9 Go-To Salons in SG for the Best IPL & Laser Hair Removal

March 6, 2020
Best IPL Laser Hair Removal Singapore

Singapore has one of the busiest populations in the world. Let’s face it – we’re workaholics, and statistics say we are one of the countries with the least sleep. With so many things to tend to each day, keeping up with the need to shave can be, admittedly, a bit troublesome.

If you are one of those who find shaving and waxing a bothersome step in your grooming schedule, you’re not alone! Achieving hairless underarms, legs, or bikini areas doesn’t have to take out a chunk of your life any longer with semi-permanent hair removal techniques like IPL (intense pulsed light) or laser hair removal. IPL or laser hair removal techniques can achieve 70-90% reduction of hair growth over just 3-4 sessions, and significantly reduce the need for regular shaving.

For those looking for a way to reduce their unwanted hair growth, IPL and laser techniques are a fantastic solution. To find out more about these hair removal options, check out these clinics offering some of the best IPL or laser hair removal in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Datsumo Labo

Image Credit: Datsumo Labo

What do you get when you combine Japanese innovation with their state-of-the-art beauty services? Datsumo Labo is an excellent example! One of the few dedicated salons in Singapore for IPL laser hair removal, Datsumo Labo provides full-body hair removals using their cutting-edge SHR (Super Hair Removal) machines. The SHR technology is considered a step up from traditional IPL techniques, delivering quicker, more accurate, and powerful shots.

It doesn’t matter even if you have sensitive skin or darker skin – Datsumo Labo’s hair removal technology is gentle and versatile enough, with wavelengths to cater to different skin and hair types. Leave the pain behind, as the treatments all come with the application of their cooling Princess Gel which gives you a comfortable hair removal process. For the complete experience, sign up for their package plans for a full-body experience under the skilled hands of their friendly and professional specialists!

Contact Number: +65 9271 5013 | +65 8468 1029
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #04-16, Singapore 238896
Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link, #02-02, Singapore 078867
Opening Hours: 11AM-9PM Daily

2. Angeline Yong Dermatology

Image Credit: Angeline Yong Dermatology

Looking for a one-stop-shop for all your aesthetic and beauty treatments? Look no further than Angeline Yong Dermatology! The aesthetic practice offers a full range of skin-related treatments including cosmetic enhancements, surgical procedures, and medical solutions. Headed by Dr Angeline Yong, a certified dermatologist under the Ministry of Health, the dermatology clinic provides holistic, personalised, and progressive dermatological care to all patients.

Under the category of cosmetic enhancements, you can enjoy a range of treatments from botox to dermal fillers. Various laser-based procedures are also available, including those for removing scars, pigmentation, and hair. With the assurance of a certified dermatologist, you can feel confident undergoing IPL hair removal at this clinic. For ultimate convenience, pop in for your IPL session just every once in 4 to 6 weeks – there is no downtime needed at all when you opt for hair removal with this method!

Contact Number: +65 6592 1311
Location: Gleneagles Medical Centre, 6 Napier Road, #03-02, Singapore 258499
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Sat 8.30AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun & PH

3. Wellaholic

Image Credit: Wellaholic

If award-winning beauty treatments are what you’re looking for, Wellaholic fits the bill perfectly! Awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor for two of their outlets, Wellaholic has also clinched several accolades from the Beauty Insider Spa & Salons Awards in 2018 and 2019. With 6 outlets islandwide and comprehensive beauty treatments including facials, body sculpting, hair removal, and teeth whitening, there are few brands that provide such accessibility, affordability, and quality when it comes to aesthetic services.

When it comes to hair removal, Wellaholic is a proven expert. Their SHR services were awarded the title of “Best Hair Removal Services” at the Beauty Insider Spa & Salons Awards in 2019. The SHR technique uses Advanced Fluorescence Technology for improved customer comfort and hair removal effectiveness as compared to earlier IPL methods. Try it out for yourself with their affordable unlimited plans that let you treat any body part with a minimum 28-day gap between treatments!

Contact Number: +65 68168088 | +65 8499 8984 | +65 8499 4980 | +65 6816 8038 | +65 9058 5640 | +65 8869 5640
The Commerze@Irving, No.1 Irving Place, #07-04, Singapore 369546
Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive, #02-17, Singapore 608526
210A, Telok Ayer Street (Level 2), Singapore 068643
Far East Shopping Centre, 545, Orchard Road, #04-11C, Singapore 238882
Havelock II Mall, 2 Havelock Road, #01-34, Singapore 059763
16M Penhas Road (Level 2), Singapore 208180
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-10PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-8PM

4. Astique Clinic

Image Credit: Astique Clinic

Astique Clinic operates with the goal of helping their clients look good and feel good. Through treatments like laser skin procedures, non-surgical facelifts, fillers, non-invasive body contouring, and skincare products, they help people achieve their desired look be it in terms of complexion or figure. The best thing? Astique Clinic is situated smack in the middle of Singapore’s famous shopping district, letting you enjoy a taste of convenience and premium service in the heart of town.

If unwanted hairs are your cause of concern, Astique Clinic’s IPL hair removal services can help you eliminate them. Instead of shaving every other day, you only need to return for IPL sessions every 4-6 weeks for a few sessions to achieve significant reduction in hair growth. While you’re at it, you can also check out other treatments like the Zeltiq CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure or wrinkle-removing treatments like botox or fillers.

