Navigating Singapore’s bustling real estate scene demands the expertise of the best. Every year, the criteria for exceptional housing agents are more demanding than ever. Whether buying, selling, or just exploring the market, you need a reliable guide. Thankfully, our research has led us to the cream of the crop. Dive deep into our handpicked list of the five best housing agents who set benchmarks and ensure seamless property experiences in Singapore this year.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. NeezaNizam

Image Credit: NeezaNizam

NeezaNizam is a hallmark of trust and integrity in the Singapore housing market. With over 14 years in real estate and a stunning $200M in property transactions, they consistently stand out as one of the industry’s elite. What sets NeezaNizam apart is its client-centric approach. Recognising that every client is unique, they listen intently, ensuring no generic one-size-fits-all solution exists. Their focus is unwavering—it’s all about YOU. They continuously update their knowledge and offer clients the latest strategies and solutions. Despite handling a vast clientele, the quality of service remains impeccable. At the heart of NeezaNizam is a deep commitment to doing business with genuine care, ensuring every client feels valued and well-served.

Customer Reviews

Mohamed Yaseen

A very knowledgeable & professional realtor who is very dedicated to give the best for his client.

Contact: +65 9787 6959
Location: 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #10-01 HDB Hub East Wing, 310480
Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

2. Property Lim Brothers

Property Lim Brothers
Image Credit: Property Lim Brothers

PropertyLimBrothers is redefining the contours of the real estate landscape. As pioneers at the crossroads of real estate, media, and proptech, they herald a transformative approach to property marketing and sales. Distancing themselves from traditional real estate norms, they harness their substantial media prowess and a commanding presence on platforms like their PropertyLimBrothers YouTube Channel. Their unique strategy of pairing dynamic realtors for each property listing ensures clients a holistic and personalised service. This unparalleled commitment is fortified by an in-house team specialising in customer care, digital marketing, and video media, taking teamwork in real estate consultancy to unprecedented heights. Their mission is twofold: to revolutionise property marketing and to epitomise integrity in the industry. With PropertyLimBrothers, you don’t just get a property — you experience creative marketing at its zenith, where each property’s potential is truly realised, and integrity stands paramount.

Customer Reviews

Eugene Ng

Writing this review on behalf of my mum as PLB has recently successfully sold our place in the D20/D26 vicinity.

Raymond Lee

I had high expectations of PLB for the sale of my property, and they have certainly exceeded them. The team is professional in handling the entire process end-to-end, and I’m particularly pleased with my agent, Jeremy, who is super responsive and helped make the sale process a very pleasant one. There’s no doubt that engaging PLB is the best choice, as they have helped change the otherwise tedious experience to a seamless one – No surprises along the way and business as usual.

Way to go, Team PLB! Thanks once again for the great experience.

Contact: +65 6232 6719 | +65 9745 7388
62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub 2, #11-15/18. Singapore 408734
62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub 2, #01-35, Singapore 408734
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-12PM | Closed on Sun

3. Pinnacle Estate Agency

Pinnacle Estate Agency
Image Credit: Pinnacle Estate Agency

Pinnacle Estate Agency is a standout in Singapore’s property scene. They’re known for helping clients sell homes quickly and at top prices by getting the pricing spot-on and presenting properties brilliantly online. Their top officer has bagged the SG Real Estate Agents Excellence Awards for two years, highlighting their excellence. But Pinnacle goes beyond just selling. They’re big on sharing knowledge, offering everyone easy-to-follow guides on property topics, from buying and selling to legalities, all available on their website. At Pinnacle, it’s about service and sound advice.

Customer Reviews

Andrew Ng

Sumitro is an excellent and trustworthy agent. He is very responsive and takes great care and thoughts into the sale of my unit. His experience in this line showed through his attentions to details and timely advice, yet he was never pushy but always patient and accommodating to your needs. I would recommend everyone to engage his service.

Widi Salim

Have engaged Pinnacle Estate Agency few times to assist in my housing/property related needs (e.g. rental, purchasing, etc), and they have provide excellence service so far. Would gladly recommend this agency / Mr. Sumitro to anyone who requires any assistances with regards to house purchasing, rentals, etc.

Contact: +65 9876 0972
Location: 109 Bishan Street 12, Singapore 570109
Opening Hours: 9AM-9PM Daily

4. Jack Sheo

Jack Sheo
Image Credit: Jack Sheo

Jack Sheo, an award-winning Singapore housing agent since 2010, consistently delivers happy outcomes for his clients. Known for his efficiency, effectiveness, and easygoing nature, Jack combines his deep knowledge with a helpful approach. Clients trust Jack to achieve their housing goals in Singapore, whether local or from overseas.

Customer Reviews

Amelyn Thompson

My hubby and I got to know Jack through an online search. He was one of the first agents to reply to our initial queries and consistently replied promptly whenever we had a question. He handled the sale of our home, and also helped us to find a new place. There were a few unexpected issues that arose during the process, and Jack helped to solve them and gave valuable advice. He is professional, willing to share his extensive knowledge of the property market, and ready to go the extra mile if necessary. He is objective without being pushy. Furthermore, he is always on time and well-prepared. We highly recommend Jack to anyone in need of a property agent.


Jack has been helping me with the rental of my property for almost 5 years and has always been an efficient and trustworthy professional. He also possesses good knowledge of the property market and provides me with updates whenever available. Will have no qualms recommending Jack to friends and family.

Contact: +65 9337 8483
Location: 480 Lorong 6, Toa Payoh, #10-01, Singapore 310480
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-9PM

5. Edmund Lim Property

Edmund Lim Property
Image Credit: Edmund Lim Property

Edmund Lim Property embodies sincerity, integrity, and passion in Singapore’s real estate world. With over 50 top-rated Google reviews, Edmund has proven expertise in helping clients buy, upgrade, and invest in homes. He takes the time to truly understand his client’s goals, ensuring they get the best service. With over $100 million in deals, five years of dedicated service, and two SEA Gold Awards, Edmund Lim is a trusted property name, consistently delivering with heart and excellence.

Customer Reviews

Yee Shiang Leow

Edmund was helpful in trying to narrow down the potential property choices and analysing the factors against the price points.


I have approached Edmund for the past 3 years in both finding a property and as well renting out my existing property. He has been a great help in providing sound advice and insights into the housing market. Very friendly guy and easy to share thoughts and questions with.

Contact: +65 9858 1770
Location: 480 Lorong 6, Toa Payoh, HDB Hub East Wing, Singapore 310480
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hrs


Singapore’s real estate market in 2023 is thriving, and the key to navigating its intricacies is engaging with the right professionals. This curated list showcases the crème de la crème agents who have consistently demonstrated excellence, innovation, and genuine dedication to their clients. Whether you’re embarking on a property purchase, sale or simply seeking insights, these top 5 agents are well-poised to guide you. They’re not just standard bearers but the best housing agents in Singapore, ensuring your real estate journey is smooth, informed, and successful.