These vegetarian restaurants in Singapore are renowned for their inventive preparations that make advantage of seasonal, regional ingredients to provide wholesome, flavorful meals every time. International staples like pasta, burgers, and salads are frequently served alongside an eclectic blend of classic Asian foods, like flavorful curries and stir-fries, all made without the use of meat. Additionally, a lot of places place a strong emphasis on sustainability, reducing their environmental impact by employing organic food and eco-friendly procedures. Be sure to enjoy the gastronomic experience at Singapore’s Vegetarian Foods.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore
Image Credit: Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant

Eight Treasures, a Chinatown restaurant that opened in 2007 and is next to the Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic, is well-known for serving the city-state’s vegetarian population delicious and inventive Chinese vegetarian food in Singapore. Their chefs are constantly searching for high-quality ingredients, from choosing the kinds of fresh produce to utilize to choosing plant-based and soy-based vegetarian fake meat alternatives. Eight Treasures strives to serve both their vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends with a large menu of meatless dishes that are made with fresh produce. They also want to be the place where their vegetarian friends can introduce their non-vegetarian friends to MEATLESS CUISINE and inspire them to lead healthier, more compassionate lives.

Customer Reviews

The vegetarian food here is excellent and tasted so good. The dessert was amazing as well. The staff is very kind and helpful which makes it even better. I would highly recommend going here if you are looking for Chinese vegetarian options.

Fu Hui Yip
Pleasant and quaint interior. Vegetarian options. The desserts are nice. Please try the coconut sago..

Renette Foo
One of my favourite vege restaurants which is reasonably priced! Great service too, very friendly boss and staff 🙂 Cosy ambiance for a good catchup with family or friends!

Contact:6534 7727
Location:282A South Bridge Road, Sago Ln, Singapore 058831
Opening Hours:Tuesday-Friday 11:30 AM–2:30 PM, 6–9:30 PM I Saturday-Sunday 11:30 AM–2:30 PM, 5–9:30 PM I Closed on Mondays

2. The Boneless Kitchen

The Boneless Kitchen Vegan Food Singapore
Image Credit: The Boneless Kitchen

Since 2014, the social enterprise The Boneless Kitchen is a vegetarian restaurant in Singapore has provided a thrilling plant-based eating experience that is influenced by Korean cuisine. There’s no denying that vegetarian food has advanced significantly. The Boneless Kitchen is a social enterprise that has been providing an exciting meatless experience that is inspired by the lively flavors of Korean cuisine for 10 wonderful years. Their goal at the outset of their voyage was to dispel stereotypes and highlight the amazing variety and delectability of vegetarian food. They make an effort to be environmentally sensitive and to take care of their social as well as environmental obligations. Every culture has a plethora of traditional dishes that don’t include any animal ingredients. Plant-powered soul food!

Customer Reviews

Tvisha Naik
Service was amazing and they even gifted my mom Mother’s Day flowers, their beautiful.

Angi Wong
Delicious Korean food for a vegetarian and allium-free restaurant. Easy to make reservations and recommended to do so as their place does get booked out. The best dishes are their signature Boseot Ganjang (mushroom), dubu buchim (tofu) & Japchae. Bibimbap, soondubu jigae, classic gimbab were good too. Only down sides – Vege pancake is a total miss – dry & doughy. Radish kimchi is way too sweet. Cabbage kimchi too sour for my liking.

Backyard Xplorer
Located at the corner of the building, this place served korean vegan food. Service staff are mostly with special needs but they are friendly and do their job well. Do call to book especially during weekends. No service charge but you can drop a tip at the counter.

