Are you ready to unlock your musical potential and embark on an exciting piano learning journey? Look no further than the vibrant city of Singapore. We will explore Singapore’s top 5 best piano lessons, each offering a unique experience to enhance your skills and master the art of playing beautiful melodies.

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps in piano or an experienced pianist looking to refine your techniques, these lessons provide expert guidance to help you reach new heights and unleash your musical talent. Get ready to immerse yourself in the joy of music and elevate your piano-playing abilities with Singapore’s finest lessons.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The Happy Pianist

The Happy Pianist
Image Credit: The Happy Pianist

The Happy Pianist has been dedicated to recommending excellent piano teachers to students in Singapore since 2014. As a trusted platform, The Happy Pianist connects aspiring pianists with qualified and experienced teachers across the city. Focusing on providing top-notch piano education, they offer various services tailored to different needs. Their comprehensive offerings, from piano lessons for adults and kids to graded piano lessons and accompaniment, ensure that students of all levels can find the proper guidance to nurture their musical talents.

With a track record of excellence, The Happy Pianist has earned a 5-star rating on Google, reflecting the high quality of their services. Their team of qualified and experienced teachers brings expertise and passion to their teaching, creating a supportive and inspiring environment for students to learn and grow. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to advance your piano skills, The Happy Pianist is your go-to resource for connecting with exceptional piano teachers who can help you on your musical journey.

Customer Reviews

Dawn L.

Very seamless experience with Mark; answered my queries very promptly, sourced and engaged a suitable piano teacher! Highly recommend if you are looking for private piano lessons which varies in prices and tutor’s experiences of your choice as compared to institutions which can be quite pricey in general 🙂

Cal-Wall Chan

It was a lucky search online to the happy pianist, and even luckier to get great recc from Mark from his pool of teachers. Through only simple questions, he will make matching recc and glad to say we are on our 3rd month with his recc and loving it so far! Thanks Mark! Would definitely recc friends to happy pianist👍

Contact: +65 9112 7056
Location: 475 Pasir Ris Drive 6, Singapore 510475
Opening Hours: 8AM-12AM Daily

2. Adeline’s Piano Studio

Adeline's Piano Studio
Image Credit: Adeline’s Piano Studio

You can find practical and personalised piano lessons in Singapore at Adeline’s Piano Studio. Adeline offers private lessons for kids and adults, ensuring each student receives the best attention and guidance. With over 30 years of teaching experience, Adeline is skilled at working with young children and students of all ages.

From beginners to those pursuing diploma levels, Adeline’s lessons cover a wide range. Her training from Trinity in music allows her to incorporate rhythm, notations, and harmony into her teaching, creating a comprehensive learning experience. Explore the wonders of piano melodies and start your musical journey at Adeline’s Piano Studio in the Lorong Chuan area.

Customer Reviews

Pey Haw Tong

My boy learned piano from a piano school chain for 9 months. Lost interest gradually. We decided to end the lesson.

We are lucky to have found Teacher Adeline. My boy regained his interest in piano just after 1 month with her. He now take his own initiative to play the piano , great improvement ! He seems to enjoy it thoroughly. Thank you Teacher Adeline !

Atul Pratap

Adeline Yeo Piano is considered as one of the best professional qualified piano teachers in Singapore that gives complete solution to learn piano lessons & classes for adults and kids.

Contact: +65 9684 7270
Location: 103 Cardiff Grove, Cardiff Residence, Singapore 558962
Opening Hours: 24 Hrs Daily

3. Melodious Piano Studio

Melodious Piano Studio
Image Credit: Melodious Piano Studio

Melodious Piano Studio is recognised as the best in Singapore, featuring top-quality music lessons. With accolades from Fun Empire, Mediaone, and Product Nation’s Choice, they have earned a reputation for providing the best piano lessons in Singapore. Melodious Piano Studio specialises in creating a fun and encouraging environment that children love, fostering a passion for piano playing.

