Have you been searching for the best Peranakan food in Singapore? Fret not! Curated below are Singapore’s top 11 Peranakan food outlets; they offer you the most authentic and affordable Peranakan cuisine in Singapore all for your choosing. Join us as we delve into the best Peranakan food in Singapore that will make you keep coming back for more.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Charlie’s Peranakan Food

Charlie's Peranakan Food Singapore
Image Credit: Charlie’s Peranakan Food

Charlie’s Peranakan Food in Singapore provides a genuine Peranakan culinary experience at reasonable prices. Charlie’s serves flavourful and authentic Peranakan food to patrons at the Golden Mile Food Centre. In addition to traditional dishes like Ayam Buah Keluak and Chap Chye, the menu also features unusual selections such Belimbing Chicken and Jackfruit Curry. The luscious Beef Rendang and the delicate Ayam Buah Keluak are two of the dishes that stand out. Large portions guarantee that every customer leaves feeling full and content. The inviting environment is further enhanced by the stall’s Auntie’s friendly service. For those  who are yearning for authentic Peranakan cuisines in Singapore, Charlie’s is a must-visit restaurant.

Customer Reviews

Cat T
We fell in love with the food, came to feast here 2x this week. Very tasty peranakan food at a very reasonable price. Really appreciate the efforts of Charlie and Amy to continue affordable Peranakan food because we seldom felt full when eating Peranakan food. Large portion of tasty chap chye for $5 only. We prefer the Ayam (chicken) Buah Keluak to babi (pork) $13. Chicken meat is more tender. 3 pieces of buah keluak, so affordable! Friends who tasted it for the 1st time aptly described buah keluak’s similarity to salty fermented bean paste. 1st time trying the belimbing (a kind of small melon) chicken $13, it was so creamy, a bit spicy with a bit of sourness. Another that we like is the jackfruit curry, very lovely texture, creamy and only mildly spicy. Lok kai yik $22 – is a special Cantonese claypot dish, with pig skin, pig intestines, cuttlefish with sauce made of fermented bean curd, huge portion, order it if there are at least 4pax. Looking forward to our next visit already – hopefully get to try some of the fish dishes they didn’t get fish this week… oh their sambar chilli is potent! Charlie’s is not good for the waistline. 😹😹

Daniel Setiawan
First time visiting and ordered beef rendang, chap chye, ayam buah keluak, and bakwan kepiting. All food was delicious (wasn’t expecting the bakwan kepiting to be soup though), but the highlight is 100% the beef rendang and ayam buah keluak. The belacan is spicy, totally love it. The aunty is also very friendly.

Alan Goh
Outstanding peranakan food served in this humble stall. Menu includes classic Peranakan dishes as well as some more exotic options like jackfruit curry. Prices are reasonable. Really good.

Contact:9789 6304
Location:505 Beach Rd, #B1-30 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583
Opening Hours:11:30 AM – 7:30 PM Daily

2. House of Peranakan Petit

House of Peranakan Petit Food Singapore
Image Credit: House of Peranakan Petit

Every meal at House of Peranakan Petit embodies the essence of home-cooked flavours, providing a pleasant trip into the heart of Peranakan cuisine in Singapore. This charming restaurant offers a variety of traditional favourites with a contemporary twist, all served in a cosy environment decorated with striking Peranakan decor. Every taste, from the hearty Ngoh Hiong to the magnificent Ayam Buah Keluak, reveals a tale of skill and love in the kitchen. The ideal portion sizes guarantee that everyone will have a satisfying supper. For others, the chendol dessert might not have quite the same gula Melaka punch, but the savoury dishes are definitely the highlight of this place.

Customer Reviews

Win Tai
Very decent straits food the service is good the waiter knows his stuff. Not too salty or sweet the flavours are amazing good service and quality cooking just like how my grand mother used to make. My Aunt knows how to make these dishes too very good home style with the heart poured into making these amazing dishes.

One of the better nonya food around, thoroughly enjoyed the Ayam Buah Keluak, chap chye, Assam prawn. Cosy setting, well decorated Highly recommended.

Small and quaint restaurant with eye-catching Peranakan decor creating a cozy dining environment to go with a tasty Peranakan menu. We ordered Ngoh Hiong, Ayam Buah Keluak, Ikan Tempra, Spinach. The portions were just nice for 3 adults. Every dish tasted wonderful. The ayam buah keluak was exceptionally memorable because the chicken was so well seasoned that every bite was full of flavor. The buah keluak was so well done (the texture was like olive paste). The Ngoh Hiong has a robust taste that sets it apart from others that I’ve tasted. I loved the unique flavors of the Nonya-style spinach. The chendol for desert was ok, according to my lunch companions, who would prefer a stronger gula Melaka taste.

