeted SEO strategies boosted our online visibility, leading to a noticeable increase in quality leads. The team’s social media expertise has been instrumental in expanding our reach. Practical, results-driven, and great communication. Highly recommended.

Location:14A Yan Kit Road (Level 2), Singapore 088266
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Outrankco

Outrankco Seo Marketing Agency Singapore
Image Credit: Outrankco

Initially, Outrankco printed marketing materials to facilitate communication between companies and their clientele. In 2017, they came to the urgent realisation that they had to change their business in order to improve their overall standing and provide greater value to all of their clients. This prompted Outrankco, now one of the top digital marketing firms, to provide SEO marketing in Singapore, such as search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, web design, and development.

Due to Outrankco’s commitment to establishing positive and transparent relationships with their clients, they have earned 5-star Reviews on Google Business and Facebook.

Customer Reviews

Lin Min Lew
I would highly recommend Outrankco! They are professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, easy to work with. The entire process, from strategy definition to reports and analysis, was clear and transparent. Chris, in particular, patiently listens to our needs and offers recommendations and solutions tailored to our business requirements, instead of giving us the usual sales pitch that other agencies tend to provide.

Working with them has been a pleasant experience, and we are genuinely satisfied with the results.

Jason Ee
Outrankco’s transparent communication and customer-centric approach have made working with them a breeze, even for someone like me who is new to SEO. Their expertise has not only improved our website’s visibility and keyword rankings but has also provided valuable insights for our overall online strategy. Their professionalism and approachability set them apart, making them a great recommendation for anyone seeking to enhance their online presence.

Vincent Low
Since we started working with Outrankco, we have seen a surge in the number of qualified leads coming from our website. Hanwei is excellent and always responds to our inquiries promptly. They are the agency you can count on if you need help to market your business online.

Contact: 89176725
Location:LINK@AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-02, Singapore 569139
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 8.30 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Smmile

Smmile Sg Seo Marketing Agency
Image Credit: Smmile

Since their founding in 2012, Smmile has provided innovative marketing strategies and digital solutions to businesses in an effort to maximise their revenue. Being the top SEO agency in Singapore, they take great pride in being a quick-thinking, adaptable team that not only knows what their clients need but also knows how to complete projects effectively and professionally. Since 2022, they have started providing Web3 services so that its clients may stay on the cutting-edge of technology, as well as make them stand out from the crowd.

Earning 5-star Reviews on Google Business is a testament to the exceptional quality and satisfaction provided by Smmile.

Customer Reviews

Ruchi Jain
Absolutely great agency to work with for all marketing related needs! They helped our company immensely and gave measurable results! Highly appreciate team SMMILE!

Winston Wong
The team from SMMILE has been very prompt in setting up our website and has shown great responsibility and professionalism in handling our requests and requirements. A good team to work with.

Jesslyn Sng
Bryan, Austin and team are very responsive and helpful. Great experience working with them!

Location:Tong Lee Building Blk A, 35 Kallang Pudding Rd, #07-14, Singapore, 349314
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5.30 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. 3E SEO Services

Seo 3e Marketing Agency Singapore
Image Credit: Seo 3e

Being a reputable SEO agency trusted by many Singapore-based companies, 3E SEO Services is aware that increased search engine optimisation expenses may put a strain on the business budget. As such, they focus on providing affordable SEO services without compromising quality results. Their team assists clients in selecting the best solutions that meet their needs while staying within their means at the same time. Their range of services include B2B SEO, backlink building, and SEO audit.

3E SEO Services aims to become the best SEO agency in Singapore, and they are on a good track with their 5-star Reviews on Google Business and Facebook.

Customer Reviews

Natasha Walker
Visiting 3E SEO Services’ website and spending some time on consultancy with them was enough for me to infer that they are very knowledgeable in what they do. I am satisfied with my website’s rank on Google and also their customer service.

Elva Redman
From hardly being noticed by Google to the top search results in around 60 days is no fluke. In their first audit, they told us that we have enough content on our website, just that they will need to work on some technical aspects. Well, they did it pretty well, and we would like to Thank 3E SEO Services for their hard work.

