For you girls who are keen to become piano experts, Singapore, a thriving centre of culture and education, has a multitude of options. The city offers a wide range of programs and teachers to suit any ability level, whether you are an expert pianist wishing to hone your craft or a beginner looking to get your musical career started. These top 8 piano lessons in Singapore offer both classical and modern styles, and they are distinguished by their excellent teaching strategies, knowledgeable piano teachers in Singapore, and extensive curricula. Let’s discover the top locations for you to develop your love of the piano and realise your full musical potential.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Melodious Piano Studio

Melodious Piano Lessons SG
Image Credit: Melodious Piano Studio

The Melodious Piano Studio is ecstatic to share the news that their team has won two prestigious Asia Awards, which honour exceptional contributions to early childhood piano teaching. A group of highly skilled piano instructors call Melodious Piano Studio home. They help new readers not only get through their first books faster because of their methodical approach, but they also enable faster advancement than the ‘normal’ learning rate. Their ultimate objective is to enable pupils to reach a distinctively high degree of mastery and independence. Find out how taking their basic piano lessons in Singapore might change your musical path.

Customer Reviews

angeline koh
Teacher Natalie is a friendly and patient teacher. It is a good place to learn piano. They even have a little snack after each classes for the young learner!

Jill Fong
My son has been with this school for more than a year and the experience has been great. Teacher Natalie is patient with my son, updates on progress and shares videos sometimes. Admin is also very responsive and teacher is flexible with make up lessons. Thanks Melodious!

Lynne Yeo
I am sincerely grateful to Ms. Liew and Teacher See Ching for their knowledgeable and passionate approach to music education. Their dedication, along with the friendly and helpful admin staff, has made a significant impact on my daughter. She not only enjoys her piano lessons but also eagerly looks forward to the mini performances at Melodious Piano Studio. Thank you for creating such a positive and nurturing environment for her musical journey.

Contact:9699 3214
Location:106 Yishun Ring Rd, #02-199, Singapore 760106
Opening Hours:Monday 3-9 PM I Tuesday-Friday 2-9 PM I Saturday 8 AM-9 PM I Sunday 9 AM-6 PM

2. Jenny Soh Music School

Jenny Soh Piano Teacher Singapore
Image Credit: Jenny Soh Music School

Jenny has 20 years of experience instructing students in music theory and piano, so she is aware of their unique requirements and challenges. Jenny has spent her entire career honing the art and the approach of teaching music. They also have a pool of reliable piano teachers in Singapore working under them thanks to their partnership program. They provide a variety of piano lessons and programs at their piano school in Singapore that are appropriate for students of all ages and ability levels.

Customer Reviews

Very useful tips for piano performance skill, and amazing learning materials that cannot get elsewhere.

Soon chai Tai
Very thankful to teacher jenny for helping me in my difficulties to compose music in grade 8 theory with effective melody templates. This is something precious and cannot be found elsewhere and proven to be effective. I scored almost full marks for my melody writing test 19/20. Many thanks!!

Thank u for useful tips to complete my piano recording

Contact:9825 6286
Location:5 Dedap Link, Singapore 809550
Opening Hours:8 AM-10 PM Daily

3. Ms Lim Mei Ling Evelyn Piano Teacher

Ms Lim Mei Ling Evelyn Piano Teacher In Singapore
Image Credit: Ms Lim Mei Ling Evelyn Piano Teacher

Ms. Evelyn Lim is a dedicated piano teacher in Singapore with a long list of distinguished students. Evelyn is a full-time piano teacher who also enjoys listening to music. She has a private studio in Sengkang where she teaches piano and music theory. She enjoys attending concerts and master classes, as well as performing and teaching piano. Evelyn has spent the last nine years instructing piano students. She fervently believes in ABRSM. She specialises in providing exam-focused ABRSM piano theory and practical instruction.

Customer Reviews

Kris Wong
Miss Evelyn is a very sincere and responsible piano teacher. She is also very patient in teaching my girls. They enjoyed her lessons very much. She has strong communication with the parents and always keep us posted with their progress.

My son has been with Teacher Evelyn for almost 3 years and I can see more progress with her than any other teacher he had before. She understands the needs of different students and tailors the lesson to suit them, as well as going the extra mile to help students. This is understanding a passionate about her job.

