6 Best Slimming Massages In SG To Help You Stay In Shape

November 26, 2020
Best Slimming Massage Singapore

Besides exercising and dieting, massages have also become the go-to solution for losing weight and getting rid of excess fat. A slimming massage aims to eliminate the unsightly cellulite in our bodies which tend to accumulate over time. These specialised massages focus on the areas where fat tends to build up, such as the hips, thighs and waist area. Not only does it break up the fat, it also prevents the fat from concentrating in the affected areas so you will gain a much smoother skin tone.

At the same time, slimming massages help to improve blood circulation in the body which promotes higher metabolism and detoxification to remove any toxins. This is not only beneficial to your health, but you will also start feeling better about your body inside and out.

Achieve your weight loss goals today and clear away any unwanted cellulite on your body – we’ve rounded up the 6 best slimming massages in Singapore for you to achieve the ideal body you’ve been longing for. Time to lose those unwanted fats!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Adonis Beauty

Image Credit: Adonis

With many years of experience since their establishment in 1988, Adonis Beauty is focused on tropical climate skin by utilising their specially formulated aura system with the origin aerobic therapy, the flow of energy which is stimulated in the human body. All therapies at Adonis Beauty are safe for women of all ages and even during pregnancy.

Designed to serve as a remedy for arms and legs that are flabby and saggy with loose skin, Adonis’ slimming treatments are highly effective in helping the muscles and tension to relax to tone your figure. Combining their very own Homeopac Resonance equipment with their uniquely formulated Auras oil, Adonis makes use of modern oriental specific functions to enhance the detoxifying and healing effects of the treatment. Other benefits include boosting the stimulation of collagen in your skin for a refined skin texture and laxity.

Customer Reviews

Cindy Ong

Good service and beautician is skillful.  Not pushy at all.


The staff is very attentive to my needs. No hard selling.

Contact: +65 6455 3255 |+65 6376 9525 | +65 6634 2466 | +65 6563 6066 | +65 6444 3033
728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, #01-4230, Singapore 560728
Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-228/229, Singapore 098585
23 Serangoon Central, #04-50/51, Singapore 556083
130 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-229, Singapore 600130
Bedok North Street 1, Block 213, #01-111, Singapore 460213 and more
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

2. Bioskin

Image Credit: Bioskin

With the mission to build their customers’ confidence through effective beauty solutions, Bioskin is continuously improving to keep themselves abreast with technological advancements – and this can be reflected in the numerous awards they have clinched. As an established and trusted name, Bioskin delivers innovative and effective solutions for all their customers.

From Electro Therapy to Lipofreeze and Robotrim, Bioskin has the ideal slimming treatment for every woman in Singapore using a sophisticated selection of the latest fat-burning technologies. Their Magic Slim Body Therapy and G5 Massage utilises massage techniques to break down fast, get rid of unwanted cellulites and improve bloody circulation. Safe and non-invasive, their treatments also provide you with effective detoxification results improve your overall body wellness.

Customer Reviews

Farzyn Korevli

It was a great experience. My therapist Joanne did an amazing job. I feel so relaxed and taken care of. Definitely reccomend this place!

Jean Koh

Staff there Bioskin are all very professional, when ever I go there will check my skin first before treatment 

Contact: +65 6352 8858 | +65 9058 5640 | +65 6887 0606
185 Toa Payoh Central, #01-338, Singapore 310185
208 Hougang Street 21, #03-207, Singapore 530208
The Centrepoint, 176, Orchard Road, #02-22 to 25, 238843 and more
Opening Hours: Differs for each outlet

3. Love de Beauteous

Image Credit: Love de Beauteous

Specialised in slimming and body contouring treatment, Love de Beauteous offers a comprehensive pampering service ranging from facial treatments, body relaxing massages to pain relief treatments and post-natal/surgery massages. Since their establishment in 2007, their spa aims to provide you with sincere, affordable services that enhances your health and beauty from the inside out.

Love de Beauteous offers a number of massages including their signature Meridians Tissue Manipulation (MTM) Therapy which is customised according to different body parts, providing benefits like alleviating aches, firming up saggy and flabby skin, and reducing cellulite. Their Slim Fit treatment also helps to eliminate stubborn fatty areas that just simply won’t budge. At Love de Beauteous, you can expect to see a therapeutic difference to your health and well-being! 

Customer Reviews

Isaac Say

Lady boss is very knowledgeable and friendly. No hard selling. Very professional! Love the guarantee weight loss program and the after program guarantee of up to 3 years. Keep up the good work! 

Joan Willsher

Being an overweight diabetic, l signed up here for a weight loss program and have found Linda and Melissa very helpful and professional.  I am happy to report that my blood pressure and blood sugar levels are also greatly improved,  my varicose veins are much less prominent and my hair does not drop so much.