Contact Number: +65 6732 3801
Location: Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road, #08-00, Singapore 238868
Opening Hours: Mon & Fri 11AM-8PM | Tues-Thurs 9AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-4PM | Closed on Sun & PH

5. Assurance

Image Credit: Assurance

Have the assurance of safe and effective aesthetic treatments at Assurance! Committed towards high standards of care and professional treatments, Assurance is headed by MOH accredited dermatologist Dr Wong Soon Tee. Besides taking pride in his treatment procedures, the affable Dr Wong also often goes beyond his scope of service to educate patients on the best skincare methods, seeing him forge many close friendships with his patients.

Whether you are seeking solutions for existing skin conditions like eczema, acne, or rosacea, or wish to improve the appearance of your complexion, Assurance has something in store for you. Annoyed by unwanted hairs? Hair removal at Assurance is made possible using OPT, a 5th generation IPL technology that targets dark pigments in hair follicles. With this, you can look forward to baby-smooth underarms, legs, bikini areas, chin, and forearms, without the need for constant shaving!

Contact Number: +65 6694 1121
Location: Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Center, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #10-22/23, Singapore 329563
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Sat 9AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun & PH

6. NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors

Image Credit: NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors

As one of the pioneers of aesthetic medical practice in Singapore, NeuGlow The Aesthetic Doctors has become a well-reputed name in the field today for its slew of medical aesthetic treatments. From laser treatments for acne scars, to dermal fillers for wrinkle reduction, you can find the right set of customised treatments that best fits your goals. The clinic is headed by two highly experienced and passionate aesthetic doctors, Dr Gerard Tan and Dr Liew K. C., who are always seeking constant improvements in medical technique to provide the best care to their patients.

Recognising the impact that unwanted hairs can have on one’s confidence, NeuGlow The Aesthetic Doctors offers hair removal services as well. Making use of the laser hair removal technique Gentlemax Pro, the qualified practitioners are able to carry out pain- and scar-free permanent hair reduction for their clients.

Contact Number: +65 6690 4098
Location: The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, #06-12, Singapore 238843
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-2PM | Sat 10AM-2PM, 3PM-5PM | Closed on Sun & PH

7. Certified Aesthetic Clinic

Image Credit: Certified Aesthetic Clinic

If there’s one name you can trust when it comes to cosmetic treatments, make it Certified Aesthetic Clinic. With a team that constantly strives to bring the best of today’s hottest aesthetic treatment to the masses, Certified Aesthetic Clinic is able to address most – if not all – type of issues you face on your face or body. Consider your search for efficient and results-oriented cosmetic treatments done, because you won’t be getting anything less than that here!

When shaving and waxing takes a toll on you, it’s time to search for viable hair removal techniques to help you. Certified Aesthetic Clinic’s hair removal services utilise IPL technology to help clients get rid of unwanted hair. Speedy, painless, and effective, there’s little reason to turn down hair removal at this clinic. Experience the joys of the IPL hair removal service here that will make you want to go back and tell all your friends and family about it!

Contact Number: +65 9021 7520
Location: Zervex Building, 8 UBI Road 2, #08-28, Singapore 408538
Opening Hours: 9AM-5.30PM Daily

8. Ginza Calla

Image Credit: Ginza Calla

There’s no better way to get baby-smooth skin than with an exclusive hair removal services provider! Ginza Calla gives you the stellar service standards of a Japanese brand with the latest technologies in hair removal for the most pleasant hair removal experience. If their experience is anything to go by, you’ll be glad to know Ginza Calla has racked up 27 years in this field, with an extensive network of outlets across Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Their treatment process is summed up in 7 easy steps, wherein you arrive at the clinic for a consultation before receiving the treatment as agreed upon between you and the staff. One point that sets Ginza Calla from other IPL clinics is their unique Bihada-Junbi lotion which contains 6 types of beauty essences. Applied after the IPL treatment, it serves to hydrate and soothe the skin, preventing redness and promoting skin beautification.

Contact Number: +65 6238 8850 | +65 6694 0722
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #04-55, Singapore 238839
International Building, 360 Orchard Road, #02-05/06, Singapore 238869
Opening Hours: 1PM-9PM Daily

9. LS Aesthetic Clinic

Image Credit: LS Aesthetic Clinic

Located in the heart of Orchard Road, LS Aesthetic Clinic is where you can find a plethora of medical aesthetic treatments such as the carbon laser peel, Ultherapy skin tightening, skin boosters, and botox. The clinic is helmed by Dr Allan Kok, a dermatologist with extensive experience in treating skin conditions and carrying out cosmetic enhancement treatments. Together with his team of dedicated aestheticians and staff, he is able to empower individuals with a more confident version of themselves through these treatments.

So, say goodbye to those unwanted hairs with a laser hair removal treatment at LS Aesthetic Clinic! This method is proven to more effectively target hair roots as compared to IPL, and does not cause ingrown hairs or bumps, unlike waxing and shaving. The best thing is, laser hair removal is suitable for almost all kinds of skin types and colour, so you will mostly likely be able to benefit from it as well!

Contact Number: +65 6738 4700
Location: Wisma Atria Office Tower, 435 Orchard Road, #10-04, Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-8PM | Sat 8.30PM-5.30PM | Closed on Sun

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