Iris Lim
The teachings are clear and explained until I understand.🥰🥰🥰

Contact:9665 6685
Location:Blk 238 Compassvale Walk, Singapore 540238
Opening Hours:10 AM-9:30 PM Daily

4. LVL Music Academy

LVL Music Academy Piano Lesson SG
Image Credit: LVL Music Academy

With its headquarters in Singapore, LVL Music Academy is a well-known group of highly qualified music instructors committed to offering adults and children of all ages the best possible music instruction. LVL Music Academy was established by Ms. Janice, the principal, who had the idea to create a network of outstanding music educators who would be able to continue her legacy and provide piano lessons in Singapore that were above and above. Thanks to her important expertise in Singapore’s music industry, she guarantees that every student will receive instruction from a qualified music teacher who understands their individual needs.

Customer Reviews

18 Apr 2024*Very long read* ~Getting there: From Chinatown Exit C, through the coffee shop (near OG and beside the Macdonalds), cross the road, climb the stairs (careful especially night or with cello. (Not part of review), enter the building, turn right, walk down the asile and you’ll find LVL Music Academy. ~ It is very accessible with amenities near by. Store front is slightly different from the official website. Pretty cozy, simple yet elegant design. WA chat and Staff on-site Ms. Janice the principal, Ms. Patsy and the others are very professional and friendly.

Yao Jie
Thank you so much for the wonderful care you’ve given my violin. greatly appreciate the complimentary cleaning and your attention to detail. thank you for your warm hospitality, and for introducing me to your Luthier who thoroughly explained the repair details. additionally, it is also evident that Janice has elevated the LVL family with her exceptional contributions to create a nurturing and loving environment, allowing children to learn and grow with confidence. She consistently shows immense kindness and support to both teachers and students.

Tomoko Otomi
I am so thankful for your patience and guidance! And I am always be grateful for the time and effort you put into teaching my son and daughter.

Contact:8200 4711
Location:195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-12, Singapore 168976
Opening Hours:Monday 12-8 PM I Tuesday-Wednesday & Friday 10 AM-8 PM I Thursday 3-8 PM I Saturday-Sunday 9 AM-6 PM

5. Edventure Music School Pte Ltd

Edventure Piano Lesson Singapore
Image Credit: Edventure Music School Pte Ltd

In Tampines, Singapore, Edventure Music School Pte Ltd comes highly recommended. The school specialises in teaching piano lesson in Singapore music theory, ukulele, piano, classical guitar, violin, and acoustic guitar. It is also an official Casio Musical Instruments distributor. Edventure Music School provides both group and individual instruction, serving a wide spectrum of students from absolute beginners to diploma candidates. The academy employs a committed faculty of competent, highly qualified, skilled, and experienced musicians. The school offers preparation for international grade exams in addition to a wide range of sessions for both individuals and groups. The institution, which serves Tampines and the surrounding communities, gives pupils lots of chances to perform at different events and show off their talents.

Customer Reviews

Caleb H
My son has been taking piano lessons with Teacher Timothy for a while now, and we’ve seen tremendous progress and growth in his skills and confidence. Teacher Timothy is patient, encouraging, and tailors his teaching to meet my son’s individual needs. His passion for music is contagious, and my son looks forward to each lesson. The school’s supportive environment and resources have also been impressive.

shalin benitha
With Kheng Lin’s meticulous teaching, my son is mastering Grade 2 piano effortlessly. She’s a gem in nurturing both skill and passion for music. Highly recommended!

Jasmine Tan
Exceptional experience at Edventure Music School in Tampines! Teacher Kheng Lin’s group piano class is fantastic. My child thoroughly enjoys the lessons and is making remarkable progress. Highly recommended for nurturing musical talent.👍

Location:433, #01-67 Tampines Street 43, Singapore 520433
Opening Hours:Monday & Wednesday-Friday 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM I Tuesday CLOSED I Saturday-Sunday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

6. 2pianoteachers Music Studio

2pianoteachers Singapore
Image Credit: 2pianoteachers Music Studio

With their rich musical heritage and culture, 2pianoteachers Music Studio arouses and maintains musical enthusiasm while providing high-quality music instruction. Lessons that are enjoyable and well-organised enable 2pianoteachers to motivate large groups of pupils. A duo of musicians named Laurence Yu and Midorie Tjiawi established 2pianoteachers in Singapore. With decades of combined performance and teaching experience, both are accomplished pianists and well-prepared music educators. Students from the early cohort are now successful in every industry.

Customer Reviews

Forest Pang
Teacher Laurence and Teacher Midorie has taught me throughout my childhood, and has taught me lessons that go beyond just music. Teacher Laurence and Teacher Midorie‘s open mindedness has allowed me to explore music in a safe environment. Coming from someone who was primarily shy, my adventurous side was given space to grow, and it is this failure safe setting that has stimulated my growth and confidence. I am grateful for Teacher Laurence and Teacher Midorie for teaching me life long lessons, being such great role models, and essentially being a big part of my childhood and who I am today.

