If you have a high fever accompanied by a cough, cold, or runny nose, it’s normal to feel worried and suspect about having a COVID-19 infection. With these symptoms that are often mixed with flu symptoms, there’s only one way to find out: to test. It’s normal to imagine going out to visit a clinic, filling up papers and waiting for your turn to be called up; but, did you know that you can get these tests done right at your own home?

Say goodbye to the hassle and time-consuming trip to the hospital and the concern of spreading your symptoms to others with a virtual test! Read on to know the five healthcare companies that offer a tele art test in Singapore.

1. MyCLNQ Health

MyCLNQ Health
Image Credit: MyCLNQ Health

MyCLNQ Health is a Singapore-based Social Enterprise Health Tech company that provides a one-stop solution for all family healthcare needs. This company is focused on unconnected health known as technology-enabled care and has been successfully running a connected health ecosystem called “MyCLNQ” and has been providing affordable healthcare and an age-friendly environment for their patients. To provide more digital choices that are easy to use and affordable, MyCLNQ Health has gained awards like Best Medtech Solutions Provider – Singapore in 2021.

Save the long trip to a clinic and complete your supervised self-swab Antigen Rapid Test over video consultation with MyCLNQ. Book your appointment via their mobile application and you have the option to select video consultation or choose Covid-ART Test in symptoms; Then log on at appointment time and follow the instructions of your trained swab supervisor; Finally, you’ll receive your results via email or SMS. With MyCLNQ’s tele-ART appointment, you no longer need to go out and visit the physical clinic to get a test that you can do by yourself at home!

Customer Reviews

Haihui Wu

It’s easy for me to use as the user interface is very friendly. Smooth. Would recommend anyone to use this app!

Hardik Plays

Excellent Medical Ecosystem mobile application for all family healthcare services.

Website: https://ssivixlab.com/tele-art/
Contact: +65 8189 3129
Location: 60 Paya Lebar Rd, #11-27, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

2. Raffles Medical Group

Raffles Medical Group
Image Credit: Raffles Medical Group

Raffles Medical Group is the leading integrated private healthcare provider in Asia and has active operating facilities scattered in 14 cities in Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. This company is known to be the only private medical provider in Singapore that operates a fully integrated healthcare organisation comprising a tertiary hospital, consumer healthcare division, family medicine and dental clinics, Japanese and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics, and insurance services. Raffles Medical Group was founded in 1976 and has grown consistently over the years and have served over 2 million patients and 7,000 corporate clients each year.

With Raffles Medical Group, you have the option to choose which test you would like to take: Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction, serology IgM, or Antigen Rapid. All you have to do is to download their Raffles Connect app on the app store or play store; For travellers, you need to prepare the requirements needed to book an appointment such as Identity card, address in Singapore, email address, time slots, contact number, and flight details. On the day of the appointment, make sure to show the required documents and your result will be sent to your email address.

Customer Reviews

Anna Oanh

The doctor and nurse and staff here are very friendly, helpful and kind. I always feel better after I go see a doctor at Raffles Medical. Thank you so much!

Lucie Snape

Excellent service and a terrific doctor. Dr Goh has an exceptional bedside manner, she was punctual, professional, direct and reassuring. I cannot recommend her enough. She was excellent.

Website: https://www.rafflesmedicalgroup.com/
Contact: +65 6535 2222
Location: 50 Raffles PI, #01-02A, Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Fri 8.30AM-1PM, 2PM-5.30PM | Sat 8.30AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

3. Doctor Anywhere

Image Credit: Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere aims to make healthcare simple, accessible, and efficient for everyone. Since its foundation, they have established clinics in five countries namely Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. The company consists of 3,000 GP & Specialists doctors, 1,000+ key corporate accounts, 500+ team members and has helped over 2.5 million users. With the consistent positive performance over the years, Doctor Anywhere is proudly backed by a team of esteemed investors: Asia Partners, IHH Healthcare, EDBI, Kamet Capital, Novo Holdings, OSK-SBI Venture Partners, Pavilion Capital, Royal Philips, and Square Peg.