Contact:6222 1719
Location:42 Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore 169785
Opening Hours:Monday, Wednesday – Sunday: 12 PM – 3 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM | Closed on Tuesdays

3. Godmama

Godmama Best Peranakan Food In Singapore
Image Credit: Godmama

Discover the pinnacle of Peranakan cuisine in Singapore at Godmama, where each dish combines innovation and tradition. Located in the centre of City Hall, this quaint eatery entices guests with genuine tastes and flawless service. Every dish, from the fragrant Chap Chye to the succulent Babi Ponteh, is a work of Peranakan culinary art. Even at busy times, the staff’s attentiveness guarantees a pleasant dining experience by reserving seats. Don’t miss their mouth-watering dishes, such as Sambal Udang, Sayur Lodeh, and Otah. Savour the delicious Durian Crème Brûlée for dessert. Godmama guarantees a taste experience that will make you crave more.

Customer Reviews

Benjamin Gerard Jose Byrne
Peranakan’s always say that their own grandmother cooks the best Peranakan food, but if you want second best then eat other ones! But if you don’t compare all the time, and looking for tasty food around City Hall – try out the delicious food here! There is only so much I can share, you have to try it for yourself!

Han Lee
Very thankful to the great service from godmama. We were having course nearby, so we made reservations and pre booking of food for 1pm on a Sunday. Sundays are usually very packed but they kept our seats for us and serve our food promptly when we arrived at 115pm. They called in a few times to check in w us, to ensure the best service for us! Love it! We loved everything we ordered – Otah, buah keluak, chap chye, sayur lodeh, Babi ponteh, sambal udang, ngoh hiang and butterfly pea rice. Amazingly done! Favourites are Babi ponteh (really soft tender pork belly slices), Sayur lodeh (very nice coconut milk infused). As for desserts, we prefer the durian creme brrulee over the pulut Hitam panna cotta. Will be back for good Peranakan food!

Coffee Tiger
The best food I have ever had in a while! Well Balanced, full of a complexity of the natural ingredients harmonious in the dish. Sensational experience while staying in town.

Contact:6970 0828
Location:107 North Bridge Rd, #04-07 Funan, Singapore 179105
Opening Hours:11 AM – 10 PM Daily

4. Candlenut

Candlenut Peranakan Cuisine In Singapore
Image Credit: Candlenut

With its well-earned Michelin star, Candlenut stands out for their authentic Peranakan food in Singapore. Tucked away in Como Dempsey, this restaurant’s menu entices the senses with its brilliant flavours and well-prepared food. Every mouthful narrates a tale of creativity and tradition, from the flavourful Ngoh Hiang to the luscious Pork Jowl and the famous Crab Curry. An attentive staff ensures that every need is satisfied with courtesy and expertise, elevating the whole experience. The laid-back atmosphere is ideal for partaking in a memorable dining experience, set against a backdrop of contemporary Peranakan décor. Candlenut is a must-visit location for all foodies since it offers more than simply a meal—it’s a cultural exploration.

Customer Reviews

Delicious Peranakan dishes packed with flavour. We liked everything we tried, especially the Crab curry and the Sambal prawns! The courses aren’t huge, but enough to share and enjoy as a group, we loved that! From starters to dessert, every dish had its unique taste. The service was attentive and earnest, but not pretentious, which is refreshing to see in a Michelin star experience. The place is nice, tables are spaced out, gibbing each group privacy and a quiet feel, but it doesn’t have a cozy feel. All in all the experience was really positive and at a reasonable price range. Highly recommended!

Tong Peng Tan
Fabulous Peranakan dining experience at this 1* Michelin restaurant, Candlenut. The place is located at Como Dempsey. Quality food here with unique taste. We especially love the Crab Curry, Ngoh Hiang and the Pork Jowl. Service level here is top notch. Servers will ensure that your cups are always topped up with water; they are also very attentive and will check in with you on your overall experience and also the food quality etc. Location and atmosphere wise, it is well situated in Dempsey and the overall vibe that the place exudes is that of a relaxing one with modern Peranakan decorations. Highly recommend this place for Peranakan food, the service oriented staff here and the value for money 1* Michelin experience.

Good food, good service. Price is on the higher end but the food is good. Set menu may be just enough, so if your appetite is large, recommend you order a couple of more dishes.