Alexandra Chen
Teacher Laurence is an absolute gem! His unmatched patience, infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support creates an environment where learning is a joy. Taking lessons with him has truly transformed my learning experience. I look forward to every lesson as he skillfully guides me through challenges, making me a better player with each session. I am truly grateful for having such an inspiring teacher.

Tramy Vu
My little girl has such an enjoyable music journey with teacher Laurence. His unique technique and passion for the music inspire the girl in her first humble steps. Teacher Laurence also has bespoke approach for each of his students which help them build up interest and confidence in playing piano. My girl looks forward to every single piano session with teacher Laurence. Would highly recommend the 2pianoteachers Music Studio!

Contact:9187 1105
Location:15 Bedok Reservoir View, Singapore 478933
Opening Hours:Monday-Tuesday & Friday 9 AM-5:30 PM I Wednesday-Thursday 9 AM-8 PM I Closed on Saturday & Sundays

7. Aureus Academy at Rochester Mall

Aureus Academy Piano Course Singapore
Image Credit: Aureus Academy

A tiny group of ardent musicians who were inspired by their piano teachers in Singapore to pursue music at the beginning of it all. Across its 22 Aureus Academy locations in Singapore, they actively teach music to over 18,000 students and employ over 750 staff. They thought that there was a chance to improve many lives by allowing people to pursue their passions and thus founded their first music school in September 2013. Their philosophy has always been centred on giving their pupils the finest possible experience so they desire to learn music and become passionate about learning.

Customer Reviews

Rebecca Liu
Teacher Gloria is very nice and professional to my son who is 5 years old.

qween kim
Teachers are nice and friendly.

Ena Pang
Aureus Music School has been great. Front desk and teachers are always friendly. My child has been with Teacher Nurain for the past 1.5 years and he’s enjoyed lessons with her tremendously. Teacher Nurain is patient and fun. She engages my child well and is able to tune and adjust lessons according to my child’s interest. Teacher Nurain also is very conscientious in updating us on his progress. Highly recommended!

Contact:6950 6164
Location:35 Rochester Drive #03-08, #03-15 &, Singapore 138639
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 10 AM-8 PM I Saturday-Sunday 8:30 AM-7 PM

8. Monteiro Piano

Monteiro Piano Lesson In Singapore
Image Credit: Monteiro Piano

Get piano lessons in Singapore with a trained instructor that has 20 years of classroom experience. John Monteiro, who possesses a Masters Research Degree in Music from the University of Glasgow, a Diploma in Music Literacy (DipMusLCM), and a Licentiate of the London College of Music (LLCM), is presently pursuing a PhD on Chopin mazurkas at the University of Leeds, UK. Two Yamaha upright pianos and one grand piano are on display in John’s studio. The availability of two upright pianos allows students to practise duets and participate in a weekly masterclass environment. After they have mastered their composition, students are rewarded with a performance on the grand piano. With the goal of assisting you in discovering your abilities and giving you the greatest tools for your musical journey, their courses will be customised to your particular learning style.

Customer Reviews

Cornelia Lim
Teacher John is very dedicated to his teaching. Under his guidance, my daughter successfully passed the ABRSM Grade 5 Theory exam with a Distinction. She is now preparing for the Grade 6 Performance exam, and I believe she will achieve excellent results as well. Thank you, Teacher John.

Hui Wang
A very serious and responsible teacher. He systematically helped my son learn music theory and piano skills from a professional perspective. My son enjoyed this learning time and received a lot of help.

Our son has been receiving piano lessons from Teacher John since he was 6 years old. He came highly recommended by another retired piano teacher. Due to the positive learning experience, our son’s interest and passion in music grew, and he was able to overcome piano recitals, examinations as well as competitions over the years. Teacher John is always steadfast in his commitment to teaching, providing firm guidance, encouragement and patience as required. Now 12 years old, our son is planning to pursue his diploma after completing his abrsm grade 8 piano examination. We are truly grateful to have a teacher who always manages to inspire and bring out the best in our child.

Contact:9843 3531
Location:Binjai Park, Singapore 589837
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 10 AM-7 PM I Saturday-Sunday 9 AM-7 PM


You have access to a plethora of knowledge and resources with these top 8 piano lessons in Singapore to improve your piano abilities. Whether you’re interested in music professionally or just want to learn more about a passion project, these schools provide individualised instruction that meets your needs. Accept the thrill of creating music, and move forward on your path with assurance because you have studied with some of the best piano teachers in Singapore. Start your musical journey now and experience the transformational impact of piano study in this vibrant city.