Having swept Asia by storm, skin boosters utilise the technology of hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance found in our body. Hydrating and nourishing your skin from within, this non-invasive skin and facial aesthetic treatment can gift you a more radiant and youthful appearance. Besides producing the much sought after supple and glowing complexion, it also keeps your skin plump and firm.

Just for you, here are the 9 best skin booster clinics in Singapore that can effortlessly deliver hydration and lasting improvements to your overall skin quality!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Angeline Yong Dermatology

Image Credit: Angeline Yong Dermatology

Speaking of best skin booster clinics, Angeline Yong Dermatology clinic ensures that innovative medical equipment begins with them! They are one of Singapore’s premier dermatology and cosmetic clinics, led by the esteemed Dr Angeline Yong. Dr Angeline is the COC (certificate of competence) trainer for injectables for Dermatological Society of Singapore, as well as a key opinion leader for Profhilo, the latest bio remodelling skin booster.

With innovative medical equipment that is equally safe, accessible and featuring minimal downtime, you can ensure that Angeline Yong Dermatology delivers the best improvements to your skincare. The clinic also offers intense pulse light (IPL) treatment, utilising high-intensity pulses of light to aid in removing unwanted dark hair, wrinkles and facial lines, and much more! With Profhilo, you can expect comfortable and effective treatment all around. With extensive ability to spread, low inflammatory response and pro-healing benefits, Angeline Yong Dermatology clinic is where you should go for an expert dermatology experience! 

Website: https://ayd.com.sg/filler-injections.html
Contact Number: +65 6592 1311
Location: Gleneagles Medical Centre, 6 Napier Road, #03-02, Singapore 258499
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Sat 8.30AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun & PH

2. La Clinic

Image Credit: La Clinic

Skin boosters restore one’s hyaluronic acid which diminishes with age while stimulating the formation of collagen. This is where La Clinic comes in! They provide customisation of skin boosters to not only match your unique needs but also help you attain your desired long term results. Calling it your personalised skin booster cocktail, this power-packed trio combination entails vitamins, botox and even the usage of growth factors.

The Vital Injector administers skin boosters into your skin. This procedure reduces the roughness of the skin and brings back its once lost elasticity. Other benefits to gain from include a brightening effect, the hydration of skin, reduction of fine lines and many more. Get in touch with La Clinic’s doctors for a consultation on the next best steps to take.

Website: https://laclinic.com.sg/services/skinboosters
Contact: +65 6235 4040
Location: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon Medical Tower (Lobby 2), #08-01/02, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat 9am-1pm

3. LUSH Medical Clinic

Image Credit: LUSH Medical Clinic

Skin boosters, unlike traditional dermal fillers, are not used to shape the face. Instead, it is injected to hydrate and enhance skin quality. LUSH Medical Clinic can leave you with glowing, plump and healthy-looking skin with just several injections of the hyaluronic acid. This activates the fibroblasts and stimulates new collagen and elastin formation, attracting loads of water to exactly where it is needed in your face.

Mild acne scars, enlarged pores and fine lines can finally be reduced with the help of LUSH Medical Clinic’s exclusive facial and skin revitalising treatment. When more moisture is provided to your dehydrated skin, the overall texture will see a significant improvement.

Website: https://www.lushmedicalclinic.com.sg/skin-booster
Contact: +65 6737 4964 | +65 6256 4698
176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint, #03-33, Singapore 238843
1 Maritime Square, Harbourfront Centre, #02-65, Singapore 099253
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-8pm

4. Astique

Image Credit: Astique

Having taken Korea by storm, the DermaShine Skin Booster treatment has now hit Astique’s shores. This procedure boosts the skin with vital nutrients through the injection of micro-needles. Uniquely calibrated to every patient in terms of volume, ingredients and depth; vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, botox and other antioxidants make up the injection’s ingredients.

As these wholesome doses of nutrients are injected directly under your skin, it ensures longer-lasting effects, bestowing you with luminous and bouncy skin you’ve always longed for. Astique is, without doubt, the go-to aesthetics centre for a revitalising and hydrating experience!

