Have you been searching for the best physiotherapy in Singapore? We have just the list for you! Curated below are the top 8 physiotherapists in Singapore, offering top-notch physical therapy that guarantees a fast recovery for any body condition that you might be suffering from. Join us as we delve into the best physiotherapy in Singapore for your choosing.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Physio 101

Physio 101 Physical Therapy Singapore
Image Credit: Physio 101

Recognised as one of the top Physiotherapy Clinics in Singapore for treating physical ailments, Physio 101 is well-known for providing outstanding physiotherapy services. Clients frequently compliment the skilled physiotherapists at the clinic on their commitment and individualised treatment programmes. For long-term strength and pain alleviation, the experts at Physio 101 offer efficient solutions for everything from wrist injuries to back and hip problems, including dry needling and customised exercises. Top-notch physiotherapy services in Singapore can be found at this clinic because of its dedication to patient well-being, professionalism, and encouraging environment.

Customer Reviews

James Baker
I came to Physio101 with back/hip and shoulder problems and long overdure for treatment and in my 60’s. I left with marked improvements in all areas and no longer in constant pain. Jordan Benjamin and Jack Allen have changed my life for the better, and given me the knowledge for self management. Thank you.

Esther B
Exceptional care and experience with Conor Walsh at Physio 101! I came in due to a wrist injury, he patiently helped me understand the causes of my problem and gave me a dry needling treatment and exercises to help build strength in the longer term . Significantly felt better after a few days! So glad I was referred to Conor; as I have seen other physiotherapists before at other clinics (not Physio 101) and this is truly the highest standard . Professional and approachable . Highly recommend!

Kate Tan
I am ever grateful for the treatments provided by Jack Allen at Physio 101. Jack’s dedication to patient well-being and expertise in tailored recovery plans have made a great impact on my physical wellness. His commitment to his patients’ recovery is evident in every interaction, and I have made remarkable improvements under his guidance. Jack provides good advice and sensible rehab home exercises that works based on your lifestyle. His approach is straightforward, practical and super effective. Jack’s professionalism, coupled with his good natured personality, creates an atmosphere of trust and support that greatly enhances the rehab/recovery process. I highly recommend Jack Allen and Physio 101 clinic to anyone seeking outstanding physiotherapy services.

Contact:Robinson Road: 6243 6698

Valley Point: 6970 2746

Novena: 6322 4218
Location:Robinson Road: 160 ROBINSON ROAD, #03-06 SBF CENTRE, SINGAPORE 068914


Opening Hours:Robinson Road: Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 9 PM | Saturday: 8 AM – 6 PM | Sunday: 10 AM – 1 PM

Valley Point: Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 9 PM | Saturday: 8 AM – 4 PM | Closed on Sunday

Novena: Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 8 PM | Saturday: 8 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sundays

2. Heartland Rehab

Heartland Rehab Physiotherapy Singapore
Image Credit: Heartland Rehab

Heartland Rehab is well known for providing excellent physiotherapy in Singapore. Heartland Rehab is an expert in treating a range of bodily aches and facilitating the healing process following injuries. It has a staff of extremely qualified and knowledgeable therapists. Their individualised strategy addresses the unique demands of every client, emphasising the improvement of posture, strength, and mobility. They guarantee successful outcomes by applying cutting-edge methods like dry needling and blood flow restriction workouts. Heartland Rehab is a great option for anyone looking for thorough physiotherapy treatment in Singapore because of its reputation for professionalism, expertise, and commitment to patient care.

Customer Reviews

Minjung Huang
I had a ACL surgery in November last year and was recommended by a friend to the physiotherapist here. Chang Huey really helps me with the range of mobility of my right knee as well as getting back the strength of my quads and hamstring! He’s also knowledgeable about joints and building up muscle strength. The methods he uses (blood flow restriction exercises and dry needling) are effective for my recovery. After going through several sessions with him for two and half months, I can go downstairs with minimal pain and walk faster, those sessions and exercises really help a lot. Looking forward to going back to sports soon. 🙂

Jatin Mazalcar
I had a fantastic experience at the Heartland. I was treated by Jerald for lower back and shoulder pain and posture improvement. He is extremely knowledgeable, methodical and meticulous in his approach. I strongly recommend Heartland and Jerald!