Location:51 Goldhill Plaza, #08-06A, Singapore 308900
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. Absolute Digital

Absolute Digital Seo Marketing Agency Sg
Image Credit: Absolute Digital

Founded in 2020 right here on our shores, Absolute Digital is dedicated to propelling online success for businesses. Their knowledgeable team develops solutions for Google SEO in Singapore, PPC, social media, and content with an emphasis on personalised tactics, and their hard work has been recognised in many ways. Aside from being BizCert Accredited, they were awarded the SME500 Award 2023, Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award 2023, and other accolades from distinguished organisations and media outlets.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Absolute Digital is highly regarded, with 50+ 5-star Reviews on Google Business.

Customer Reviews

Jerome Bradbury
Great service, proven results and responsible team. I’ve met up with a few agencies before, and none of them have matched the service standards of Absolute. They did a great job of explaining the different forms of marketing and took the time to understand my business and all its concerns. Thanks and looking forward to doing great things together!

Zian Ho
They are insightful and versatile in their ability to suggest and provide digital marketing solutions. The team is responsive and have been very proactive as well. They’re truly experts in their field and it’s been a real pleasure working with them!

We have engaged Absolute Digital’s services for around 10 days, and the results are looking promising! We are very eager and very excited where this marketing campaign can take us as we go further down the road. Igen from the sales team has been very responsive and helpful on our requirements, he is patient and professional. Will be doing business with them in the long run and will personally recommend it!

Location:7 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987
Opening Hours:24 Hours

6. BThrust

Bthrust Seo Marketing Agency Singapore
Image Credit: Bthrust

BThrust takes pride in being an award-winning SEO agency in Singapore, celebrated for their excellence in delivering top-notch SEO services. With a portfolio boasting over 500 businesses, including established brands like Changi Airport and Konica Minolta, their services guarantee highest returns on your investment. What’s more, they are a registered Google Partner, and their SEO expertise has allowed them to consistently secure the #1 spot for competitive keywords on major search engines.

BThrust’s proven track record has garnered them 4.9-star Reviews on Google Business, and a considerable following on Facebook and Linkedin.

Customer Reviews

Chong Yu Kian
With the service support from Business Thrust. It allows my company website to have better visibility and be found in all the right places in the search engine environment. We can easily own the service  with low entry cost that is offered by BThrust. Thanks for the BThrust support.

Hasha Bakhda
BThrust improved my company’s ranking tremendously and I have been engaging them for over 5 years.

Good service and really great support from the team at BThrust. I definitely recommend them.

Koon Leng Sin
Leo Won has been extremely helpful in the 6 months that he has assisted us. Thus far, BThrust has delivered on their promise and our SEO has seen significant improvement over the course of our contract.

Leo Won has also never been difficult to reach and does not feel troubled to explain the SEO process to beginners like myself. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to start their SEO.

Location:8 Burn Rd, #07-16 Trivex, Singapore 369977
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Genia Seo Agency Singapore
Image Credit: Genia

GENIA’s founder, Caleb Sim, came to the realisation that even with substandard goods and services, businesses receiving targeted traffic from Google were expanding massively. This made him understand that Google and SEO in Singapore, in general, have changed the way businesses operate overall and engage with their customers. With this in mind and a first-hand experience of his father’s career in the music industry, Caleb runs GENIA to assist countless companies in building their brand’s presence and authority.

Forward to now, GENIA has been featured in international media outlets, such as CBS, Fox, NBC News, and ABC, and their reputation is rightfully accompanied by 5-star Reviews on Google Business

Customer Reviews

Ken Lee
I run a luxury ID firm, focusing mainly on condos and landed properties. We’ve been working with GENIA on our SEO for 3 months and since then, we have had a 50% increase with a 3x increase in leads from our website. We highly recommend GENIA to any businesses looking to organically increase their leads and sales!

James Lee
Despite us being in an extremely, extremely competitive space, GENIA has more than 3x our organic traffic in just 5 months. We’re seeing a significant increase in leads and sales! If you’re looking for real business growth, work with them.

3Beauties SG
I run 3 Beauties and we’re in the beauty industry. It’s been 3 months since we started working with GENIA  and we already have many competitive keywords on the first page like tattoo removal, lip embroidery etc.

We’ve already seen an increase in traffic, leads and sales. The team is responsive, constantly updating us on what they’re working on and the progress of the campaign. I’m extremely pleased with GENIA and would recommend them to anyone looking for real SEO!

