A ground ambulance can be limited by several factors, including roads, road conditions, and traffic. These can make transporting patients slower. Thankfully, the air ambulance service is there to solve this problem. Because an air ambulance can bring a critical trauma patient faster to the nearest hospital, more lives can be saved during medical emergencies.

During a life-and-death situation, time is always of the essence. Medical responders can’t afford to waste any time in transporting a patient to the closest hospital that’s equipped and capable of saving that person’s life. If you need an air ambulance in Singapore, here are the five best providers you can depend on.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. EMA Global

Image Credit: EMA Global

EMA Global is one of the best air ambulance providers in Singapore. They are a leader in integrated assistance that is operated by veterans and top health professionals and has been established in 1991. EMA Global is fully accredited by the EURAMI, a leading independent European organization that evaluates operating standards of medical service providers that use fixed-wing aircrafts transporting patients in need of medical attention. They can help with medical evacuation and repatriation, providing world-class transport services.

EMA Global ensures that every member of their medical staff is carefully picked to ensure they have an excellent track record and experience in administering medical assistance in an aircraft. They also ensure that all their personnel is updated with rigorous training and frequent familiarization evaluations. More importantly, they are fully equipped to provide excellent services 24/7.

Customer Reviews

Yun Xing Ai




Website: https://www.emaglobal.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6570-2552
Location: Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, #15-05, Singapore 228510
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. Red Dot Air Ambulance

Image Credit: Red Dot Air Ambulance

Red Dot Air Ambulance is a leading provider of air ambulance services in Singapore. They have a diverse fleet of long-range aeromedical jet aircraft that can transport any critical trauma patient. It is their mission to save lives and provide immediate and excellent care to anyone who needs it. Red Dot Air Ambulance is a worldwide provider of bed-to-bed service, critical care, and pediatrics. They cover short- and long-range medical evacuation missions with their Learjet 60s and Hawkers.

Red Dot Air Ambulance started 20 years ago, giving them enough experience in urgent medical evacuations. They are an owned subsidiary of the Seletar Jet Charter Group, which means that you will be dealing directly with an aircraft operator every time you call. With Red Dot Air Ambulance, they are a family taking care of yours during medical emergencies.

Customer Review

Dicki Arlief

Profesional & Competitive Private Jet Charter for Medevec Air Ambulance for Saving Lives ill Patient 👍

Website: https://reddotjet.com/
Contact: +65 9152 0777
Location: Aviation Two, 690 West Camp Road, #10-13, Singapore 797523
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

3. Flying Doctors Asia

Image Credit: Flying Doctors Asia

Flying Doctors Asia is one of the leading air ambulance providers in Singapore. They were set up in 2004 together with Executive Jets Asia to fill a niche in the increasing demand for corporate air charter of executive jets to provide medical evacuation and air ambulance services for critically ill patients that need to be transported to a hospital immediately. They started with just one Lear 35A aircraft. Now, their fleet consists of four jets and one helicopter for charter.

Flying Doctors Asia has completed more than 3,000 successful medical evacuation missions onboard their air ambulances. This has led them to be recognized as one of the market leaders in air ambulance services with a reputation for excellence, safety, crew performance, and aircraft maintenance. This is also thanks to their full ICU and emergency-trained medical personnel.

Customer Review

Ashley, Malaysian citizen in Switzerland

I am grateful to IATS for helping to arrange transport for my husband from a KL hospital to Zurich. When he fell critically ill – they assured me he would get all the care he needed during the long flight.

Website: http://www.flyingdoctorsasia.com/index.php
Contact: +65 6483 5412
Location: The Greenwich, 9 Seletar Road, #04-30, Singapore 807015
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

4. Hope Emergency Medical Services

Image Credit: Hope Emergency Medical Services

HOPE Emergency Medical Services is one of the top air ambulance providers in Singapore. They are always willing and able to help save people’s lives because to them, every life matters. Aside from air ambulance services, HOPE is a local provider of international medical assistance and bed-to-bed patient transfers. They started in 2003 and has since been transporting critically ill patients to over 45 countries. Now, they provide holistic pre-hospital support across land, sea, and air across Southeast Asia.

HOPE Emergency Medical Services is one of the best and most diverse private emergency medical services providers in the nation. They are owned and managed by healthcare professionals with years of experience in hospital, ICU, emergency, and flight assistance. They have over 42 ambulances for emergency and non-emergency purposes contracted with Singapore 995 national emergency response teams.

Customer Reviews

Adelina Mah

The Hope Ambulance staff who took the call & organised the ambulance to my parents’ home was very polite & empathetic. The ambulance arrived punctually in the heavy downpour & the 2 staff (Mr Zhang & Mr Zi Hao)  were very helpful, caring, polite & most careful with the transfer of my dad to Assisi Hospice. Deeply appreciate  their help and the great job done.


Professional and dedicated people working there. Besides caring for people’s lives, they care about the environment too.

Website: https://www.hopeambulance.com/
Contact: +65 6100 1911
Location: 2 Loyang Lane, #03-01/02, Singapore 508913
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

5. Air Ambulance SG

Image Credit: Air Ambulance SG

Air Ambulance SG is another trusted air ambulance provider in Singapore. They are a professional air ambulance specialist focusing on providing top-quality medical evacuation services to critically ill individuals in need of immediate care. They also provide emergency medical transport services to other countries in the Asian region. They have transported hundreds of patients quickly and safely around the world every year.

Air Ambulance SG is one of the best air ambulance providers in the nation, providing high-quality medical evacuation and repatriation services to patients who are critically or injured. They are passionate about bringing patients where they need to be to save their lives. Their medical services will be administered by ACLS-trained and certified doctors, nurses, and paramedics who have dedicated their lives to saving patients and reuniting them with their loved ones.

Customer Review

Albert James

Seeking medical treatment in Singapore for their world-class cancer expertise has always been the common advice we receive. IATS has been instrumental in making that journey easier and smoother.

Website: https://www.airambulance.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6100 3259
Location: A’Posh Bizhub, 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1 # 07-23, Singapore 768160
Opening Hours: 24 Hours


Air ambulance services can operate everywhere because they don’t have restrictions that a ground ambulance has. This is why it is so important to the medical industry.

Know whom to call in case of an emergency by taking note of the five air ambulance providers in Singapore listed in this article.