My mom started her weekly in home PT sessions with John a few weeks after her thigh fracture surgery. A big SHOUT OUT to John’s professionalism, knowledge and patience, he contributed tremendously to my mom’s speedy recovery. She was able to walk with a cross cane with minimal help after 4 sessions. Sincere thanks to John.

Contact:9424 7154
Location:Orchard: 111 Somerset Rd, #07-02, Singapore 238164

Queenstown: 321 Alexandra Rd, #03-21/22, Singapore 159971

The Interlace: 180 Depot Rd, #01-05, Singapore 109684

Joo Chiat: 239 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427496

Upper Serangoon: 1020 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534758

Choa Chu Kang: 28 Choa Chu Kang Dr, #03-01A SAFRA CCK (Inside EnergyOne Gym, Singapore 689964
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 9 PM | Saturday: 8 AM – 3 PM | Closed on Sundays

3. The Rehab Lab

The Rehab Lab Good Physiotherapist Singapore
Image Credit: The Rehab Lab

Looking for the top physiotherapist in Singapore to ease your physical discomfort? The Rehab Lab provides excellent services customised to meet your needs. You will receive the care and attention required for your recovery journey from their qualified therapists, who create individualised treatment plans. Their skilled staff will walk you through efficient exercises and treatments whether you’re trying to relieve tense muscles, heal an injury, or strengthen your core. With The Rehab Lab, take a step towards better health and feel relief.

Customer Reviews

Jiaxin Teo
Was introduced to The Rehab Lab’s clinical Pilates program by a close friend it has been an enjoyable and fruitful journey so far! The weekly classes conducted by Liz were helpful in stretching out those tense muscles after a long day at work, while building up core strength as well. As I’m very new to Pilates myself, I appreciated the small group classes as it creates a safe space to try out different routines without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by a large group. The small group size also allows Liz to come around and correct our form, so I know that I’m engaging the right muscles and that I’m in the safe hands of a therapist. Depending on the class size for the week, Liz also plans out a tailored routine and I love how she incorporates the use of different accessories (such as resistance bands, dumbbells, sliding discs, etc.) and equipment (such as the reformer and gym bar) to spice up our weekly sessions. Thank you Liz for the Pilates classes!! I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I’m looking forward to build up my core strength in the upcoming months!

Aqil Ansari
Fantastic experience here, especially with my PT Elizabeth (or Liz), who is incredible at helping me rehabilitate my injuries. She is not only knowledgeable and skilled but also incredibly patient and empathetic. She always takes the time to explain each treatment and exercise, ensuring that I understand how to do them and how they contribute to my recovery. The clinic itself is well-maintained, with a welcoming atmosphere and modern equipment. Every visit leaves me feeling better and more motivated to continue my rehabilitation. Definitely highly recommended.

Muhdnoor abdul rahim
I had a fantastic experience at my recent physiotherapy session with PT Nash. The therapist was incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, and compassionate. They took the time to thoroughly assess my condition and explain the treatment plan in detail. Throughout the session, I felt supported and encouraged, which made me confident in my recovery journey. The exercises prescribed were tailored to my specific needs and were both challenging and effective. I left feeling optimistic about my progress and grateful for the expertise of the therapist. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of physiotherapy.

Contact:8057 1800
Location:60 Tessensohn Rd, #02-00 Civil Service Club, Singapore 217664
Opening Hours:Monday & Thursday : 8 AM – 8 PM | Tuesday & Saturday: 8 AM – 6 PM | Wednesday & Friday: 8 AM – 1 PM | Closed on Sundays

4. Heartland Physio

Heartland Physio Physiotherapy SG
Image Credit: Heartland Physio

Heartland Physio provides excellent physiotherapy services in Singapore, offering efficient remedies for a range of physical ailments and problems with movement. Ivy, their skilled physiotherapist, is committed to learning about each patient’s difficulties and creating individualised therapy regimens. Heartland Physio provides effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including severe lower back pain, chronic lower back issues, and aching neck and shoulders. Ivy’s approach demonstrates her expertise, thoroughness, and patience as she helps customers achieve increased mobility and pain alleviation. Heartland Physio’s emphasis on holistic rehabilitation combined with clear instructions for at-home exercises guarantees that clients experience significant improvements in their ailments, making them a top choice for physiotherapy needs.

