5 Best Vietnam Restaurants In SG For Authentic Delights

April 8, 2021
Best Vietnam Restaurant Singapore

When you hear the words Vietnamese cuisine, what food comes to your mind? Most people would think of ‘Pho,’ a beef noodles rich in delicious broth – or ‘Banh Mi’ – a magical flavor grenade loaded in crisp-outer-and-soft-inner bread. While these dishes are known as all-time favorites, there are various dishes to choose from. These restaurants serve the two popular dishes and other mouth-watering dishes in Vietnam!

We’ve come up with a list of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore where you can try the all-time favorites and explore other dishes at such an affordable price!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Long Phung

Image Credit: Long Phung

Long Phung is one of the longest-running and best Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore, making it a local favorite known for its authentic dishes. The restaurant’s highlight and most-ordered dish is the array of signature and frills-free seafood dishes. They also serve other dishes such as gong gong, clams, and cockles prepared in different ways to pair with beer.

Long Phung was founded in 2009 and is the go-to favorite of local Vietnamese and residents who love Vietnamese food in Singapore.

Customer Review

Peter Yeh

Long queue easily speaks for itself in the Singaporean language. Long Phung has long been a crowd favorite for both Vietnamese and Singaporean alike.  It serves great Pho and many other traditional Vietnamese delights!

Stephanie Lee

I love the pho here as they use authentic ingredients! Fried spring rolls are made with woven/semi-see-through skins. Delicious!

Contact: +65 6440 6959
Location: 159 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore, 427436
Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs-Sun 12PM-11PM | Closed on Wed

2. Mrs. Pho

Image Credit: Mrs. Pho

Mrs. Pho serves authentic traditional dishes that taste like your grandmother’s recipes’ homemade meals, making them one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant offers signature pho dishes, homemade drinks, beef noodle soups, and more. Plus, they also serve a specialized vegan menu filled with vegetarian fried rice, salad, and fried noodles!

Mrs. Pho’s customers recommended their dishes for a delightful authentic dining experience!

Customer Review

Samuel Swee

I had the Mrs Pho Dry Noodle Combo, and this was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed the grilled pork which was tender and well-marinated. The sliced cabbage and cucumber beneath the rice noodles are very refreshing to have.

Matte Clarke

Nice small Pho place – great value with super fast service! Nice dishes! Enjoyed.

Contact: +65 6292 0018
Location: 349 Beach Rd, Singapore, 199570
Opening Hours: 11AM-10PM Daily

3. Little Vietnam Restaurant

Image Credit: Little Vietnam Restaurant

Little Vietnam Restaurant consists of both an air-conditioned dining area and an alfresco one, making it a popular spot for late-night dining, typically between 7PM-11PM. The restaurant’s highlight is the Vietnamese-style fried carrot cake, commonly known as ‘Bot Chien,’ which is a famous after-school snack for Vietnamese students. Also, they offer one of the most popular desserts in Vietnam, banana sago or ‘Che Chuoi.’

Little Vietnam Restaurant offers a wide range menu of dishes such as pho, rice dishes, appetizers, side dishes, seafood, and other noodles dishes.

Customer Review

Alice Chua

We came here for the first time on a Friday night and as super shocked by the extremely long queue. The food here is extremely cheap and valuable for money! I’ll definitely return on a weekday night and hope to dine in the outdoor this time round. Recommended!

Le Dan Tam

Nice authentic Vietnamese food and a very reasonable price. We come here a lot, and always enjoy it. We like outdoor seating at night time, but indoors is also not bad. Highly recommended!

Contact: +65 6547 8587
Location: Grandlink Square, 511 Guillemard Road, #01-59, Singapore, 399849
Opening Hours: 11.30AM-10PM Daily

4. NamNam Noodle Bar

Image Credit: NamNam Noodle Bar

NamNam Noodle Bar serves its customers a new dining concept not only to Vietnamese street food fans but also to those who want to have a quick meal for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant’s highlight is Banh Mi, which is served in six options – the one with cold cuts, caramelized 5-piece pork belly and chicken floss is the most popular among the diners.

During peak times, diners may need to queue but the food will be served quickly in just a couple of minutes!

Customer Review

Sonia Tandon

Everything tasted great! I’m a fan of veg pho here and sugarcane juice is just so refreshing! The staff is friendly and helpful. The dessert I tried the first time and tasted good!

Ian Chan

Came here for a snack and to do some quick work on my laptop. Banana fritters and chicken wings were very yummy! The avocado drink was also very good. Pleasantly surprised and really liked it.

Contact: +65 6735 1488
Location: Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd, #B2-02, Singapore, 238880
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM Daily

5. Fat Saigon Boy

Image Credit: Fat Saigon Boy

Fat Saigon Boy offers modern Vietnamese cuisine mixed with Australian tastes, giving you a perfect combination of intercontinental dishes. The restaurant’s menu consists of original and unique meals such as tenderloin pho, signature pork and salmon dish, Vietnamese beef gyoza, and many more, making them one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore!

Fat Saigon Boy’s perfect balance of flavors and large portions of their dishes are popular among its diners.

Customer Review

Eva Eckert

Fat Saigon Boy in Singapore is the bomb! Thank you for completing my birthday celebration. Paula’s service was exceptional!

Geoff Holmes

Nice place, friendly staff, and a quite unique menu. This place has lots of options not in other Viet cafes, so it is worth going to!

Contact: +65 6221 6784
Location: 2 Science Park Dr, Singapore, 118222
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Whether you are a fan of Vietnamese cuisines or a first-timer who wants to indulge in their dishes, these restaurants are a must-try! They offer various traditional dishes, aside from the all-time favorite dishes. Check out the restaurants for your next food trip!

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