Contact:6486 1051
Location:Block 17A Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249676
Opening Hours:12 PM – 3 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM Daily

5. Restaurant PeraMakan

Restaurant PeraMakan Peranakan Food Singapore
Image Credit: Restaurant PeraMakan

With tastes that entice the palate and create a memorable impression, Restaurant PeraMakan provides a wonderful voyage into the core of Peranakan cuisine in Singapore. Every item, including the fiery Rendang Beef and the distinctive Ayam Buah Keluak, is expertly prepared and served on time. Traditional favourites like the mouth-watering Sago Gula Melaka dessert and the aromatic Blue Pea Rice are available on the menu. The welcoming ambiance of PeraMakan is reminiscent of a comfortable family get-together, thanks to the attentive staff’s considerate recommendations and friendly welcome. Situated in the busy Owen Road and Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) basement, it’s a must-go-to place for anyone looking for real Peranakan food in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Joseph Lim
First time try. Food was delicious! All the dishes were nice. With free flow of Blue Pea Rice. Check out my photos on what we ordered. Also, service was good. Last but not least, if you are driving, can park at the open carpark nearby that is within walking distance.

Sam S
Delicious food & so very unique! I loved trying this traditional food & it was served to us so quickly. David was a joy and took care of us! The Ayam Buah Keluak was unlike anything I had ever eaten before but the chicken was so perfectly cooked. The Rendang Beef was our favorite (spicy, but so worth the burn!) Finally, for dessert, I was able to try Durian (highly recommend trying it as it is not so strong in flavor here & is made with mint). The Sago Gula Melaka dessert with palm syrup was our favorite & so sweet! Thank you again for such an exquisite experience in a comfortable environment.

Isabel Neo
Very bustling restaurant at plq basement. i know many people who raves about this place. i ordered this fried chicken dish. it was just fried boneless chicken but it was so good. would definitely order this to share. Their service feels very personal too, the waiters and waitresses and chefs were extremely kind and has that warm family business feel. one of the waitresses was even recommending to us what dish we should order based on the things we like.

Contact:PeraMakan Restaurant: 6291 3474 / 9099 4141

Tingkat PeraMakan: 6970 5405
Location:PeraMakan Restaurant: 119 Owen Road, Singapore 218924

Tingkat PeraMakan: Paya Lebar Quarter, 10 Paya Lebar Road #B2-03, Singapore 409057
Opening Hours:PeraMakan Restaurant: 11:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Tingkat PeraMakan: 11:30 AM – 9 PM

6. Daisy’s Dream Kitchen

Daisy's Dream Kitchen Peranakan Foods Singapore
Image Credit: Daisy’s Dream Kitchen

Enjoy a unique experience through the complex flavours of Peranakan food at Daisy’s Dream Kitchen. Hidden away at Temasek Club’s pool level, Daisy’s offer one of the best Peranakan food in Singapore, akin to that of home-cooked food. Their exquisite flavours and soft consistency, which surprise customers, are a testament to their commitment to authenticity in the slow-cooked dishes. Daisy’s distinguishes itself with its attentive service, which includes consideration for dietary restrictions and a pleasant dining experience. For fans of Peranakan cuisine looking for a flavour of home, this is a must-visit due to the large portions and affordable costs, even though the sweets could be more sophisticated.

Customer Reviews

Mi Bome
I came to love Peranakan food from my previous visits of Singapore so I suggested Peranakan food to our little group. This restaurant came to mind. We were not disappointed. The taste of the slow cooking dishes was sensational and with so many different layers of taste, the consistency as tender as it gets. As a bonus, the lady from the restaurant explained to us the background and philosophy of each dish when it arrived. Considering the superior quality of food and laid back atmosphere of the restaurant I felt that the prices were extremely modest. Thank you.

Dora Tan
The service was great. They took note of my family’s peanut allergy. Although they were very busy, at our request, they took our order personally even though we were meant to order online. I’m peranakan and my family and I really enjoyed all the dishes. The servings were generous. Most of the desserts were fine but could be more complex and rich. I will certainly come back!

Kelvin Ang
Nicely tucked away at the pool level of Temasek Club. This peranakan has a home cooked feel and taste to it. There are lunch sets on offer. Atmosphere is homely too. Taste is really good.