Customer Reviews

Julinaty sutan
Ivy took time to understand the background story in order to find the root cause. It’s my first time seeing a physio and even with Class Pass credit. Had a persistent lower back problem although not severe but I wanted to understand the body anatomy and get advice for improvement on body posture. I’m so pleased that we managed to identify the 70-80% of the problem, according to Ivy but I’m already so happy. After performing some basic stretch I can clearly see the improvement in my movement. She also shown me some additional stretch after the basic. Overall definitely recommend it!!!

Gloria C
I was experiencing neck & shoulder soreness like never before for the past 6 days. I went for a body massage elsewhere but this time it did not improve the issue. My husband highly recommended Ivy as he had a very positive experience with her previously & I am so glad i finally gave it a try! Ivy was very professional, thorough & patient from finding out my concerns, to diagnosis & offering solutions. Before the session I couldn’t turn my neck sideways without feeling pain, but after this one session my neck mobility improved so much & I can turn it much more comfortably. This experience changed my perception of physiotherapy – next time I have any body pain/mobility issues I will just save the trouble & book a session with Ivy instead of going elsewhere. Thank you Ivy! 🙂

I consulted Ivy a few months back for a rather intensed lower back pain condition. I am glad I went to her because she has been very patient and caring throughout my rehab journey. She gave clear instructions for the rehab exercises that I am supposed to practice at home, and took time to explain the rationale of how the exercises are designed to help me recover – all these helped in motivating me to keep up the rehab regime at home, and I have seen drastic improvements within a few weeks. When I first went to her I was not able to walk or sit due to my sharp lower back pain, but within 2 to 3 sessions, I was able to resume most of my normal activities. I would highly recommend Ivy if you are looking for any forms of rehab. Now that I am ‘discharged’ from my back issues, I am looking forward to working with Ivy on my firness journey!!!

Contact:8725 8220
Location:105 Cecil St, #18-00 The Octagon, Singapore 069534
Opening Hours:9 AM – 6 PM Daily | Closed on Sundays

5. Prohealth In Touch Physiotherapy

Prohealth In Touch Physio In Singapore
Image Credit: Prohealth In Touch Physio

Prohealth In Touch Physiotherapy stands out amongst the physiotherapy clinics in Singapore for their excellent care for a range of physical ailments. Their dedicated team are committed to reducing discomfort and increasing flexibility by identifying problem areas and applying efficient stretching and massage techniques. Each client receives a comfortable and effective session from their therapists, who approach their work with warmth and attentiveness. Prohealth In Touch Physiotherapy is committed to assisting clients in achieving their utmost physical well-being, whether they are experiencing heel pain, ankle problems, or general body discomfort.

Customer Reviews

Yuemei Zhang
I had an exceptional experience with Anson at In Touch Physiotherapy. He effectively addressed the pain in my heel and enhanced my flexibility for side splits. Anson’s patience and genuine care made the session productive and comfortable. The service provided was top-notch, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend Anson and the clinic to anyone seeking professional physiotherapy treatment.

Gaurav Bagga
Hema is lovely at the front desk – polite and thoughtful. Terrance is extremely patient and good listener. One sitting made a big difference to my symptoms. Highly recommend.

Mas Mohd Yusof
I had a sudden ankle pain while walking. My GP referred me to Prohealth In Touch Physiotherapy for physical therapy. My physiotherapist Kate is very warm and attentive. On my first session, she assessed my pain area, did some simple stretch tests to pinpoint my exact pain. She taught me some some simple stretching exercises to strengthen them. Kate also message my foot to help ease my tense muscles away so that I could do the exercises with minimal pain. I’m into my second session and my ankle pain has gone away though there is some soreness. Grateful to Kate for her exert hands and knowledge. Can’t wait for my next session!

