Welcome to the world of feline enchantment in Singapore! We will take you on a journey to the city’s top 5 best cat cafes. Prepare to be charmed by their purr-fect ambience, savour delightful coffee, and bask in the company of adorable cats. Whether you’re a cat lover or simply seeking a unique experience, these cat cafes offer a slice of paradise where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the affectionate companionship of these furry friends. So, join us as we explore the purr-fectly charming cat cafes that Singapore has to offer!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Wildflower Studio

Wildflower Studio
Image Credit: Wildflower Studio

Welcome to Wildflower Studio, a cosy art space on Niven Road. Combining the joys of art jamming and the charm of a cat cafe, they offer a unique experience called “Art Jam with Cats.” Unleash your creativity while enjoying the company of their resident and foster cats, as every session includes interactive moments with these delightful feline friends.

At Wildflower Studio, they go beyond art and cats by actively giving back to the community. Collaborating with cat rescuers, their studio runs a fostering program to provide temporary homes for cats in need. Socialising these fosters increases the chances of finding them forever homes. By visiting their studio, you can immerse yourself in a world of art and cats and contribute to their noble adoption efforts. You might discover a special connection with one of their lovely resident or foster kitties and decide to bring them home.

Customer Reviews

Andrea C

An accessible + cozy space with lovely cats and staff. The people here love their cats which immediately made us fall in love with them too, and there were so many of them roaming around! On the weekday afternoon we visited, the studio felt calm and well set up for art jamming. Our experience was detailed and thorough. The allocated time went by too quickly- we would love to visit again!

Melissa C

We had a lovely time at wildflower studio! Amanda and team were super cat lovers and such great guides. We arranged a birthday art jam for my daughter and her friends and truly had an enjoyable time interacting with the cats and painting. If you’re looking for a place to art jam, try this! The cats make all the difference!

Website: https://www.wildflowerstudio.sg/
Contact: +65 8101 4990
Location: Wildflower Studio, 56A Niven Road, Singapore 228405
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-8PM

2. Cat Paradise SG

Cat Paradise SG
Image Credit: Cat Paradise SG

Cat Paradise SG is the first cage-less adoption cat cafe in Singapore! Step into a cosy and inviting environment where rescued cats roam freely, creating a unique and stress-free atmosphere for both the cats and visitors. At Cat Paradise, their primary focus is on the well-being and happiness of the cats. You won’t find any cages here; the cats have ample space to play, rest, and interact with guests. The cafe is meticulously maintained, ensuring a clean and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Cat Paradise SG is a place for adoptions and recreational visits. When you visit this cat adoption cafe, you can bond with its charming feline residents and discover a new companion to bring home. Experience a cat cafe environment without strange smells or confining enclosures, where the cats’ welfare takes centre stage.

Customer Reviews


Very cozy and lovely place if you love cats. The cats here are different from other cat cafes that I have visited. Cats are all very chill and not afraid of humans. They are really well behaved and never really fight with other cats during our visit. The staff was friendly too. Definitely will be bringing my other friends here.

Siti Hajjar Abd Hamid

A sanctuary for adopted cats. Price to mingle with 8 cats is $15/hr and $30 for whole day. Will be given treats to feed these cuties. Its a good place to spend time with your loved ones.

Website: https://www.catparadisesg.com/
Contact: +65 8909 7147
Location: 23 Upper Weld Road, #02-01, Singapore 207380
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-7:30PM

3. Meomi Cat Cafe

Meomi Cat Cafe
Image Credit: Meomi Cat Cafe

Meomi Cat Cafe is the purr-fect haven for cat lovers! Step into their cosy space and get ready to meet some fantastic feline friends up close. From American shorthairs to Maine coons and munchkins, they’ve got a delightful variety of cats waiting to charm you. Their fluffy ragdolls, in particular, steal the show with their adorable looks and laid-back personalities.

At Meomi Cat Cafe, they prioritise creating a serene environment where their cats can feel comfortable and at ease. You’ll have the excellent opportunity to interact with these lovable, furry companions while exploring the cafe. Take your time to appreciate their unique traits and enjoy their company. Whether you’re a dedicated cat enthusiast or simply looking for a relaxing getaway surrounded by these adorable creatures, Meomi Cat Cafe offers the perfect place to unwind and immerse yourself in tranquillity and furry companionship.