You can stay at home and complete your supervised self-swab Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test over video consultation with Doctor Anywhere and receive certified ART results in-app and via SMS or email. The tests are supervised by a trained swab supervisor who will guide you through the process and expect to receive the result within 4 hours. Book your appointment now on the DA app, log on at appointment time and just follow the instructions of your trained supervisor for a stay-at-home test.

Customer Reviews

Muhammad Sadikin

Teleconsulted at around 7 PM. The doctor was pleasant and professional throughout, thank you! 

Jean Ng

An amazing team of people behind this company. Did my travel PDT home-based ART with them. The process was very smooth and efficient. Also, did a tel consult for medicine recently at 8.30 PM. I was attended within 5 mins of wait and got my medication delivered within the next 2 hours. Love their efficiency, professionalism and accuracy.

Website: https://doctoranywhere.com/
Location: 460 Alexandra Rd, #40-01, mTower, Singapore 119963
Opening Hours:
Daily 24hours

4. Healthway Medical

Image Credit: Healthway Medical

Healthway Medical always put their patients first and places them at the core of the company healthcare’s ecosystem. They aim to offer innovation and technology for integrated health management that benefits their patients through convenient access, affordable price, comprehensive treatments and preventive healthcare. Since its foundation in 1990, Healthway has grown to become a respected medical group in Singapore and has over 100 clinics and medical centres in the country that offers various services like health screening, GP & family medicine clinics, adult specialists, baby & child specialists, dental services, and other healthcare services.

Just by downloading the Healthway Medical App, you can get your supervised ART done over a video call in the comforts of your home and receive your result within 2 hours via email or SMS. During the appointment, you will undergo three processes with your supervisor: verification of the ART Kit and your identity, taking the ART test, and presenting your ART results to the swab supervisor. If you’re looking for a convenient way that offers quick results and a notarized travel certificate, feel free to contact Healthway Medical.

Customer Reviews

Fayette T

Dr Shaun Lim and the nurses are very friendly and helpful. they handled the situation professionally and it helped to ease my anxiety. The doctor went out of his way to make arrangements. Thank you all!

Raja Sankar

Quick and easy PCR testing. The doctor was patient and kind.

Website: https://healthwaymedical.com/
Contact: +65 6297 7592
Location: 101 Towner Rd, #01-236, Singapore 322101
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 8.30AM-1PM, 2PM-5PM, 6-9PM | Sat&Sun 8.30AM-1PM

5. AsiaMedic  CHI

Image Credit: AsiaMedic CHI

AsiaMedic CHI is a medical clinic that offers a full range of family medical care, health screening, vaccinations and travel advice. This company was established by a group of experienced doctors, nurses and staff who may be from different backgrounds but share the common goal – to provide a high standard of healthcare for the whole family and to help citizens maintain and optimise health. The company’s experience and friendly staff are sensitive to the diversified cultures of our international and local patients to provide highly personalised services. AsiaMedic CHI strongly believes that awareness, education and community spirit are the important components to total wellbeing.

If you are feeling unwell with a cough and cold,  with AsiaMedic CHI, you can complete your virtual antigen rapid test with an experienced supervisor. The doctors of this company provide consultation and real-time remote supervision to confirm COVID’s positive status and help you submit the results for proper documentation. In addition, a medical certificate, medications and recovery memo will be available upon request.

Customer Reviews

Megan L.

I’m writing this review to commend Dr Shirly Lee for the great degree of care & meticulousness that she displayed whilst reviewing my medical results. She was genuinely caring, detailed and patient. Keep up the great service!

Christina Lu-Maxwell

Great experience – staff support with good customer service, well-organized process and friendly and caring doctor. Highly recommended.

Website: https://www.chi-health.com.sg
Contact: +65 6776 2288
Location: 350 Orchard Road, #10-01 Shaw House, Singapore 238868
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Sat 8.30AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun


Save the time and hassle of travelling for minutes or hours to get to a clinic for an Antigen test by engaging in a supervised art test booking at the comforts of your home! If you’re looking for reliable healthcare companies to get the test, be sure to check out the five listed above and contact them to book an appointment now.