Contact:6533 0968
Location:22 Malacca St, #14-02 RB Capital Building, Singapore 048980
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM | Saturday: 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM | Closed on Sundays

6. Heal360 Physioclinic

Heal360 Physioclinic Physiotherapy Singapore
Image Credit: Heal360 Physioclinic

Heal360 Physioclinic is well-known for its superb group of therapists who offer expert therapy with a human touch. The therapists at Heal360 provide efficient therapies that are customised to meet the demands of each patient with an emphasis on comprehending their condition. Heal360’s therapists are adept in identifying issues and recommending appropriate exercises for recovery, whether they are treating knees, shoulder impingement, or any other physical aches and pains. Customers have commended them for their knowledge, careful manner, and capacity to balance sensitivity with strength. Clients using Heal360 enjoy a seamless recuperation process and can comfortably resume their regular activities.

Customer Reviews

Teri liew
Any physio clinic is as good as their therapists – Vidisha at Heal360 is not only professional but has personal touch by being attentive to client’s conditions and giving her best to help them heal. She has both strength and sensitivity where it is needed. What an asset.

It has been a rewarding journey with Adrian through my rehabilitation for my knees. He was able to tell me what might be the potential problems and prescribed useful and effective strengthening exercises and worked with me on this rehabilitation journey. I have worked with heal360 before previously and they have been effective in helping me recover. Will highly recommend their services.

Muhamad Sufi
Shoulder impingement recovered in a mere 1.5 months. Had 6 session with Adrian and through his advices and teachings, my recovery journey was smooth and I can confidently get back to my normal gym routine. Will recommend anyone who’s injured to get them check out with Heal360.

Contact:Central: Telephone: 6224 4178 | WhatsApp: 9639 0509

East: 9151 0068 / 9639 0509
Location:Central: 46 Tras Street, Singapore 078985

East: 63 East Coast Road, #01-03, Singapore 428776
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 8 PM | Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM | Closed on Sundays

7. Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic

Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic Physiotherapist In Singapore
Image Credit: Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic

In search of excellent physical therapy services in Singapore? For a group of motivated professionals committed to assisting you in recovering from injuries and regaining your strength, look no further than Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic. Their skilled physiotherapists offer tailored treatment programmes to meet your needs, whether you’re battling with shoulder injuries, ACL/knee problems, back surgery, or any other physical discomfort. They lead you through treatment sessions and exercises with an emphasis on thorough rehabilitation to make sure your recuperation goes well. Additionally, the cosy and well-equipped setting there improves the whole experience. For professional treatment and a road to recovery, rely on Singapore Physio.

Customer Reviews

Clair Dacombe
Highly recommend Dr Joe Claridge at Singapore Physio. He spent many months working through rehab with me following back surgery, carefully structuring the return to full endurance sports so I not only regained complete strength and flexibility, but also addressed some imbalances to help improve things going forward. Its thanks to Joe that I was able to get back to what I love doing much quicker than expected, feeling stronger than before! All of the team at the clinic are super welcoming.

Chee Nan Yong
I was referred to Singapore Physio by my Orthopaedic Doctor following my surgery on my right shoulder. I was fortunate to have Dong as my Physiotherapist. His professionalism and expertise are truly commendable. Dong provided me with a comprehensive set of exercises for daily home use, and also under his guidance in a series of physiotherapy sessions, my shoulder injury significantly improved, and I have nearly regained full range of motion. I would also like to commend the well-equipped and comfortable environment at Singapore Physio, which added to the overall positive experience of my treatment. In light of my exceptional experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Singapore Physio, with Dong as your Physiotherapist. I am truly grateful for his dedication and support in my journey to recovery. Thank you, Dong, for your invaluable assistance.