Contact:6779 1781
Location:131 #01-01, Rifle Range Rd, Temasek Club, 588396
Opening Hours:Monday – Thursday & Sunday: 11 AM – 9 PM | Friday & Saturday: 11 AM – 9:30 PM

7. Nyonyas & Gentlemen Restaurant

Nyonyas & Gentlemen Restaurant Peranakan Cuisine Singapore
Image Credit: Nyonyas & Gentlemen Restaurant

Nyonyas & Gentlemen Restaurant serves up authentic Peranakan food in Singapore with a vivid flavour profile, where each dish is a celebration of taste and heritage. Savour traditional dishes like Ayam Buah Keluak, which combines the rich earthiness of Buah Keluak nuts with succulent chicken. Savour the customisable Rojak, where you may create the ideal blend of flavours. Don’t miss their aromatic and delicious Laksa, especially served by the chef. The rich and creamy Durian Pengat, with a strong durian taste, is the perfect way to round off your dinner. Nyonyas & Gentlemen presents a memorable traditional Peranakan feast.

Customer Reviews

A beautiful Nyonya buffet spread of many favourites, ayam buak keluak, Beef Rendang, sayuh lodeh, chap chye, kueh pie ti and more. With fresh fruit, local kueh, durian mousse and a great coffee to complete the meal.Our party of 10 was well attended to. The chef himself came out to greet the tables and served us bowls of his mom’s laksa recipe. Not an avid laksa fan, yet I found the broth rich and fragrant unlike the street ones nearby, the prawn, fresh and slurped up the entire bowl. Enjoyed the very personal, unrushed service, comfy ambience and authentic, hearty cuisine.

Adeline Koh
It was an impromptu dinner date and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food served and the service given. We tried their laksa as per recommendation and it was really delicious. Their buffet dinner had not started and thus we will return for their buffet next time. Special thanks to Mina and another lady (didn’t get her name) who served us. ✨

Lirene Bay
Here are my recommendations from the variety of food available. Ayam Buah Keluak – where chicken meets the rich, earthy flavor of buah keluak nuts, creating an irresistibly complex dish! Loved the DIY Yong Tau Foo and Rojak. Get to choose your favorite ingredients. My Yong Tau Foo paired perfectly with their rich and flavorful laksa soup. Don’t miss the creamy, custard-like Durian Pengat! A divine treat with that bold durian kick.

Contact:6241 4850
Location:Level 4 @, 25 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449536
Opening Hours:6:30 AM – 9:30 PM Daily

8. Katong Delights

Katong Delights Authentic Peranakan Food Singapore
Image Credit: Katong Delights

A hidden gem in Siglap, Katong Delights has a cosy, welcoming ambiance that’s ideal for you and your loved ones to try Peranakan food in Singapore together. The amiable proprietors make the place feel warm and inviting, making visitors feel at home. On the menu, you may find a variety of hot and fresh authentic Nonya meals, like the savoury oxtail stew and Sayur Lodeh. The cuisine is excellent and the prices are reasonable, even though the location is a little off the usual route. In Singapore’s food scene, Katong Delights is a must-visit location for anyone looking for authentic Peranakan flavours in a welcoming atmosphere.

Customer Reviews

Nice, cosy place for dining. It’s my family’s first time here and we absolutely enjoyed our meal. With very friendly and approachable owners, they made us feel very welcomed. Food were served hot and fresh, not prepared in advance.. they do buffet catering too! The oxtail stew is MARVELLOUS! Very flavourful… Thumbs up!!

Dennis N
Honestly you come here for the old school vibes, above average Nonya food and also the wonderful people behind this place that happily interacts with their customers with a smile! I would say that personally I enjoyed the Sayur Lodeh, Otah, and curry chicken! The ox tail and plum pork ribs was alright. Overall very returnable and delicious! ⭐️

Desmond Tong
Chanced upon this quaint looking Peranakan eatery at Siglap and was blown away by their dishes! Simple yet heartwarming. Prices are also very reasonable as compared to other Peranakan restaurants you may find elsewhere. The place is a little hard to find but please do not let that deprive your family and yourself of the chance to enjoy delightful tasting Nonya food! 👍🏻

Contact:6441 1792
Location:1H Figaro St, Singapore 458322
Opening Hours:12:30 PM – 9 PM Daily | Closed on Mondays

9. Marie’s Lapis Cafe

Marie's Lapis Cafe Affordable Peranakan Food Singapore
Image Credit: Marie’s Lapis Cafe

Marie’s Lapis Cafe is one of the best Peranakan restaurants in Singapore; it’s delicious food earned it a spot in the top 11. It offers an amazing eating experience and is tucked away in Bedok North’s quaint streets. Featuring a cuisine full of creative fusion twists and traditional Nyonya fare, every dish is a tribute to careful preparation and premium ingredients. Every mouthful is an exploration of Peranakan culinary history, from the luscious prawns of Nasi Campur to the mouth-watering flavours of Nasi Ayam Buah Keluah. Marie’s Lapis Cafe welcomes guests to enjoy tradition and innovation in every dish with warm hospitality from owner Boss Chris.

