Choosing the best Christian funeral services in Singapore is extremely important when sending off a dearly departed loved one. It is one of the last few things you can do to show that person how much you love and respect them even when they are gone.

When looking for the best Christian funeral services, it’s important that the provider has in-depth knowledge and experience of the funeral rights you want to have for your departed family member. You should also compare prices and read reviews so you can narrow down your choices.

Check out the list of the six best Christian funeral services in Singapore below.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Prime Casket

Image Credit: Prime Casket

Looking to plan Christian funeral services in Singapore? Check out Prime Casket. They offer a Christian funeral package in Singapore that starts from $5080 and VIP packages as well for a more personalised and elaborate ceremony. Prime Casket’s funeral package includes a 24-hour transport service and memorial setup. This Christian funeral company takes pride in providing professional and genuine service to allow bereaved families to celebrate the life of their departed loved ones and say their goodbyes.

When it comes to Christian funeral services, the overall atmosphere and procedure tend to be optimistic and uplifting. From the planning and preparation of the funeral service to the actual day itself, Prime Casket’s Christian funeral package is designed to meet a variety of funeral needs without coming with any hidden costs and additional expenses.

Customer Reviews

Mr. Donald

Hi Alan. Thanks for everything that you and your staff had done for our family over the last few days to ensure that we had a smooth process. It’s a pleasure to work with you and your company.

Ms. Janet

Really appreciate what you have done for my family in the past few days. We don’t know how we could’ve done it if Jane didn’t recommend you to us.

Contact: +65 9640 4740
Location: No. 12 Jalan Pinang S199144
Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

2. Casket Fairprice

Image Credit: Casket Fairprice

Casket Fairprice is guaranteed to be a professional and transparent funeral services company, serving thousands of families in Singapore since 1993. They are a one-stop company that operates their own funeral parlors, embalming facilities, and hearses. They have a dedicated team of full-time staff that uses modern methods while ensuring that funeral traditions and customs are followed at all times. They are a member of the Association of Funeral Directors Singapore (AFD) recognized by the National Environment Agency.

Casket Fairprice is a caring and understanding service provider of funeral services for different religions, ensuring that all services are personalized and in accordance with the bereaved families’ customs and traditions. This company is one of the best Christian funeral services companies with more than a decade of experience and knowledge in ensuring a dignified tribute for departed loved ones.

Customer Reviews

Ailianvicben Ho

Casket Fairprice did a wonderful wake and funeral for my father-in-law from 19-22July. They are very professional, sensitive and respectful. Always there to support and assist  our needs and enquiries about the wake, ceremony, cremation and many more questions. They are patient and friendly too. A special compliment to Mr Roger Toh, our funeral advisor, who went the extra mile to help and advise us. Our family is grateful for his kindness and service. The funeral package price listed is transparent, there is no hidden cost. The setup of the wake is nice, clean and peaceful. Many thanks to the team from Casket Fairprice.

Joanne Chan

My family felt very sad and lost when my late father suddenly left us on 12 Jul 2021. Casket Fairprice helped us to manage everything and it went on smoothly.

Contact: +65 6455 9909
Location: 37 Sin Ming Drive, #01-571, Singapore 575711
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

3. Harmony Funeral Care

Image Credit: Harmony Funeral Care

Harmony Funeral Care is one of the top bereavement partners for numerous families in Singapore for 55 years now. They are committed to providing the highest quality funeral packages and services, for Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Taoist, Soka, and free thinker funeral services. Their funeral packages are guaranteed to contain everything you need to make your loved one’s funeral rites are solemn, dignified, and memorable. Their funeral packages are guaranteed to offer huge savings as compared to the cost of individual services added together.

