Managing your fitness doesn’t have to come with hefty gym membership prices. If you weren’t one to hit the gym before, fret not for home workout videos and fitness channels on YouTube are now a big thing online. With a simple search, dozens of free exercise routines – with promises of flat stomach and abs – would pop up. From aerobics to Zumba routines, these fitness channels have it all.

So ladies, put on your workout gear, roll out your mat and pick from our 6 favourite workout channels to start sweating it out at home!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Blogilates

Image Credit: Blogilates

Want to get fit without spending on equipment? Blogilates is here to help you get in shape through her range of easy no-equipment workouts. Cassey Ho, certified fitness trainer and face behind Blogilates, is easily one of the most popular fitness content creators on YouTube. While it’s true that her routines are easy to follow and gets the heart pumping fast, her cheerful demeanour is what keeps people glued to her videos!

Blogilates should be your go-to if you’re looking for a channel that can offer a variety. Her routines are never bland and she can get quite creative with her videos like choreographing a routine to a TikTok hit. So, get up and start the ball rolling with Blogilates!

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Credit: Blogilates

2. Yoga with Kassandra

Image Credit: Yoga with Kassandra

If you’re looking for something yoga-centric, then Yoga with Kassandra is your best bet. Yoga might be the most relaxing form of exercise so if you want to slowly ease yourself into your fitness journey, Kassandra’s videos would be an excellent choice. You could be a beginner or intermediate yogi, and there would still be a video up your alley.

Kassandra believes in practising yoga to aid one’s health and it shows in the content she puts out. Fun fact: One of her all-time popular videos is actually of a yoga routine that helps ladies get better sleep at night. Now, all you got to do is find a quiet spot, put on your chill playlist and do Yoga with Kassandra.

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Credit: Yoga with Kassandra

3. Chloe Ting

Image Credit: Chloe Ting

The new It Girl when it comes to fitness influencers, Chloe Ting has been an inspiration to many girls who have been delaying the start of their fitness journey. This Australian YouTuber first went viral thanks to her promising HIIT home workout videos which target the stomach, arms and thighs. Not only that, but Chloe also provides comprehensive training plans which she offers for free on her YouTube channel and personal website!

With her fun and energetic personality, you’ll surely feel motivated to get moving upon clicking on her videos. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, these short videos are more than what meets the eye. Guaranteed to burn the calories as if you’ve been running for over an hour, get incredible results with Chloe Ting’s awesome workout routines!

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Credit: Chloe Ting

4. Emily Skye

Image Credit: Emily Skye

Model turned fitness influencer, Emily Skye, is here to share all her tricks to staying in tip-top shape. Once severely underweight, she advocates exercising to help ladies lead a strong and fit lifestyle. As a mum, Emily Skye is no stranger to losing a ton of weight (think pregnancy weight gain!). However, she always advises ladies to shed pounds healthily and at a comfortable pace.

Emily is best known for her short yet informative videos. Going by HIIT methods, she arranges her routine to help even the busiest ladies get back in shape. What’s more, she offers pregnancy-safe workout videos for mummies to be who want to continue their fitness journey whilst expecting. For nuggets of fitness information while working out, be sure to check out Emily Skye’s channel.

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Credit: Emily Skye

5. Emi Wong

Image Credit: Emi Wong

Hong Kong-based YouTuber, Emi Wong, is the fitness guru during the quarantine period. A large number of her videos are catered towards beginners, and she has amassed a huge following thanks to her sensational HIIT workout videos. Understanding, that jumping in your home may not be ideal, her routines are apartment-friendly and great for those who want a quick burn.

Emi advocates for a healthy lifestyle that is coupled with nutritious diet plans and great exercise regime. The best channel for those who want fast and visible results, design your home workout fitness plans with Emi Wong!

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Credit: Emi Wong

6. FitnessBlender

Image Credit: Fitness Blender

FitnessBlender was started by fitness enthusiasts husband and wife duo, Daniel and Kelli. Being one of the longest-running fitness channels on YouTube, they have built their business centring around free workouts that can be done in the comfort of your home. Aimed to help people who want a quick session, they have created short clips to help you stay in shape.

Knowing that everyone is at a different level. Their home workout videos centre around different levels of intensity and whether you’d like to include equipment in your routine. FitnessBlender has over 500 workout videos, so the choices are endless!

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Credit: FitnessBlender


These fitness channels have truly been the saving grace for all the ladies who are not fond of the gym. Not only are these workout videos free, but they also cover different types of exercises and intensity. Choose from a relaxing yoga tutorial or an intense cardio workout, and you’ll be on your way to a fitness journey that costs nothing except for self-discipline! Remember, fitness does not have to be expensive, just effective.