Customer Reviews

Ling Eden
After reading rave reviews about this place, we finally had the opportunity to dine at Marie’s Lapis tonight- it definitely lived up to every bit of the hype! Nestled on the quaint streets of Bedok North, Marie’s Lapis Cafe exuded a warm welcoming ambience. The decor was tastefully done, striking a perfect balance between rustic charm and cozy comfort. The food served was fresh and delicious, and indeed tasted like home made Peranakan food made from good ingredients. It surely tasted as good as (if not, better) it looks in my photos! There was a wide variety of food to choose from – a well thought out menu that even ranges from western (cant wait to come back to let the kids try the famous mac and cheese!) to vegetarian choices. We were also spoilt for choices when it came to desserts. There were also many gelato choices that were very unique – we had Ondeh Ondeh and Cempedak flavors. Both flavors were very special and we will surely be back again to explore the other flavors. From the moment we stepped through the door, we were greeted with the warm hospitality of Boss Chris. We were lucky to catch Boss Chris when he was available and had a long chat with him to understand his heart and motivations behind the cafe. He is indeed an inspiring man who has a vision and dare to dream. We hope he will be blessed with fulfilled dreams in years to come!

Dennis Tng
Mind blowing solid Peranakan food, excellent service in a relaxed atmosphere. The location is accessible and easy to find. The place is air-conditioned and spacious, and easily handled our group of 4 adults, 1 child and a baby. Service from the owner was very friendly and attentive. Table water was served quickly. The menu is straight forward and had all the expected Peranakan standards with some fusion surprises. After we ordered, our food came in about 10mins and was fresh. The food was on another level and definitely worth more than what they are charging. Flavours were satisfying. The serving sizes were just right. We had the nasi campur that came with prawns. The prawns were large, fresh and succulent. Perfectly cooked – not tough. The ngoh hiang was meaty on the inside and crispy on the outside. The nasi ayam buah keluah was amazing. The nuts were stuffed full of black intense flavour. Each bite was a flavour explosion in the mouth. The mee siam is truly tok kong. Chap chye was so good, we drank up all the sauce. Food was served with some blelachan. Truly does not get much better than this. There wasn’t a grain of rice left on any plate. We had 2x kueh kosui to finish off. Each piece was big and served with a decent amount of coconut. We were too full so took a small lapis for takeaway. Authentic and fantastic Peranakan food at a fraction of the cost of other Peranakan restaurants. We’ll be back to try out more!

Jonathan Chew
An excellent joint serving authentic Nyonya food. Beyond the food though, is the superb service and personable owner who makes intentional effort to engage with the patrons and receive feedback. I’ve been here several times already and it’s great for a quiet catch up with friends – it usually isn’t packed, though they could definitely use more recognition. Brought a friend here once and he loved the Mee Siam so much that he has since brought his parents and friends here for it; I’ve not personally tried it but I’m sure it’s something to try. Generous portion sizes for all the dishes, and you’d be able to tell that intentional thought goes into crafting the recipes.

Contact:Telephone: 6970 8556 | WhatsApp: 9441 7697
Location:537 Bedok North Street 3, #01-575, Singapore 460537
Opening Hours:10 AM – 10 PM Daily | Closed on Mondays

10. PangiNut

PangiNut Best Peranakan Food In Singapore
Image Credit: PangiNut

With its alluring blend of Peranakan and Western flavours, PangiNut is a gourmet hidden gem in Singapore. Each taste of food such as the succulent Assam Nanas Salmon and the savoury Buah Keluak Chicken Chop is a fascinating voyage through Peranakan tradition. Whether it’s the flavorful Herb Crusted Fish or the hearty Beef Rendang Pasta, each dish exudes authenticity and care for detail. PangiNut’s desire to hear comments and their friendly greetings demonstrate their dedication to making their customers happy. PangiNut is a must-visit location for a genuinely unique dining experience that honours the Peranakan cuisine in Singapore with a personal twist.

Customer Reviews

Qili Chong
The bosses gave us a warm welcome and introduced dishes. Food is worth value and worth waiting even in this hot weather. All are too delicious. The burger is juicy and portion is big . Beef rendang pizza is a must try, i’ll say one of the best in Singapore.