Harmony Funeral Care is one of the best providers of Christian funeral services. It is the company’s goal to make sure that every client is 100% satisfied with their services. This is why they always endeavor to be a trusted funeral service and facilitate the bereavement process as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Customer Reviews

Ching Chong Chua

I am thankful to Harmony, Siew Ping and team for helping us through these difficult times with the perfect balance of professionalism and sensitivity. Help was at hand whenever it was needed, we were confident that all would be well taken care of and we had space to grieve as a family.
You have taken care and thought of everything, even right down to tissue papers, appearing at the right time. I’m thankful I was guided to, (by my late mother herself perhaps?) connect with you.
Thank you once again.  Very impressed by your professionalism and attention to details. It’s never easy to organize a funeral while coping with loss, esp during a pandemic. Your team did a great job of comforting and guiding us. Thanks indeed!!

Melvin Koh

I engaged Harmony Funeral Care recently for a Christian wake and Funeral. It was a very pleasant experience. From the onset when Elizabeth came promptly and was able to explain clearly the packages and able to accede to some requests, they were able to comfort without being pushy. Well organised is the word to describe from the brochures which explained clearly the processes involved to the communication. I also like the set up which was clean and neat. On the final night of the wake, there was a briefing for us for the day of the funeral. The day of the funeral was a breeze as well. Thank you to Harmony and team.

Contact: +65 9489 2424
Location: 38 Sin Ming Drive, #01-523, Singapore 575712
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

4. Serenity Caskets & Funerals

Image Credit: Serenity Caskets & Funerals

Serenity Caskets & Funerals is one of the leading funeral services in Singapore. Their commitment is to “Always comforting because we care.” They are a local family-run company since 2009, lovingly catering to families who are going through such a difficult time. They make sure that they listen and understand every client’s unique needs to be able to deliver the highest level of services at all times.

Serenity Caskets & Funerals is one of the best Christian funeral services in Singapore. They are able to assist you 24 hours a day and consistently deliver the best services with respect, compassion, and genuine sympathy because it is their commitment to always be comforting and caring. The Serenity team also makes sure that they also assist, support, and empower families in mourning every step of the way and within their budget.

Customer Reviews

K Cheong

Serenity provided top notch services and products that are above the market norm during the recent demise of our father.  Elson and team are fantastic people to work with. Elson is super responsive, responsible, and understanding. He and his team worked tirelessly to ensure that every details of the wake and funeral are taken care of so that we have time to grieve.  The embalming is also professionally done and many of our relatives and friends commented that our dad looked so natural.  The wake setup is beautiful and elegant. You can almost feel that they are in this business not just for the money but they really have a heart to serve others.   They are also very transparent with their pricing which is very competitive. No hidden cost and they are upfront with what’s included and what’s not.  Overall, it was a smooth and seamless process. I so glad that we engaged Serenity to provide a dignified send off for our dad.

Apple Kow

Appreciated and thanks to Jacky and his team. Everything went smoothly from hospital to wake. All details were well taken care of by his team. Our dad’s wake was beautifully setup and it is peaceful, soothing and comforting to all of us. Toilet was clean and spacious too. We were surprisingly pleased with the funeral hearse provided. During memorial service, staff was assigned to help up with seating arrangements and refreshments. Their service had really exceeded our expectations. Jacky and his team is really supportive, professional and awesome.
Indeed the entire experience for the family provided serenity in every way possible, always comforting

Contact: +65 9618 6689
Location: 89 Geylang Bahru, #01-2736, Singapore 339697
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

5. Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

Image Credit: Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors started in 1912, making them one of the few funeral services companies in Singapore. Their founder, Mr. Ang See Karr, who came from the Fujian province, arrived in the city-island and saw the need for quality funeral services for the Hokkien community. Their very first shop was located in Upper Pickering Street under the name “Ang Chin Huat Casket. Since then, the company has evolved to become a one-stop funeral service in Singapore.

