BigSmile Dental Clinic at Novena Medical Centre has been offering a range of reasonably priced and comfortable orthodontic treatments in Singapore since its establishment. Invisalign braces cost a little more than traditional ones, and the company offers braces instalment packages for individuals who may require them.

Invisalign braces are an excellent alternative to lingual braces in Singapore. These clear plastic aligners are designed, with the help of software and technical experts, to realign the teeth without the use of visible brackets and wires; they are not only functional, but also comfortable. Because of the fact that they are custom-made for each user, invisible braces cost more than traditional braces, with prices starting at approximately $4000. BigSmile Dental Clinic offers Invisalign aligners that are produced and delivered directly from the Align Technology production facility — the top manufacturer of dental aligner products worldwide.

The company’s resident orthodontist, Dr David Lee, has over 30 years of experience. With a dedication to helping patients overcome their fears of dentists, Dr David Lee is a certified Invisalign and eCLigner provider and a Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontists. The team at BigSmile Dental Clinic works hard to provide affordable, comfortable and high-quality cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic care that is catered to each patient’s unique needs. By combining contemporary technology, detailed training, and individualised care and attention, the team will assist patients in achieving and maintaining a healthy, attractive smile.

With BigSmile Dental Clinic’s affordable rates and braces instalment packages, the company is able to provide their patients with high-quality Invisalign aligners. At BigSmile Dental Clinic, the company focuses on delivering the advantages of Invisalign to give their patients a confident smile without having to wear traditional wired braces.

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