Air Timbuktu
Hidden Gem Alert! Super value for money Peranakan western fusion. Authentic Peranakan taste. The Black Nut (Buah Keluak) Chicken Chop is a must try. Assam Nanas Salmon is awesome too. The beef rendang pasta is lovely too (be careful! It packs a punch!). Made with love and care! Impeccable presentation! Will definitely be back for more! Please support our precious unique heritage cuisine! Thanks chef!🙏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This our second time there. The first time, we had the Buah Keluak Chicken and Herb crusted fish, along with a side of Rendang Fries. The Buah Keluak Chicken tastes Peranakan enough, since I grew up having Nyonya food. I would also recommend the Rendang pasta. The dish has the sauce slathering around every inch of the spaghetti strands. Thick and with chunky bits of rendang minced beef rendang sauce with a spice level only the true-blue Peranakans would appreciate. The Pongteh chicken was not really my favourite as I couldn’t taste that “pongteh” sauce over the portion of tender chicken. I gave my feedback and the boss’ reply was pleasantly a surprise. He went back and brought a small saucer of pongteh gravy for me. This time, I just scooped up the sauce to taste its “sedap-ness”. Lovely. The coffee-shop is clean and not stuffy — I am particular about the eating environment. The next round would probably be trying their Nyonya Laksa pasta. Last but not least, I don’t know how they do their wedges but its crusty on the outside but warm and soft on the inside. Keep it up with such yummy wedges; I have yet to find your contender. Thank you too, for coming over to ask us “how’s the food”? The kind of customer interaction helps to retain customer loyalty.

Contact:9450 6697
Location:215 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, #01-877 Thye Guan Eating House, Singapore 560215
Opening Hours:11 AM – 9 PM Daily

11. Bumbu Restaurant

Bumbu Restaurant Peranakan Food In Singapore
Image Credit: Bumbu Restaurant

Lastly, Bumbu Restaurant provides a unique experience through the Peranakan cuisine in Singapore. The restaurant’s old Peranakan decor creates a delightful environment that makes it feel like you’ve stepped into a time capsule. The kindness and effectiveness of the staff elevate the dining experience. The menu, which is halal-certified, features delectable options including Fried Kangkong with tangy sauce, Beef Rendang, and Chilli Prawns. Customers also gush over the spicy sambal and Telur Tahu. Bumbu’s varied selections suit all tastes, while some may find the durian chendol to be excessively thick. This is a great place to get together with friends, family, or coworkers.

Customer Reviews

Din Neo
The food seriously tastes delicious. We were actually not that hungry as we had a heavy breakfast. But due to the food that tastes so good, we finish up everything! The ambience is great with peranakan vintage decor. The staff were helpful, friendly and efficient. It’s Halal and highly recommended!

Miss C
I like Bumbu restaurant’s interior design, is unique and Peranakan decorating. Foods are nice and mouthwatering. I would recommend chili prawns, the gravy is flavourful. I will definitely come back to try other dishes! This place is suitable for company, family and friends gathering, why not?? There have set up the beautiful partition so it gives us privacy when dining.

Emily Chua
Went on a saturday afternoon and its quiet and low crowd. The staff are very patient when ordering. The setting of the place is very interesting, its filled with antique. Food was great! The beef rendung is very well cooked, meat was soft and tasty. The fried mee sua has a unique flavour. It comes with generous amount of seafood, vegetable and mushroom. The tomyum soup might looks spicy but it’s actually very creamy and filled with loads of seafood flavour. It’s nice and quiet place to have meal with your friends and family!

Contact:Kandahar: 6392 8628 / 6392 1570

Farrer: 6479 4075 / 6473 3155
Location:Kandahar: 44 Kandahar St, Singapore 198897

Farrer: 4 Queen’s Rd, #02-101, Singapore 260004
Opening Hours:11 AM – 3 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM Daily | Closed on Mondays


Peranakan food in Singapore is a colourful celebration of flavour and culture. Every dish, from flavourful noodle dishes to sumptuous curries, narrates a tale of invention and tradition. Serving authentic Peranakan cuisine in Singapore, these top 11 Peranakan restaurants are sure to please your senses, whether you’re enjoying a rich bowl of Nasi Lemak or relishing the intricacy of Laksa. It is understandable that these 11 outlets epitomise Singapore’s Peranakan culinary heritage, with its distinct fusion of other food culture elements. Explore this intricate tapestry of flavour by diving in!