Location:7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One, 038987
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

8. C.M.O Media Lab

Cmo Media Lab Seo Service Sg
Image Credit: Cmo Media Lab

“We’re able to complete 12 months of SEO work in 12 weeks.” This is a bold claim by C.M.O Media Lab, and it’s a claim that their team manages to uphold. The company provides a fresh take on costly, ineffectual SEO contracts by providing an economical and efficient solution to helping businesses rank their websites quickly. So, say goodbye to lengthy contracts that can not only be challenging to comprehend but also take many months to finalise.

Despite their straightforward approach to providing SEO in Singapore, C.M.O Media Lab still takes the time and effort to listen to each client’s needs and demands, and implement them in the most effective way possible. This strategy has been proven worthwhile as it gained them 5-star Reviews on Google Business and a strong following on Facebook.

Customer Reviews

WL Tan
CMO successfully brought up our rankings to page 1 in a matter of months! I’d recommend working with them if you want to be on page 1 of your business.

Jeremiah T
They know what they are doing. Everything is systematic and expectations are well managed. I was never guessing what’s next. I highly recommend it!

Rita Liew
Creating content for one’s own website is really hard, but with Amin’s guidance, I found myself having a much clearer vision of how to grow my services and how to eliminate that which does not help. Amin is truly professional and knows his stuff. He is also very generous with his knowledge and yet remains one of the most practical and down to earth people I know. I highly recommend his service to anyone who wants to revamp their website and drive the traffic up at the same time.

Location:Trivex #04-04, No.8 Burn Rd, Singapore 369977
Opening Hours:24 Hours

9. DMB

Digital Marketing Buzz Seo Singapore
Image Credit: Digital Marketing Buzz

Boasting over 10 years of digital marketing experience, DMB is equipped with a plethora of creative ideas to propel your company forward and is the SEO agency in Singapore you can trust to transform your website to have the highest search engine ranking, attract the most visitors, and have a high return on investment. Their knowledge and expertise have awarded them the PMC Certification by Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council Limited and named as the “Top Local SEO Provider” by Best In Singapore.

Undoubtedly one of the leading SEO agencies, DMB possesses 5-star Reviews on Google Business and a 5.0 rating on Facebook.

Customer Reviews

Xen Ng
Really efficient and worked well with our requests and inquiries, is on the ball whenever required, definitely looking forward to working with them again.

Elinor Oliva
DMB understands my needs and they are willing to help anytime even if I have the craziest idea imaginable. They always find a way to deliver what I require. Kudos to the Team!

Amelia Yeo
Professional service and very responsive provided by Digital Marketing Buzz. Highly recommended for website creations and flyer designs.

Location:286A MacPherson Road, Singapore 348609
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 7 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

10. Obizmax

Obizmax Agency Marketing Singapore
Image Credit: Obizmax

Obizmaz Agency is arguably one of the longest-running SEO agencies in Singapore, having operated for more than 20 years. Their success comes down to a few main factors, namely a comprehensive understanding of social media implementation and SEO in Singapore, a customer-focused and results-oriented strategy, and transparency throughout the entire process.

This approach has allowed Obizmax to rank highly, with 4.8-star Reviews on Google Business.

Customer Reviews

Noorindah Iskandar
Adrian is a great trainer, not just for his wealth of knowledge but also his easy-going and friendly personality. He helps to give real-world context to the technical jargon and always reminds us to go back to our business goals and start with the end in mind to make sense of it all. I highly recommend his classes and look forward to attending more!

Ning Lim
Professional insights with practical tools to optimise business objectives!  Highly recommend to anyone wanting to use social marketing to bring their business to the next level up.

Judith Toh
An insightful and knowledgeable trainer. Not only did he teach me things within the box, he also taught me things outside of it. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Adrian and if opportunity permits, am looking forward to future courses with him.

Location:Suntec Tower 1, 7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07, Singapore, 038987
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

11. D’Marketing Agency

DMarketing Agency sg
Image Credit: DMarketing

D’Marketing Agency is a leader in developing cutting-edge tactics and solutions to increase their customers’ online visibility and help them meet their goals. With a focus on providing individualised solutions, this integrated SEO agency in Singapore takes great pride in its pledge to invest the necessary time in thoroughly understanding each client’s business. Google Ads, Google Analytics, Basecamp, Hootsuite, and Ahrefs are officially listed as their technology partners.

D’Marketing Agency’s 75+ 4.9-star Reviews on Google Business shows that they are certainly making a difference in companies’ digital marketing efforts.