Khairin Ilias
Highly recommend Dong Hee Lee for ACL/knee injuries! Experienced a tear and post-surgery thought I would never be back at 100%. I was taken care of by Dong for more than a year and now am back to my favorite activities! Dong’s a healthcare professional who will listen to your needs, preference, and most importantly the pace at which you’re willing to go for your recovery. I was pretty busy and asked pointed questions around a realistic self-exercise program; he went into detail into a customized one. I really appreciated that!

Contact:Camden Medical Centre: 6518 3668

Tanglin Trust Clinic: 3106 4749

CBD Clinics: 3106 4704
Location:Camden Medical Centre: 1 Orchard Blvd, #06-09 Camden Medical, Singapore 248649

Tanglin Trust Clinic: Singapore Physio – Tanglin Trust School 6F Centenary Bldg 95 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139299

CBD Clinics: 105 Cecil Street 8th Floor, The Octagon, Singapore 069534
Opening Hours:Camden Medical Centre: Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 8 PM | Saturday: 8 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Sunday

Tanglin Trust Clinic: Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 6 PM | Closed on Saturday & Sunday

CBD Clinics: Monday – Friday: 8 PM – 6 PM | Closed on Saturdays & Sundays

8. Integrative Physio Pte Ltd

Integrative Physio Singapore
Image Credit: Integrative Physio

Integrative physio is well known for using a holistic approach to treat a wide range of physical ailments. Led by a team of experienced physiotherapists, customised exercise regimens and thorough exams are provided to patients, resulting in high praises from their past clients for their attention to detail.  

The kind and accommodating front desk personnel adds to the clinic’s peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Integrative Physio’s commitment to excellence and focus on individualised treatment make it one of the greatest choices for physiotherapy in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

JV Chan
Awesome treatment by Dew Low! She was able to provide effective exercise and treatment for my Achilles tendinopathy. I used to think I was fit until she exposed all of my weaknesses, and I am now fitter and run with no pain. Receptionists are truly efficient as well, and the clinic environment is remarkable and relaxing.

Julie Scott
After suffering debilitating acute pain which slowly progressed over the course of a year and a half to chronic daily pain in my neck, shoulders and lumbar region, I was eventually referred to Dr Matthew Winter by my GP. Prior to this I’d endured numerous tests, visited a host of specialists, prescribed an excessive and ineffective amount of medications all to no avail and with no diagnosis. All this led to a tormented frame of mind to the point of despair, convinced this pain was now a permanent affliction which was something I was really struggling to come to terms with. Visiting Dr Matthew has literally been a revelation and major turning point in this painful journey. I finally received a comprehensive and sensitive explanation to what this pain was, the cause and a prognosis. I left that initial consultation with so much hope and that in itself is very underrated. After attending numerous weekly sessions and working on myself outside of these sessions has reduced this pain from 100% to 30%. His expertise, knowledge and caring nature are second to none. This journey has been and still is a work in progress but I cannot recommend Dr Matthew enough.

Verity Dibben
Went to see Matthew Winter on a recommendation from my Doctor for ongoing lumbar/shoulder/knee issues. Having seen more than 15+ other physios in Singapore, I can confirm I will be looking no further (sorry Matthew!). No others have taken the time to get to grips with my situation as thoroughly as Matthew and team have – treating me as a whole instead of the issue in isolation. Outstanding treatment, no up-selling or unnecessary appointments, and a really lovely, helpful front of house team too. I’ve also seen Jessie who I swear has magic at her finger tips.

Contact:Telephone: 6980 8007 | WhatsApp: 8750 5997
Location:390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, #04-04, Singapore 238871
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM | Saturday: 9 AM – 1:30 PM | Closed on Sundays


To properly treat physical pain, it’s imperative to locate the best physiotherapy clinic in Singapore. People now have a range of options to select from, including holistic approaches and specialised therapies, depending on what best fits their circumstances. These 8 best physiotherapy clinics in Singapore include knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge methods to promote healing and improve quality of life, whether treating chronic pain, helping patients recover from sports injuries, or increasing mobility. Don’t let pain stop you from moving forward; start now with a better, pain-free future.