6 Best Florists to Purchase Sunflower Bouquets for Your Bestie

June 12, 2020
best sunflower bouquet singapore

Sunflowers signify adoration and loyalty across all cultures and represent long life, good fortune, and vitality. Surprise your best friend with a bouquet of sunflowers as it is the perfect reflection of bond between you and her!

These beautifully bright, warm and fresh flowers have vibrant yellow petals that symbolise shared happiness. To add a touch of positivity to your bestie’s day, a sunflower bouquet would easily do the trick! At these 6 best florists in Singapore, you will be in for the best sunflower bouquets out of the bunch.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nicole’s Flower

Image Credit: Nicole’s Flower

Radiate good energy and positive vibes with sunflower bouquets from Nicole’s Flower! Highly suitable for any occasion, these happy blooms serve as amazing gifts for your friends and family members. Picking out the freshest blooms for you, this flower shop can craft the best and most stunning design for your sunflower bouquet. P.S. Its experienced and skilful team are well-trained in Korea to bring bouquets that showcase the flowers’ appealing, elegant and exquisite nature.

Specialising in the fusion style of Korean floral arrangements, their florists can bring forth the finest sunflower bouquet arrangement. Combining high fashion with urban exquisiteness, be wowed by their magnificent floral crafts. What’s more, your loved one can receive your bouquet in no time at their doorstep with Nicole’s Flower’s speedy flower delivery services!

Contact: +65 8338 8511
Location: 224 Telok Kurau Road, #01-01, Singapore 423836
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-8pm | Sat & Sun 8am-9pm

2. Smile Floral

Image Credit: Smile Floral

Known as one of the premium florists in Singapore, you can put trust in Smile Floral for exceptional flower services. A virtual florist devoted to making your loved one’s day special, they provide sunflower bouquets that would instantly bring anyone joy! You can never go wrong with their sunflower bouquets as these strong, yellow coloured beauties can brighten up any dull event.

As every customer’s happiness is important to them, they will go above and beyond to deliver excellent assistance. Along with the affordability of their crafts, be all smiles when you receive these less costly bouquets! Striving to be the go-to florist for every celebration that calls for flowers, their high quality and prompt service will definitely put a smile on yours and your loved one’s faces!

Contact: +65 6473 7252
Location: 115A Commonwealth Drive, #03-12, Singapore 149596

3. Ferns N Petals

Image Credit: Ferns N Petals

Warm and bright as the sunshine, these lovely sunflowers from Ferns N Petals symbolise adoration and loyalty, and can be gifted on a number of occasions. Committed to offering reliable and professional services, experience the beauty of the amazing floral designs that they come up with. Bringing years of expertise to the table, their florists curate every bouquet with utmost care and love.

Make celebrations special by choosing from Ferns N Petals’ wide range of sunflower bouquets and arrangements to gift your dear ones. Send your gift to your friends with Ferns N Petals’ doorstep delivery, and watch how this sweet gesture of yours will draw the widest smiles on their faces.

Contact: +65 8232 8774
Location: 9 Tagore Lane, #02-29, Singapore 787472

4. Wonderful Flora

Image Credit: Wonderful Flora

Wonderful Flora brings happiness and cheers with their bright yellow sunflower bouquets! Striving to create wonderful moments and memories, they provide thoughtful flowers that will express your love to your friends. Their skilled florists are happy to give you advice on what works best for your gift! Promising quality and convenience, their services ensure optimal customer satisfaction. With each and every bouquet that is carefully arranged by Wonderful Flora’s talented florist, your gift will always be unique!

Have it delivered to your recipient with their island-wide delivery. Thanks to their reliable service, you wouldn’t have to worry about your much-awaited bouquets going MIA mid-delivery!

Contact: +65 6224 0082
Location: 7 Kallang Place, #07-09, Singapore 339153

5. Floral Passion

Image Credit: Floral Passion

True to their dedication to sharing the joy and beauty of flowers, Floral Passion loves the idea of putting smiles on faces with their creations. The team enjoys seeing customer’s ideas come to life as they assemble bouquets. As floristry is a form of art, you can expect each bouquet that you order to be unique.

Allow their florist to incorporate their creativity in crafting the best florals for you. Not only that, these bouquets also represent Floral Passion’s devotion for flowers and their aim to serve you to the best of their abilities.

Contact: +65 6344 5224
Location: 865 Mountbatten Road, Katong Shopping Centre, #02-84, Singapore 437844

6. The V Florist

Image Credit: The V Florist

Passionate about flowers, The V Florist & Gifts was started in 2018 by Joyce Li and Biying who are dedicated to floristry. As Biying was a horticulturist trained in the US, she aimed to bring novel and fresh ideas of flower arrangement to Singapore. Today, their steady stream of customers receive exceptional floral arrangement works whenever they engage in their services.

Offering flower bouquets for all occasions and events, they have a widespread collection of sunflower bouquets that are suitable for any purpose. All tailored to your taste and budget, feel free to opt for additional flowers to surround your pretty sunflower bouquet. Not to mention, The V Florist & Gifts also offers free islandwide and same-day delivery!

Contact: +65 9447 1218
Location: 18 New Industrial Road, #06-19, Singapore 536205


Whether your best friend is feeling down or simply need her go-to source of support, you can make her day by delivering her a gorgeous sunflower bouquet! Offering lovely bouquets that are assembled with different styles, select any beautiful sunflower bouquet that you think your bestie may fancy, from these 6 best florists!

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