Contact:8457 6464
Location:1 Irving Pl, #01-31 Commerze @ Irving, Singapore 369546
Opening Hours:11:30 AM-9 PM Daily

3. Genesis Vegan Restaurant

Genesis Vegan Restaurant Singapore
Image Credit: Genesis Vegan Restaurant

A calm, unobtrusive restaurant that serves vegan versions of well-known Italian, Korean, and Singaporean dishes. In 2006, three female acquaintances with a shared objective of living a healthy lifestyle—a dietician, a retired nurse, and a retired teacher—opened Genesis vegan restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant moved to Havelock 2 in October 2019 from its prior location in Lorong Telok, which was close to Boat Quay. At Genesis, they are dedicated to giving you the healthiest food options on the market and they support a wholesome lifestyle. They include tasty and flavorful vegan cuisine made by their staff of passionate chefs, and their ingredients are carefully chosen for their high nutritious content. The amount of sugar, salt, and oil used is strictly emphasized, and the usage of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is strongly discouraged. They have an extensive menu that promises to please your palate as well as your body, and they serve a selection of freshly baked wholemeal bread. To make you feel completely at home, all you have to do is provide laughter and smiles.

Customer Reviews

I tried the lasagne and almond brown rice milk, both were very tasty!

Marianne Silva
I loved this place ! The portion are big and everything is good. !!

Richard Ang
I like the vegetarian chicken rice sold here which is a healthy version. The chicken is made solely of yuba sheets and come with brown rice. Though it may not resembles the real chicken rice closely in taste I find it satisfying. The price @ $9.90, seems slightly on the high side but it’s acceptable since no GST & Service charge and the place air conditioned. Would recommend to those looking for healthy vegetarian food.

Contact:6438 7118
Location:2 Havelock Rd, #B1-01 Havelock Ii, Singapore 059763
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday, Sunday 11 AM–3 PM, 5–9 PM I Closed on Saturdays

4. Whole Earth

Whole Earth Best VegetariFan Restaurant Singapore
Image Credit: Whole Earth

They are still committed to raising the bar for plant-based cuisine and spreading awareness of it. The fresh veggies, beans, mushrooms, and grains that are prepared to the ultimate Peranakan and Thai perfection are highly appreciated by both locals and visitors. They want to consistently provide you, their friends at Whole Earth Singapore vegetarian restaurant, with exceptional quality and taste by using only the freshest ingredients that are prepared and simmered with care. They journey across the globe to discover novel ingredients and culinary traditions. From 2003, it has been an amazing and rewarding adventure for them. They anticipate many more incredible years to come.

Customer Reviews

Jo K.
Took out via oddle so prices are 10% more than menu prices eating in. Taste and texture was fantastic, as my memory recalled. But when packed in the plastic containers the food looked a bit sad. Guess much nicer to eat in.

Jesse Thomas
The food is so good here. Unique dishes, everything is so flavourful and healthier. We come often here and always try something new along some of our favourites. You won’t be disappointed.

Jay Tham
The variety of choices is incredible, catering to every taste and preference. Whether you’re a committed vegetarian or just exploring plant-based options, this place won’t disappoint. Friendly staff and cozy atmosphere.

Contact:6221 6583
Location:76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331
Opening Hours:Tuesday-Sunday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 5:30–10 PM I Closed on Mondays

5. Warung Ijo

Warung Ijo Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Image Credit: Warung Ijo

Cosy restaurant serving delicious vegetarian Indonesian food that is free of alcohol and wine, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans. All dishes—aside from tahu telor—can be made vegan. In addition to its mouthwatering cuisine, Warung Ijo is notable for its commitment to advancing wellness and helping Singapore’s vegan population. Warung Ijo vegan restaurant in Singapore provides a delicious and enlightening gastronomic experience, regardless of your level of veganism.

Customer Reviews

Tookaway so many sides and a mee goreng!!! love the chili crab with mantou, ngoh hiang, perkedel, and kalasan!! have been here a lot at their previous location so their mee goreng/fried rice cant go wrong nor their ayam penyet. 🥰🥰

Muhammad Rafli Al Khadafi
I didn’t expect the vegetarian rendang to be this delicious.

Raj V
Any guest from overseas, this is the place I love to bring them to try local vegetarian dishes. Nasi Lemak is THE BEST. but other dishes are delicious too.