Customer Reviews

Rai Mgsmbl
I recently worked with D’Marketing Agency and I’m genuinely impressed! Before working with them, my website was barely getting any traffic. But now, I’ve seen a significant boost in my site’s visibility on search engines. The team was super friendly and took the time to explain everything in simple terms, making the whole process easy to understand. Highly recommend D’Marketing Agency to anyone looking to improve their online presence!

This company is very reliable for almost all services especially for google ads and SEO. Their team is attentive to details and very approachable and very open to suggestions.

Winnie Lim
A big shout out to D’Marketing Agency for their lightning-fast service! Leo and Alice went above and beyond with my design request, paying attention to even the tiniest of details! I wholeheartedly recommend them. Thanks a ton!

Location:1 Tampines North Dr. 1, #08-37, Singapore 528559
Opening Hours:9 AM – 6 PM Daily

12. Awebstar Technologies

Awebstar Technologies Sg Seo Service
Image Credit: Awebstar Technologies

If you’re looking for an SEO agency in Singapore that specialises in web design, Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd is the one for you. With their broad experience in web development and digital marketing services, we have completed over 5200 projects, spanning from corporate website design to e-commerce websites. On top of that, they have set benchmarks for their SEO services, helping companies increase their website’s traffic, which gives them more leads to generate business.

Having partnered with the likes of Meta, TikTok, and Google, Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd has consistently delivered high-quality results, as shown by their 4.7-star Reviews on Google Business.

Customer Reviews

Headrockvr Marketing
We have engaged Awebstar to rebuild our website. Was very impressed by the dedicated team who worked on this project, their efforts in helping us to develop a beautiful website design and address all the issues we faced. It is a wonderful working experience with Mike and his team. Thank you, Awebstar!

Steven Goh
We are very happy to have found Awebstar to develop our shopify website. Awebstar team is fast, responsive and always tries their best to meet our expectations. Thank you for a job well-done.

Dan Lee
Awebstar Technologies provide very good and efficient service to LCR and their booking system is user friendly and easy to use. Highly recommended. 👍Keep up the good work. Cheers!

Location:Bharat Building, 03 Raffles Place, #08-01B, Singapore 048617
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6.30 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

13. Incepte

Incepte Seo Marketing Agency Singapore
Image Credit: Incepte

After its founding in 2005, Incepte rose to prominence as one of the top print media companies, providing the best SEO in Singapore. Due to demand and their skills, they launched their very own digital marketing agency in 2010. Since then, they have been able to collaborate with many companies across several industries for over 15 years, and have helmed projects for MNCs, SMEs, and even government organisations.

Today, Incepte boasts 4.8-star Reviews on Google Business and more than 4000 followers on Facebook.

Customer Reviews

Azmi Ismail
Been working with Incepte for a couple or years now and to date they’ve been really great to work with. They’ve remained consistent in their delivery, comprehensive in their planning and consultations and very responsive when meeting deadlines, all with a pleasant and friendly fore-front balanced with a professional attitude. An overall great company to work with for your digital marketing and website solutions.

Huang Yenson
Awesome company with great services by genuine people trying to help! Highly recommend 🙂

Ivan Chua
3rd time working with Incepte. Elite team led by Ray and Michael. Definitely one of the best in SG!

Location:Midview City #06-21, 18 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573960
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 10 AM – 7 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

14. Brew Interactive

Brew Interactive Marketing Sg
Image Credit: Brew Interactive

Despite having entered the market in 2009, Brew Interactive is known to keep up with market trends and the changing demands of consumers. A good example of this is their services, ranging from traditional search engine marketing and TikTok Ads to SEO in Singapore. By embracing such a forward-thinking approach, it should be evident that the team seeks to collaborate with their clients to co-create the best digital strategy rather than simply following and taking orders.

This strategy has worked well for Brew Interactive, seeing their 4.8-star Reviews on Google Business.

Customer Reviews

Jing Han Soo
It was great to engage with Brew. Marcus and team are experienced in the market and have a deep understanding of Tiktok marketing. What I can say is that they really give us a clear direction to effectively target customers and create better content. Thank you Marcus and team!

Mei Theng Yew
Brew has been instrumental in helping us to shape our digital marketing strategy and optimising our use of HubSpot. We are happy to work with such a dedicated and responsive team, who are always ready to share their insights and provide cost-effective solutions.

We hired Brew Interactive based on a contact’s recommendation. While we had conducted some online social experiments previously, Brew and their team assisted us in defining a “real” strategy and executing it amazingly well. They continuously optimised our various activities and created outstanding content/materials for our promotional efforts. We have achieved the desired results, and there is no doubt that we will hire them again in the near future!

