6 Best Mini Fridge In SG To Chill Your Skincare Products

November 18, 2020
Best Mini SkinCare Fridge Singapore

To all the beauty junkies out there, we know you’ve been admiring those beautiful mini fridges that have grown in popularity over the past few months. Even if your daily skincare regimen comprises the same products every morning and night, keeping them stored in a chilled mini fridge might just be what you need to amp up your routine!

The majority of skincare products do not need to be chilled as they are made to be stored at room temperatures. However, storing sheet masks, moisturizers, serums and eye creams inside a mini fridge can potentially lengthen their shelf-life, while adding calming, soothing and depuffing effects upon application.

Plus, they will also look cute on your vanity desk! Take a look at our list before of the best 6 mini skincare fridges that are perfect for storing all your beauty goods!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Cooluli Infinity 0.53 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge

Image Credit: Cooluli

Utilising advanced technology, this skincare mini fridge taps on minimum energy and prevents frost. It features a dual-voltage infinity that works for all countries around the globe, and given its generous 15-litre space and built-in shelves; it can also serve as an extra storage space for food, drinks, medications, aside from your skincare essentials.

Sleek and chic, this glass-front mini fridge has a contractible handle on top to allow for easy hand-carry and is perfectly portable to be used anywhere – whether it’s in your home, office, or even on vacation!

Available On: Amazon

2. Smoko Pearl Boba Tea Mini Fridge 

Image Credit: Smoko

If you’re a huge fan of bubble tea, this mini fridge is made for all you boba-loving beauty junkies! The ten-litre beauty fridge from Smoko can also keep your drinks and snacks cool and close at hand for whenever you’re feeling a bit peckish.

Featuring two removable shelves, the fridge’s temperature is determined by the surrounding temperature outside of the fridge, cooling at approximately 16 to 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature. With a little pink straw poking out on top, you can even start purchasing your bubble tea in bulks and storing them in an even bigger bubble tea compartment!

Available On: Smoko

3. Baseus Mini Fridge Refrigerator

Image Credit: Baseus

This small and chic mini fridge can store up to 8 cans of 330 millilitre cans at a time, which offers great space to store your skincare jars and bottles as well. It also comprises of translucent windows with wooden legs for a homely and Japanese feel, blending right in on a shelf or tabletop.

The cooling temperature of this mini fridge can reach 0℃ and takes an hour of heating to stabilise the temperature. With its thick insulation layer and a tight temperature lock, this mini fridge is high in efficiency and energy saving, with 60W low power and about 1kWh for a full day of operation. 

Available On: Lazada

4. Stylpro x ASOS Exclusive Beauty Fridge

Image Credit: Stylpro x ASOS

Fashion retailer ASOS partnered with STYLPRO to create this stylish beauty fridge to extend the shelf life for your skincare and cosmetics, helping to reduce harmful bacteria and keep them fresher for a longer duration.

With the capacity to hold up to 4 litres, it contains removable middle and door shelves, so you can store products in various shapes and sizes conveniently, and cool them down to around 5℃. There is also a basket attached to its door for you to store smaller items like your sheet masks!

Available On: ASOS

5. AstroAI Mini Fridge Portable

Image Credit: AstroAI

With just one switch, you can do it all: cool, heat and store. This portable mini fridge is fully insulated to keep your contents cold or hot even without the motor running. The integrated and convenient carry handle, which compliments the sleek and compact of this fridge, makes transporting what you need a lot easier.

With eco-friendly engineering, the semiconductor refrigeration chip in this mini fridge is freon-free and environmentally friendly, and also built to handle the consistent use. The quiet technology keeps sound at a minimum, so noise pollution won’t be an issue when you keep this in your bedroom.

Available On: AstroAI

 6. Tata x Cooluli Beauty Fridge

Image Credit:  Tata x Cooluli

In collaboration with Cooluli, wellness entrepreneur Tata Harper designed this beauty fridge to keep your skincare products chilled or warmed for a spa-like experience to elevate your beauty rituals at home. The thermo-electric technology goes from cooling to warming with just one quick switch.

Energy-efficient, ultra-quiet and 100% environmentally friendly, this fridge keeps your favourite products chilled to help calm your skin with a refreshing pick-me-up, or warm up your period warm compress for a quick relief.

Available On: Tata Harper


Mini skincare fridges are your personal refrigerators to chill your stash of sheet masks, creams and other skincare essentials right within reach. Plus, their adorably tiny size allows you to store them on your desk or vanity as an Insta-worthy decor. This list of mini skincare fridges will serve up a cooling skin treat for you in no time!

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