Whether it is ‘C’ Curls, ‘S’ Curls, Digital, Japanese, Korean or any other style of perms, the aftercare is all standardised. To maintain and make your freshly permed mane last, you would have to be committed to this hair care routine. Every step in this hair routine is important; from washing, drying, styling and even before you sleep, all this plays a part in prolonging your curls and preventing any hair damage!

With these 7 effective tips to maintain your newly permed hair, be rest assured that this hair ritual will let your curls stay with you for a long time!

Washing Permed Hair

1. Use a shampoo for chemically treated hair

Image Credit: Washing Permed Hair

You may be wondering how shampoos help in maintaining your curls? They play a vital role as regular shampoos contain chemicals that may be too strong for permed hair. Hence, if you were to use any shampoo other than the ones made for chemically treated hair, your locks will be prone to damage and breakage.

It is better to use shampoos that are made for chemically treated hair as these products are specially formulated to restore the lost moisture and clean your permed hair gently!

Tip: Avoid washing your hair for the first 24-72 hours after you get a perm, as this keeps the water or other chemicals from deactivating your perm and making your curls fall apart.

2. Consider deep conditioning your hair

As perming utilise chemicals that can strip your hair off moisture and natural oils, it is wise to condition your hair to rebuild it. Deep conditioners can help smooth your hair’s cuticle layers and soften your curls. This will leave your hair looking and feeling more flexible and silky!

Tip: Do a deep conditioning treatment at least twice a month to prevent your permed hair from getting excessively dry.

3. Apply a hair mask

While deep conditioners are used to solely soften your hair, hair masks are made to strengthen and lock in more moisture for your hair. An essential step for hair that is chemically treated and damaged, hair masks are the way to go! Both deep conditioners and hair masks could also work hand in hand to restore and rebuild your hair.

Drying Wet Locks

Image Credit: Drying Wet Locks

4. Blow-dry with a diffuser

Before you dry your hair, make sure to use plenty of heat protectant which will protect your new gorgeous curls! This will be useful when you use the hot air from your blow dryer as it will protect your hair. Remember to also use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair, as it will disperse the air to reduce frizz, and prevent it from disrupting your curls.

Tip: You can dry your hair with hot air for a while but remember to switch it to cool air once it’s damped! This will help seal the cuticles of your hair and make your perm look more bouncy and curly. Besides that, it also sets your style in place and adds shine to your beautiful, luscious mane!

5. Use a wide-tooth detangling comb

Avoid brushing your hair when it’s dry. Instead, you should comb through your hair either in the shower or before you whip out your hairdryer. The wide-tooth detangling comb is a specially designed comb that quickly and painlessly helps detangles your hair with ease. So as long as your hair is wet, you wouldn’t feel the need to tug roughly onto your hair.

As curly hair gets tangled easily, this comb is the preferred choice and the only way to go if you’re coming out of the shower with wet or damp hair. With this comb, you can finally quit snagging your hair!

Styling Your Curls

Image Credit: Styling Your Curls

6. Apply an anti-frizz hair serum

After drying your hair, you should use an anti-frizz hair serum. When applying it to your curls, use the scrunching method in an upward motion so that you will not straighten out your locks. Instead, this will define your curls more and make it bouncier!

7. Let your locks loose

Hairstylists will advise you not to style your hair with ponytails or tight hairstyles. Putting your hair in hairstyles that require accessories would reshape parts of your hair with dents. This will make your curls go out of shape or break off fragile hair (especially after it has gone through a process filled with loads of chemicals). 

Instead, you should leave your hair loose for the first 2 days after your perm! This will help maintain the proper shape of your curls.



Remember to avoid dyeing your hair as it will cause more damage and dryness to your beautiful curls! Say no to unruly hair with these 7 effective tips and you’ll have beautiful locks that everyone would die for. Why spend so much on perming your hair for it to not last? By adhering to these tips, you can be on your way to a long-lasting and healthier permed hair!

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