Location:111 North Bridge Rd, #08-11, Singapore, 179098
Opening Hours:Mon-Thur 9 AM – 6 PM | Fri 9 AM – 8 PM | Sat 8 AM – 9 PM | Closed on Sun

15. Digitrio

Digitrio Seo Agency Singapore
Image Credit: Digitrio

Another well-known SEO agency in Singapore is called Digitrio. By increasing traffic and conversions, they try to support businesses in their online endeavours. They are a results-oriented business with a number of tried-and-true tactics that guarantee their clients’ success. Their areas of expertise include site design and development, Facebook advertising, display advertising, and SEO and SEM (search engine marketing).

What makes Digitrio stand out from others is their complimentary website audit report, which enables companies to recognise and improve on their digital marketing efforts first-hand. This unique feature, alongside delivering tested and proven solutions, have earned them 4.6-star Reviews on Google Business.

Customer Reviews

Solace Art Psychotherapy
We saw an increase in enquiry ever since Digitrio started working on our SEO and managing our website. They are friendly yet professional, efficient, responsive and helpful. They also provide comprehensive reports regularly. Their rates are also reasonable. I will highly recommend their service to anyone starting a company.

Gladys Ng
I enjoy working with Digitrio as they are fast, efficient and effective in terms of previous SEO campaigns and content writing expertise and knowledge. Now I’m hoping that the current SEO campaign will be even more successful than ever! I would recommend anyone to Digitrio!

Polly Pocket
I’m happy with their seo services. They are willing to discuss & solutions to get better ranking on SEO and a very detailed report on a monthly basis. Thank you Seraphine and Criss.

Location:WeWork 22 Cross Street, #02-01, Singapore 048421
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


iFoundries Sg Marketing Seo
Image Credit: iFoundries

iFoundries has been assisting hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in expanding their operations for the past 17 years. In fact, they have helped more than 500+ companies since their founding in 2005, which is an impressive feat. What’s more impressive is that they claim to complete more than 35 large-scale projects per year on average. In addition to digital marketing services, they also assist clients in optimising web technology and marketing campaigns, as well as automating sales and marketing procedures.

iFoundries has established themselves as the leading SEO agency in Singapore, and their 4.5-star Reviews on Google Business is just one example.

Customer Reviews

K Mendoza
IFoundries has been very helpful to my business in terms of streamlining marketing efforts to achieve its potential to reach my customers. It’s always a pleasure dealing with them because it is very easy to communicate and you feel taken care of.

Lee Xien Gan
Outstanding digital marketing services! Highly recommended for effective online presence and growth.

Sherry Liew
Engaging iFoundries for our email hosting over the past 18 years has been a seamless experience. Andy delivers excellent services with fast resolution to email problems and responses. Highly recommend iFoundries for their reliability and dedicated team!

Contact:9624 6245 (WhatsApp)
Location:CT Hub 2 #12-84,114 Lavender St, Singapore 338729
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 10 AM – 6.30 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

17. Sixmoredays

Sixmoredays Sg Seo Service
Image Credit: Sixmoredays

Sixmoredays is an SEO agency in Singapore that provides data-driven digital marketing solutions that are tailored to the requirements and financial constraints of its customers. By establishing channels for communication and fostering enduring connections with their audience, they assist brands in expanding their clientele. Their promise is to produce outstanding brand experiences that linger in the minds of customers and help companies become household names.

Customer Reviews

Dionis Chiua
Isaac is easy to communicate with, awesome to work with, responsive to our queries and most importantly, he produces beautiful work.

Ding Xuan
Isaac is an incredibly talented designer who was so easy to work with, highly professional, and very efficient. We could not be happier with the logo he designed for us! It was such a joyful experience!

Bryan Wong
If you are looking for an agency which shows passion in what they do, creates success for your brand, and meets your objectives with outstanding performance, Sixmoredays meets the benchmark. Definitely a great bunch of guys to work with, their enthusiasm and belief in achieving great results have proven success in campaigns.

