Best 7 TCM Weight Loss Programs in Singapore

December 23, 2019
Best Weight Loss TCM Singapore

An influx of diet methods flood the Internet daily but how do we know what’s good and not for our body? If there is one thing to trust, traditional techniques work best. This quick read will explore the positives of incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into our diet plan and how it comes into play.

Being overweight generally begins with poor circulation in the body. According to TCM, Qi facilitates the functioning of organs, blood circulation and the metabolism of body fluids. When insufficient, organs will start functioning slower and the metabolism of fat and water will be hindered.

To counter this, traditional methods such as scraping with the Guasha, cupping, acupuncture and consumption of herbs are included in a TCM slimming program. TCM is proven to be safe and healthy and does not inflict any long-term side effects unlike most modern slimming methods today.

1. Slim Couture

Image Credit: Slim Couture

This homegrown Singapore-bred company dedicates itself to helping customers lose pounds the healthy way through TCM. Their signature weight loss program, the Divine SlimTM, has been assisting in successful weight losses amongst both men and women since 2010. Through TCM, Slim Couture is able to study the overall well-being of a person through their internal organs’ health.

The Divine SlimTM program won’t force customers to go into sudden crash diets or consume slimming pills. All of Slim Couture’s adopted slimming techniques have zero threatening side effects and are typically longer-lasting. The Guasha (刮痧) is a scraping technique that releases blockage within the bloodstream and promotes blood flow. With increased blood circulation, the metabolic rate is normalized – curbs the appetite – and releases the toxic waste from the deep cellular tissues.

The other slimming method used is vacuum cupping. When air is pumped out of the cup, water retention is eliminated, body toxins are removed, the digestive system is stimulated and metabolism is increased. No flame is needed for vacuum cupping which prevents the skin from other unnecessary damage.

Contact: +65 6534 0747
Location: GSH Plaza, 20 Cecil Street, #02-05, Singapore 049705
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 10am-9pm | Sat 9am-6pm | Closed on Sun & PH

2. Kin Teck Tong

Image Credit: Kim Teck Tong

With over 50 years of experience, Kin Teck Tong has now become Singapore’s very own homegrown TCM brand. In 2005, they had evolved into a modern TCM clinic by leveraging on their Chinese medicine services and became the first integrated Chinese clinic to house both traditional and advanced treatments under one roof.

Weight loss programmes at Kin Teck Tong uses precise diagnosis and analysis where the experts will craft up a personalised solution for your weight troubles. This customised weight loss plan can range from DIY acupressure for the waistline, food remedies to include in daily meal plans and acupuncture to enhance the liver, spleen and kidney functions. If followed closely, there is no reason this personalised TCM plan won’t succeed.

Contact: +65 6744 4940 | +65 6702 1380 | +65 6260 1470 | +65 6538 9798 | +65 6259 7928
10 Eunos Road 8, SingPost Centre, #02-128, Singapore 408600
1 Stadium Place, Kallang Wave Mall, #02-06, Singapore 397628
2 Tampines Central Century Square, #03-06, Singapore 529509
133 New Bridge Road, ChinatownPoint, #B2-30/31, Singapore 059413
80 Jurong East Street 21, Devan Nair Institute of Employment and Employability, #04-03A, Singapore 609607
Opening Hours: Differ for each location

3. Love de Beauteous

Located in a row of neighbourhood shops in Toa Payoh Central, Love de Beauteous has been diligent at providing facials, massages and pain relief treatments since 2007. At pocket-friendly prices, all of your body’s needs can be fulfilled with their pampering services.

Love de Beauteous stays true to their promise of not requiring customers to exercise or starve while on their TCM weight loss treatment. With regular cupping and a strict following of their diet plan, significant weight loss in 20 sessions is very much guaranteed. As a customer, you can expect non-invasive slimming methods – neither injections nor surgeries – and the regulation of the digestive system where body fat is reduced and appetite is curbed.