Website: https://www.astiqueclinic.com.sg/face-treatments/dermashine-skin-booster
Contact: +65 6732 3801
Location: 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00, Singapore 238868
Opening Hours: Mon, Fri 11am-8pm | Tue-Thur 9am-8pm | Sat 11am-4pm

5. EPION Clinic

Image Credit: EPION Clinic

It is inevitable for one’s skin to lose hyaluronic and collagen as topical skin care products alone cannot do much in the replenishing department. EPION Clinic’s reinvigorating skin treatment can hydrate and brighten your parched skin through the utilisation of skin boosters. With very little discomfort and low downtime, this anti-ageing treatment can improve the appearance of your wrinkles and acne scars within a matter of days.

So what will you ultimately get? Improved skin hydration, firmness and a more radiant looking face! Book an appointment with EPION Clinic to experience the difference with them.

Website: https://epionclinic.com/skin/skinbooster-injections
Contact: +65 6732 2122
Location: 145 Tanglin Road, Tudor Court, Singapore 247931
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm

6. Art By Verita

Image Credit: Art By Verita

Described as a unique and needleless skin restoration system, Art By Verita’s signature Needleless Skin Booster treatment makes use of natural ingredients to deeply penetrate through and energise the new layers beneath your skin. The 100% biodegradable microscopic porous herbal needles coupled with essential peptides and vitamins are subsequently blended with NCTF 135HA®. For the full effect, it is then applied to the skin in a gentle circular motion.

Ideal for dull-looking skin showing ageing signs, this procedure promotes collagen production and hydrates the skin with their impressive combination of nutrient-rich ingredients. To reward yourself with radiant skin from a reinvigorating session, dial up Art By Verita for an appointment!

Website: http://artbyverita.com/art-needleless-skin-booster
Contact: +65 6732 0836
Location: 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #04-01, Singapore 238880
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm | Sat 10am-5pm

7. Halley Medical Aesthetics

Image Credit: Halley Medical Aesthetics

Collagen production drops the more we age. In return, our skin loses its radiance. This requires the assistance of moisturisers for our skin to remain well-hydrated. However, not all hope is lost as Halley Medical Aesthetics has adopted the application of skin boosters that can hydrate your skin from within. These microinjections keep your skin plump, firm and smooth by introducing moisture to it.

Not only are they effective in rejuvenating your skin, but they can also restore the radiant glow back into your tired face. To get back your youthful-looking skin that speaks of luminosity and plumpness, Halley Medical Aesthetics can easily do just that!

Website: https://www.halley.com.sg/hydration-skin-booster
Contact: +65 6737 8233
Location: 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #03-15, Singapore 238858
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-9pm

8. Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery

Image Credit: Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery

A beauty queen or a doctor? Dr Tiffiny Yang of Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery is both! Accumulating vast experiences in both roles has gifted her with a keen eye for beauty and qualified medical expertise. Her clinic’s exclusive Skin Booster Injection procedure uses a micro-puncture injector to deliver hyaluronic acid fillers which have been proven effective in skin rejuvenation.

Putting a pause button on the effects of ageing, this clinically proven and efficacious treatment grants you a soft and smooth skin texture. Unquestionably, Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery’s team will go all out to provide you with a customised and holistic beauty treatment where neither art nor medicine is compromised.

Website: https://www.tiffinyyangaesthetics.com/skin-booster
Contact: +65 9186 0805
Location: 1 Grange Road, Orchard Building, #12-02, Singapore 239693
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-8pm | Sat 10am-4pm

9. Bellezza Aesthetics

Image Credit: Bellezza Aesthetics

Letting you in on Bellezza Aesthetics’ Aqua White Skin booster treatment, it entails a stellar pairing of a powerful pigmentation removal technology hailed all the way from Korea alongside an in-house formulated whitening elixir. Only one facial is needed to hydrate and brighten up that dull skin of yours with their potent cocktail of illuminating ingredients.

The effect of a deeper and swifter penetration is intended to smoothen your complexion and stimulate collagen boost. Suitable for all skin types, it is definitely worth noting that the moisture it pumps into your skin is equivalent to applying 8000 facial masks! Amazed? Bellezza Aesthetics’s revitalising treatment is sure to endow you with a rosy complexion from inside out!

Website: https://www.bellezza.com.sg/face
Contact: +65 6223 2533
Location: 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #04-13/13A, Singapore 238880
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm | Sat-Sun 10am-6pm