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors is one of the best when it comes to Christian funeral services. They have more than 100 years of history as a professional funeral services provider with a strong commitment to excellence. Since 2000, they have been catering to the funerary needs of Christian communities and repatriation needs of Singaporeans. The company is home to the first female embalmer in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Jolene Quek 

ACM recently saw my family through my grandmother’s wake and funeral. We were all very impressed with the service, the attention and the care that was showed to our family over these past 3 days. Thank you to the team who transformed these difficult days into the loveliest goodbye my Grandma could have wished for. 🙂💐

Chen Ning 

We randomly found this service for my late FIL and was awe by the patient, services, enquiries, knowledge, professionalism gaven to us in wee hours when we were whirled with sadness and decisions. The whole process was made easy for my Husband and I.

Contact: 1800 226 3333
Location: Blk 88 Geylang Bahru, #01-2724, Singapore 339696
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

6. Embrace Funeral Services

Image Credit: Embrace Funeral Services

Embrace Funeral Services is one of the most trusted funeral homes in Singapore. The company was founded Jeffrey Lee, a 4th generation undertaker, who was exposed to funerary services since he was young. Because of his experience and deep understanding of deaths and funerals, Jeffrey Lee aims to change the way people think about death by embracing it and celebrating life. Embrace Funeral Services is also constantly making sure that they keep up with the changing needs and trends in the industry to cater to wider demographics.

Embrace Funeral Services is one of the best places to go if you need excellent quality Christian funeral services. They aspire to be the funeral director of choice for their compassion, integrity, values, and authenticity. It is also their goal to provide affordable, quality, and value-for-money services to give personalized and dignified care to dearly departed loved ones.

Customer Reviews

Evelyn Chia

To Jeffery and Team, We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to have you and your team walking the final journey with my Popo. Thank you for your professionalism and assurance in guiding us and also accomodating with all of our requests.
The wake was well arranged and pleasantly done up.
The farewell ceremony was very memorable for my family which helped us to bring closure by expressing our inner thoughts to Popo.
Thank you once again.


Is Professional and assuring to my family. And also very accommodating in our requests.
The wake of my late grandma was well arranged and pleasantly done up.
Farewell ceremony was very memorable for my family which helped us to bring closure by expressing our inner thoughts to our late grandma.

Contact: +65 9692 1100
Location: Blk 87 Geylang Bahru, Singapore 339695
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

7. Eternal Life Bereavement Services

Image Credit: Eternal Life Bereavement Services

Eternal Life Bereavement Services was established in 2000, specializing in Christian and Catholic funeral services in Singapore. They have years of experience and knowledge in providing the highest level of funerary services to ensure that all families will have a proper grieving process and a respectable, solemn, and dignified funeral for their dearly departed loved ones. All of their services are carried out by experienced and highly trained staff. As funeral directors, they serve clients in a way that will make the grieving process as stress-free as possible.

Eternal Life Bereavement Services is one of the top names when it comes to Christian funeral services. They are able to assist families in arranging all their requests and carrying out their funeral plans within their budget. They promise to provide assistance and support from the moment clients contact them till the collection or placement of ashes.

Customer Reviews

Ruby Chow

Thank you Eternal Life Casket for being with us during these last few days. We were impressed with the way Harmony, Ashwin, Mr Neo and the rest of the staff handled the wake and funeral needs of my mother-in-law.

Yimin Lim

Thanks for being with us and handling the wake and funeral needs of my beloved Grandma. Both family and guests were impressed with the layout and valued added services, especially the bookmark gifts. Thank you Harmony.

Contact: +65 9756 3444
Location: Sin Ming Industrial Estate, 38 Sin Ming Drive, #01-523, Singapore 575712
Opening Hours: 24 Hours


Christians believe in heaven, hell, and purgatory. When a person dies, it is believed that their soul will end up in a place based on how they lived their life. To help the deceased be “accepted” in heaven, those who were left behind must pray for them. This is why Christian funeral rites include prayers and mass services.

To ensure that all the important aspects of the funeral rites are followed, you should be sure to choose the best funeral service. Refer to the list of seven Christian funeral services in Singapore listed above.