Contact: +65 9071 9318
Location: 177 Toa Payoh Central, #01-112, Singapore 310177
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30AM-8.30PM | Sat 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

4. Annie Tiang

Image Credit: Annie Tiang

Founded in 1981, Annie Tiang is recognised as a top TCM clinic in Singapore which has established a professional branding image, earning a reliable and high quality reputation. Their weight loss service tackles illnesses related to weight problems, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, stress and hormone imbalances.

Annie Tiang specialises in Tiu Na, a deep tissue Chinese massage that is highly effective in localised slimming and does not have side effects. Apart from the long-lasting results, Tiu Na helps to regulate blood circulation, detoxing, internal secretion, improves metabolism and digestion, which promotes the overall healthy effect on slimming.

Customer Reviews

Marina Kutnjak

Massage therapist are highly qualified. I would highly recommend this place for deep tissue massage. This is my go to place.

Michelle Ho

Really awesome services, love your treatment so much.

Some of the TCM services I have visited before are very hard-sell and pushy, but definitely not with the case at Annie Tiang TCM.  Kudos to your team!

Contact: +65 6344 6316 | +65 6743 7781
Location: 24A Haig Road, Singapore 438734
Opening Hours: 9AM-7.30PM Daily

5. Expressions

Image Credit: Expressions

With 30 years of experience, Expressions prides itself on its commitment to excellence in service quality with a high standard of customer service care on slimming, facial and aesthetic services. They focus on restoring their customers’ health and beauty by activating the body’s natural ability to regenerate itself through the use of herbal ingredients. At Expressions, they also abide by the “Total Wellness” philosophy that embraces a natural and holistic approach to achieving health and beauty from the inside out.

You can find various non-invasive and painless procedures at Expressions, which are designed for different purposes, including fat reduction, body contouring, body reshaping and cellulite. For instance, their Endothermic Massage is a sophisticated system which provides a mechanical massage of the skin and the subcutaneous layer to induce detoxification and reduce water retention. All procedures are safe and you’ll soon be left with your skin looking toned, firm and tight, achieving immediate results in slimming, fat reduction, anti-cellulite, refilling wrinkles and an instant lifting effect.

Customer Reviews 

Abdullah Faqih

Expressions have never failed to deliver the results I’ve always wanted. I said that as this is the second experience with Men’s Expressions. The first being in 2010 in which I loss a total of 30kg. Sadly I went back to my old self as I didn’t control my eating habits. I’m back for my second round of treatments. See for yourself the amount of weight I have lost since the first treatment.

You might think that it is untrue that someone manages to lose weight without any exercise. Just try a single session and you’ll see amazing results immediately. 

They have a dedicated team who will assist you in catering the best and ideal treatment for your body type. You’re in best hands if you choose Men’s Expressions

Whitney Tan

Wonderful and satisfactory services at Thomson branch! Angela is experienced and very attentive. Would definitely come again for the services!

Contact: +65 6735 7586 | +65 6513 1130 | +65 6612 2121
Regency House, 121 Penang Road, #01-02, Singapore 238464
Sin Ming Plaza, 2 Sin Ming Road, #01-06, Singapore 575583
Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, #04-238, Singapore 819666 and more
Opening Hours: Differs for each outlet

 6. BodyPerfect 

Image Credit: BodyPerfect

Since 2006, BodyPerfect has been an expert in managing weights, and has helped thousands of celebrities and women retrieve their silhouette without the use of dieting, pills or injections. Together with science, tradition and technology, the multi-faceted approach they take is proven to be effective with long-lasting results.

To help reduce cellulite and improve your daily energy levels, their Detox Slimming GuaSha therapy will do just the trick to increase weight loss and deliver slimming results. It involves using a round-edged tool that is traditionally made of natural elements like Jade Stone to massage on a person’s back, buttocks, neck, arms and legs. The therapy also includes a Magnetic Roller treatment that will help to break down the lipoformations and a Unique Wrap System that burns off fatty acids – which you can expect to achieve up to 5cm loss!

Customer Reviews

Diana S.

Excellent service by Agnes. No hard selling, very nice vibe at the studio 

Shirley Teo

Good service, done a complimentary Gua Sha at the back, no pressure to buy the package. Shared alot of how to slim down. Will sign the package with them.

Contact: +65 6532 0188 | +65 6465 9552 | +65 6782 3688
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #04-39, Singapore 238839
Westgate Mall, 3 Gateway Drive, #03-26, Singapore 608532
Tampines One, 10 Tampines Central 1, #05-28, Singapore 529536
Opening Hours: Differs for each outlet


Incorporating these slimming massages can definitely complement your weight loss and help you achieve other health benefits as well. Not only does it provide a good way to relax and relieve tension around your body, it also keeps your blood circulation, digestive system and metabolism in good working order which can go a long way in weight loss efforts. With our list above, book your next slimming massage session and try the benefits for yourself!

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