At Melodious Piano Studio, they believe that piano playing should extend beyond a room and a wall. Students are given valuable opportunities to perform casually and formally, allowing them to experience a sense of achievement and recognise their hard work. The studio emphasises the importance of independence and provides effective teaching methods that enable students to progress at an accelerated pace while enjoying a smoother practice experience at home. Founder Ms Liew’s dedication and pioneering spirit have led to the development of a distinctive piano teaching approach, ensuring that students thrive and progress in their musical journey at Melodious Piano Studio.

Customer Reviews

Toh Wei Fern

Melodious Piano Studio is conveniently located at Chong Pang city with a lot of food places. The environment is warm and cosy. Ms Rina is a patient and professional teacher, she is dedicated to students’ progress and growth. The studio has rewards programs to encourage kids to practice daily, my kid really enjoys her piano class here.

Saluton feilix

Fantastic experience with kids and teachers performances, very enjoy the musical theatre.

Contact: +65 9699 3214 | +65 9699 4291
106, Yishun Ring Road, #02-199, Singapore 760106
Hougang Branch – 142 Lorong Ah Soo, #01-239, 530142
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed & Fri 3PM-9PM | Thurs 3PM-9:30PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM

4. KJ Music Studio

KJ Music Studio
Image Credit: KJ Music Studio

At KJ Music Studio, they believe in making piano lessons enjoyable and diverse. Rather than sticking to just exam-focused music, students can explore a wide range of musical styles, from classical to pop, and even learn their favourite songs. Lessons are tailored to fit each student’s skills and goals, so they’re just as suitable for a 4-year-old beginner as for an advanced player. Along with playing the piano, students also improve their ear training and deepen their understanding of music theory.

Quality is a cornerstone of KJ Music Studio. They are committed to delivering high-standard piano lessons, ensuring every student gets the most out of each session. KJ Music Studio encourages students to learn and develop a deep love for music by creating a personalised, engaging learning environment. Whether starting from scratch or looking to enhance your piano skills, KJ Music Studio is the place to be.

Customer Reviews

Sin Jin How

Super good piano teacher . Very good accompanist for abrsm exams.

Koh Wendy 

A dedicated and motivating teacher..My boys always enjoyed the songs been taught by teacher KJ.. Lessons were not only just on exam songs but also songs that they like… Teacher KJ is an inspiration to my boys.. thumbs up 👍🏻

Contact: +65 9827 0675
Location: The Archipelago Clubhouse, 533 Bedok Reservoir Road, Singapore 479283
Opening Hours: 24 Hrs Daily

5. Jenny Soh Music School

Jenny Soh Music School
Image Credit: Jenny Soh Music School

Jenny Soh Music School, led by Jenny, with 20 years of teaching experience in piano and music theory, is dedicated to understanding each student’s difficulties and individual needs. With a perfected systematic approach to teaching, Jenny considers music education both an art and a process. The school also partners with a pool of trusted piano teachers to provide comprehensive instruction.

Recognised for excellence, Jenny Soh Music School has received honourable mentions in Mediaone and Best In Singapore. Jenny’s unique philosophy in piano teaching focuses on a specialised methodology that has proven successful in helping students achieve outstanding results in piano exams. Several of Jenny’s students emerged as winners in the La Pianista Piano Competition in 2021, securing 2nd and 3rd prizes across various categories. With Jenny Soh Music School, students can expect exceptional piano instruction and the opportunity to develop into skilled pianists through a tailored approach and a commitment to excellence.

Customer Reviews

Mary Sim, Diploma ABRSM

Excellent teacher who makes piano lessons interesting and difficult pieces easy!

John Lim

Jenny takes initiative to organise piano concerts and free masterclasses. She produces her own scale templates to make learning music scales easy.

Contact: +65 9825 6286
Location: 5 Dedap Link, Singapore 809550
Opening Hours: 8AM-10PM Daily


These top five piano lessons in Singapore provide excellent opportunities for individuals to unlock their musical potential. Each studio and teacher offer unique expertise and approaches to deliver high-quality piano instruction. Whether you seek a trusted platform connecting students with qualified teachers, a systematic teaching methodology, a fun and encouraging environment, passionate instructors, or personalised lessons, these options cater to diverse needs. Choose from these outstanding piano lessons and embark on a fulfilling musical journey, elevating your piano skills and embracing the joy of music.