Contact:8857 8600
Location:601 MacPherson Rd, #01-61 Grantral Mall Tai Seng, Singapore 368242
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 11 AM–3 PM, 5–9 PM I Saturday-Sunday 11 AM–3:30 PM, 4:30–9 PM

6. Bodhi Deli 菩提齋

Bodhi Deli Vegan Food Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore
Image Credit: Bodhi Deli

The menu at Bodhi Deli provides proof of the wide range of vegan options available. It offers a wide range of delicious alternatives, including lighter options like colorful salads and fresh spring rolls, as well as hefty mains like vegan versions of traditional Asian favorites like Laksa and Char Kway Teow. The restaurant showcases the complex flavors and textures of this cherished culinary tradition by serving a range of vegan dim sum. Bodhi Deli 菩提齋 Vegan Restaurant in Singapore is renowned for its great service and kind friendliness, in addition to its delicious food. In the centre of Singapore, Bodhi Deli offers a delicious and enriching culinary journey for anybody interested in plant-based cuisine, regardless of their dietary preferences.

Customer Reviews

Chin Zx Lee
Cheapest and best vegan/vegetarian food in Fortune Center. For those visiting Singapore, this is the place to go for local vegan/vegetarian food. Highly recommended.

Ya Ting Lee
It tastes good and is a home-cooked meal made with care. The portion size is just right and the price is cheap. The counter staff is also very polite (very cute uncle). There is a condiment area, and the condiments taste great! Eat happily and satisfactorily! Sometimes I see children helping in the store. The store is doing brisk business, so be patient and wait for your food. I have brought family and friends here many times and they also say the food is delicious. Foreign friends also like it very much!

CY Lin
The meals are affordable and the portions are average, allowing vegetarians to simply try local flavors. The dining environment is also very clean. Highly recommended!

Contact:9005 6968
Location:190 Middle Rd, #03-26/27 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 10:30 AM–7 PM I Saturday-Sunday 10:30 AM–2:30 PM

7. iVegan Thomson Plaza

iVegan Restaurant In Singapore
Image Credit: iVegan Restaurant

Natural, healthful, and delicious plant-based whole foods are served at the iVegan café restaurant. No refined sugar or MSG, unless otherwise noted in the item’s description. There’s pansalt and olive oil. Popular Asian favorites include fried rice, noodles, and fried vegetables to pair with quinoa, brown rice, or white rice. Pasta or burgers are sure to please Westerners. Additionally, there are unusual Singapore vegan foods that astonish those who enjoy originality. Foodies will learn how delicious plant-based cuisine can be. because research indicates a positive correlation between health and moderate alcohol usage. Yes, they do have some red, white, and beer available.

Customer Reviews

dawn chua
Have been here a few times and I highly recommend giving their food a try. They have a wide selection from salads to noodles to sushi and many more. Love their pizza too! Most of them can be done alliums free. Tried their new creamy mushroom pasta today, it’s so good. It’s not too salty and doesn’t have the jelat feel. Recommended to give it a try for creamy pasta lovers. Not forgetting their good service, will be back again. 👍🏻

Tan Si Ling
Food was delicious and healthy. Service was great.

Daniel Tang
Get their ice plant salad!! Their portobello mushroom steak (not in photo) is good too. Pleasantly surprised by how filling the food is.

Contact:11:30 AM-9:30 PM Daily
Location:6513 1790
Opening Hours:301, #01-109 Upper Thomson Rd, Thomson Plaza, Singapore


These top seven best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore will surely satisfy your cravings with foods that are prepared by their talented and skillful chefs. All things considered, Singapore’s vegetarian food provides a unique culinary experience that highlights the adaptability and allure of plant-based cuisine. Singapore’s vegetarian restaurants provide a variety of atmospheres, from calm and contemplative to stylish and modern, making every guest feel at home. Additionally, these eateries frequently lead the way in environmentally friendly operations and sustainable dining methods, placing a strong emphasis on organic produce.