Customer Reviews

Aleks Jekic

I can say without a doubt that this is the best cat cafe in Singapore, the owners are some for the best people and genuinely care for their cats and make sure to rotate them so they get some rest from time to time. The cats themselves are so beautiful and so well taken care of as well, the vibe inside is very chill and relaxed. Definitely come here if you’re looking for a cat cafe!

Joelle Quek

Visited Meomi Cat Cafe today for the first time and had a wonderful experience :3c

The staff told us about the personalities of the cats and little quirks and habits they had. Watching the cats interact with the space was really cute! The cafe is on the smaller side and so tends to be quieter, which is ideal for me, and there are plenty of hiding spaces for the cats if they want a break from humans.

Really hope to come back again!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/meomicatcafe
Contact: +65 6296 0339
Location: 668 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188801
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-8PM

4. Pat A Cat

Pat A Cat
Image Credit: Pat A Cat

Experience a cat cafe with a difference at Pat A Cat! Step into their cosy space where you can unwind, de-stress, and relax. Their mission is to create a friendly and welcoming environment where you can enjoy the company of their friendly cats and kittens.

Pat A Cat’s feline residents are known for being extra friendly and pleasant, making your visit a purr-fect delight. What sets them apart is that all cats and kittens are up for adoption! Not only can you spend quality time with these lovable companions, but you also have the opportunity to provide them with a forever home. Visit Pat A Cat, where you can experience the joy of connecting with their friendly feline friends and potentially find a new addition to your family. Relax, have a cup of coffee, and make unforgettable memories with their adorable cats and kittens eagerly awaiting their forever homes.

Customer Reviews

Suiann Lee

Nice place to spend some time with the cats! And cats are up for adoption as well!

Lynn Dang

Relaxing caring cat cafe where all the kittens and cats are strays and ready for adoption. Entry free is only $12 and comes with free drink. The money goes to help caring the the friendly adorable cats. My girls love spending time here.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/patacatsg/
Contact: +65 8887 3438
Location: 438a Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427651
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 12PM-8PM | Closed on Mon

5. Catopia

Image Credit: Catopia

Catopia Café is not just a regular cafe; it’s a place that aims to bring people closer to cats in a safe and social environment. With a strong focus on interaction and education, Catopia provides a space for people with common interests to gather, spend time with the cats, and enjoy coffee and snacks. The cafe believes this unique experience offers therapeutic benefits, enhancing the quality of life for humans and cats. Their greatest joy and satisfaction come from seeing happy smiles on the faces of their guests, accompanied by healthy and friendly cats.

What sets Catopia Café apart is its team of warm and friendly Catopia Cats, ready to keep you company. As you step into the cafe, you’ll be welcomed by their friendly Cat Officers, who serve with genuine care for both guests and cats. It’s a warm and cosy place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and unwind. Interacting with the cats brings joy and offers an opportunity to learn more about their unique characteristics and proper care. At Catopia Café, they believe that fostering a bond between humans and cats is a source of happiness and fulfilment for everyone involved.

Customer Reviews

Carman Chew

Have been to the cafe on multiple occasions. Most recently saw their Halloween decor and can’t wait for what’s to come for Christmas.

Always lovely to see a variety of cat personalities, from warm and friendly Boomer to Queen Wicca. Truly in the cafe, it is their kingdom not ours 😝 Waffles and ice cream always smell really good. Kid-friendly and halal + vegetarian food options too.

Jia Hui Lim

It was a quiet and relaxing environment to chill with the cats 🐈 😻 I like how they accept a fixed number of reservations to prevent the place from getting crowded and noisy. The entrance fee comes with a can drink, but it’ll be better if we can opt for iced coffee without additional charges. Most cats are ok to be pet.

Website: https://catopiacafe.com/
Contact: +65 8907 0666
Location: 46A Dunlop Street, #02-00, Singapore, Singapore 209375
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 10AM-6PM | Closed on Mon


These top five best cat cafes in Singapore offer a purr-fect experience for cat lovers seeking a unique and enjoyable time. From art jamming with cats to cage-less adoption concepts, each cafe has its distinctive charm. You can unwind in a serene environment, interact with friendly and pleasant cats, and provide a forever home for these adorable feline companions. These cat cafes aim to bring people closer to cats, fostering a safe and social environment where everyone can enjoy the interaction, education, and therapeutic benefits. Whichever cafe you visit, you can expect delightful charm, furry companionship, and a memorable experience that will leave you with a happy smile.