Contact: +65 +65 6690 6073
Location: Toa Payoh Central, 177, #01-112, Singapore 310177
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm | Sat 10am-7pm | Closed on Sunday

4. Happy Slim

Image Credit: Happy Slim

This new kid on the block was founded in 2018 by Dr Shi Lidong, a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician, as a response to the increasing problem of obesity in Singapore & Southeast Asia. Dr Shi was also the founder of the established and renowned Aimin Weight Loss Hospital in Tianjin, China since 1999. With Happy Slim, he hopes to promote healthy weight-loss without the yo-yo side effects that some diets come with.

Despite being only a year old, Happy Slim has garnered more than enough above satisfactory reviews. Through a nutrition coaching programme developed by Dr Shi Lid and his team, an effective and safe weight loss program has been formulated. Each customer will be given a personalised dietary analysis based on their individual nutrition consultation. The personal coachings are tailored to fit individual lifestyles for maximum results. Through consultations at Happy Slim, one can learn about their personal dietary requirements, dietary advice and suitable meal planning based on their health conditions, mental health and usual eating habits.

Choose from their 3 weight-loss plans: the 30 Days Plan, 90 Days Plan and 120 Days Plan. Apply for coaching at HappySlim today to realise your ideal body weight the safe way!

Contact: +65 9067 9115
Location: 51 Cuppage Rd, #04-13, Singapore 229469
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm | Sat-Sun 9am-5pm

5. Spa Infinity

Image Credit: Spa Infinity

At Spa Infinity, you can have a taste of healing tradition and modern spa luxury at the same time. Expect a completely unique spa experience and experience unlimited usage of their facilities – think jacuzzi and sauna – before and after your treatment. 

The TCM Wu Zang Liu Fu Treatment takes on the various modalities of ancient Chinese healing techniques to improve one’s health. This therapy operates with the aim of achieving the best weight loss results through detoxification. As TCM believes that obesity is due to yin-yang imbalance, customised treatments are necessary to enhance the body’s own natural healing mechanism. This treatment unlocks meridian points and improves the general wellness of Qi to promote blood flow.

Other than weight loss, this therapy also helps with migraines, body aches, insomnia, memory loss, skin problems, constipation and many more! 

Contact: +65 6738 0069
Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, Tower 2, #02-486, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm | Sat-Sun 10.30am-8pm

6. Sin Kang TCM

Image Credit: Sin Kang TCM

Previously known as Zhang Ling TCM Therapy and now rebranded into Sin Kang TCM, this certified Chinese medical clinic houses more than 20 expert physicians and therapists. Due to the long years of clinical and practical experiences, a wide range of treatments for even the most minuscule health condition can be treated here.

Sin Kang TCM’s weight management programme prides on being 100% natural and safe so that customers can lose weight without putting their health and well-being at risk. This programme combines three TCM methods namely the NO-PAIN Acupuncture, Tui Na massage and Cupping. Paired with exclusive herbal medication, this program can effectively manage your weight without health-threatening side-effects.

Contact: +65 6444 4909 | +65 6262 4998
100 Tras Street, Singapore 079027
1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, #B1-18, Singapore 138617
Opening Hours: Differ for each location

7. Body Contour

Image Credit: Body Contour

Operating for over two decades now, Body Contour understands the importance of providing exceptional experiences on every treatment a customer goes through. 

Incepted in 1997 and one of the largest slimming and wellness providers in Singapore, Body Contour Premier provides a plethora of holistic wellness treatments to thousands of satisfied customers each year. With that in mind, the award-winning TCM Body Wellness treatment pays a large portion of attention to the 12 meridians and acupoints where Qi settles at.

Blockage in the meridians leads to a slowed-down metabolic process and is intimately connected to many health problems. With acupressure therapy and the use of all-natural traditional Chinese herbal extracts in the Acupoint Massages, toxins are purged from the body to encourage weight loss and anti-ageing effects.

Contact: +65 6533 4925 | +65 6251 2063 | +65 6345 3777
22 Malacca Street, RB Capital Building, Level 5, Singapore 048980
1 Plymouth Avenue, Raffles Town Club, Singapore 297753
21 Amber Road, Chinese Swimming Club, Level 4, Arrival Pavilion
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-7.00pm | Closed on Sat-Sun

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