Location:Oxley Bizhub 1, 67 Ubi Road 1, #08-07, Singapore 408730
Opening Hours:Mon-Fr 10 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

18. PCL Technologies

Pcl Technologies Marketing Service Sg
Image Credit: Pcl Technologies

Since its founding in 2000, PCL Technologies has grown to rank among the top providers of digital marketing services, specifically SEO marketing in Singapore. They employ a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable experts that have a wealth of expertise in keyword research, link building, website construction, competition analysis, on-page and off-page optimisation, and SEO content generation. In order to assist clients become more visible online, rank higher in Google and other search engines, and increase site traffic, they also provide complete SEO solutions.

Customer Reviews

Adriel Chua
Working with PCL TECHNOLOGY was my best experience. They work on my keyword very gently so that my keywords are coming on page 1 of Google. My website gets better and better results every week, the whole team is very attentive, so they are always available to answer questions. Highly recommended!

Ella Kelly
I got the best results from them, thank you PCL Technology for your amazing work.I would like to recommend them up to any level. Totally impressed with their work,Good job guys!

Timmy Brown
True professionals! Totally recommend them at any level! I had a marketing team hired prior to working with them, now I don’t need it anymore; it is less costly and more efficient working with Coalition. Thank you, guys! Previously, I had a marketing team and now I don’t need it anymore. Working with PCL Technology, it is less costly and more efficient working with them

Location:203 Henderson Rd, #12-09, Singapore 159546
Opening Hours:Mon, Thur-Fri 10 AM – 7 PM | Tue 10 PM – 12 AM | Wed 12 AM – 7 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

19. Novatise

Novatise Seo Marketing Agency Singapore
Image Credit: Novatise

The creator of Novatise, Jon Ng, initially experimented with internet marketing by posting on a single website without any funding. Even though the first few months weren’t easy, he persevered by improving his abilities and reading whatever article he could find online about digital marketing. Over the past 5 years, he and his team have assisted over 100 SMEs and startups, emerging as a leading SEO agency in Singapore as a result.

Customer Reviews

June Leow
We hired Novatise for writing content and we are very happy with their content writing service. It’s hard to find native English language writers in Singapore, who can write very well. For a reasonable price, Novatise did a splendid job.

Allan Lau
Got my article ranked on TOP 3 for a Long tail keyword that drives 50 organic views daily. Kudos to the Novatise team!

Location:Crasco Building, 11 Beach Road, #03-02, Singapore, 189675
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

20. Emedia Solution

Emedia Solution Seo Marketing Agency Sg
Image Credit: Emedia Solution

Considering that every employee in Emedia Solution must pass the Google Advertising Professional test, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Originally offering web development services, they are now a creative web development company, and have expanded into internet marketing to satisfy client demands. The following are their areas of competence: web development, copywriting, customised web applications, social media marketing, customised web applications, and SEO in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Sergei Gorlovetsky
Our experience with e-media is strongly positive. We could see improvement in customer engagement right away. The team is very proactive, supportive, and dependable. Will continue working together and will recommend it to others.

Yulia Diamond 
We have worked with E-Media Online Marketing for a few weeks now and have been very impressed with their ability to seamlessly work across the entire spectrum of relationships. They have a strong bottom line focus to drive Facebook pages and events.

Location:3021 Ubi Ave 2, #03-187, Singapore 408897
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9.30 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

21. My Marketing Fox

My Marketing Fox Seo Agency Singapore
Image Credit: My Marketing Fox

As a top-rated SEO agency in Singapore, My Marketing Fox provides a full suite of services for integrated digital marketing solutions. The group of SEO experts includes experts in Pay-per-click or online ad management, website design, electronic direct email, e-commerce services, and search engine optimisation for commercial websites and e-commerce platforms.

Customer Reviews

Lian Yup Toh
Our company has engaged Angelo for our SEO marketing campaign and we are very pleased with the result within a short period of time. Angela is very responsive and goes the extra mile to give us great suggestions on how else we can improve our site conversion. Nice work!

Leo Eli
My Marketing Fox is the best marketing and SEO Agency we have hired. The consultant offered us effective strategies that optimise our website and built up our business brand on Linkedin & Google. Highly recommended for SMEs who are looking to outsource their marketing works to agencies.

Location:Bishan Street 12, Singapore, Singapore
Opening Hours:Mon-Sat 10 AM – 10 PM | Closed on Sun


Making the right choice of SEO agencies that can actually produce results is essential for navigating the ever-changing industry of SEO in Singapore. These agencies, which range from well-known sector leaders to up-and-coming ones, provide a wide range of abilities and approaches targeted at maximising internet presence and fostering company expansion.