Revitalise Your Body: 10 Best Gua Sha Treatments in SG

February 28, 2020
Best Gua Sha Singapore

One of the most efficient and natural ways of treatment that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is able to employ is through the gua sha therapy. Despite their age-old techniques, they have remained as one of the best in Asia. When paired with the innovative Western technology, gua sha treatments and TCM therapies are able to serve you on a holistic level!

Not only is gua sha therapy a technique that treats tension and muscle pain, but gua sha also proves to be a significant deterrent to chronic pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Through the use of a water buffalo horn, gua sha is indeed one of the best ways to provide relief for your body. To help you out, here are 10 beauty salons offering the best gua sha treatment in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Indulge Skin & Body Lab

Image Credit: Indulge Skin & Body Lab

In 2003, Indulge Skin & Body Lab first started as a small beauty salon. To help push them towards reaching the root of the customers’ common beauty complaints and ailments, Indulge Skin & Body Lab is able to utilise both Western techniques and TCM therapies. As such, they can achieve maximum efficiency, along with bringing satisfaction to their customers!

Thanks to the best gua sha therapy in Singapore, Indulge Skin & Body Lab efficiently clears up dark circles and eye bags, all while enhancing blood circulation too. As the epitome of wellness and total beauty, Indulge Skin & Body Lab ensures that you receive the right body & wellness treatment just for you. Their wide range of TCM-related treatments and facial services allow you to look younger than ever before, with a confidence to match it. For results-driven indulgence, make Indulge Skin & Body Lab your desired beauty salon today!

Contact Number: +65 6694 2072
Location: The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-27, Singapore 138617
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-10PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-9PM

2. Xin Hua TCM Therapy

Image Credit: Xin Hua TCM Therapy

As a holistic TCM clinic established in 2000, Xin Hua TCM therapy delivers TCM-driven practices and treatments, all while ensuring that maximum healthcare benefits are given to their beloved customers. By making their TCM-related healthcare therapy such as gua sha treatments affordable, Xin Hua TCM Therapy can truly bring desired holistic care and lifelong health to all of their customers!

With their team of over 20 highly-experienced practitioners, Xin Hua TCM Therapy provides treatments such as cupping, Tui Na and gua sha treatment to their customers. No matter what condition you might have, Xin Hua TCM Therapy is set to aid you with their preventive and natural approaches. To round out their TCM-based treatments, Xin Hua TCM Therapy also provides cost-effective treatment packages for their customers, with acupuncture, slimming, tui na and much more! Look no further than holistic natural treatments such as gua sha that are catered to your medical needs within Xin Hua TCM Therapy.

Contact Number: +65 6702 0228
Location: 100AM Amara Shopping Centre, 100 Tras Street, #02-13, Singapore 079027
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM Daily

3. Yong Kang TCM Clinic

Image Credit: Yong Kang TCM Clinic

By focusing on natural-based treatments, Yong Kang TCM Clinic helps many of their patients and clients deal with common internal medical conditions, namely chronic fatigue, migraine and many others. As part of the Refresh Group, Yong Kang TCM also provides refreshing and revitalising spa, giving you natural-based therapies and massages for essential wellness. One such way is through gua sha therapy.

Thanks to their holistic treatments, Yong Kang TCM Clinic also offer patients a way to relieve their skeletal-related and muscular pains through acupuncture, cupping, and tui na. Through a focused treatment package, not only can you save more on your desired treatments, but you’ll be able to receive more for the price! With their unnerving vision to aid patients in recovery treatment, injury rehabilitation and more, their gua sha treatment is an excellent example of an affordable natural therapy that can immensely boost your blood circulation. Book your appointment today and save a date with holistic treatments!

Contact Number: +65 6904 4528
Location: Blk 163, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, #01-1006, Singapore 310163
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM | Sat 10AM-8PM | Sun & PH 10AM-7PM

4. Miss Elegance

Image Credit: Miss Elegance

Specialising in TCM, a completely modern yet ancient healing system, Miss Elegance assures in aiding their customers with their wellness treatments. They seek to push the limits of beauty from within so that you too can be your own kind of beautiful. As such, Miss Elegance puts faith in the benefits of natural-based treatments and how they can harmonise our body.

One of Miss Elegance’s rejuvenating services include their essential gua sha treatment, specialising in dark eye circles and eye bags. They ensure that it is a safe and natural procedure, and one that is sure to arrive with perfect wellness. It is also through such natural treatments that Miss Elegance is able to incorporate it with Western facial technology, receiving the best results for facial treatments and body massages. Schedule your appointment with Miss Elegance’s expert beauty practitioners and be treated to a world of elegant wellness that you just can’t find anywhere else!

Contact Number: +65 6538 5538
Location: Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link, #02-03/04, Singapore 078867
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

5. BodyPerfect

Image Credit: BodyPerfect

Do you feel that your body is running low on stagnant energy, known as chi? Then BodyPerfect has the perfect treatments for you to revitalise and increase your blood flow! Introducing their detox slimming gua sha therapy, BodyPerfect’s trained practitioners use it safely, helping to relieve toxins throughout your back, neck, arms, legs and more.

Since their inception in 2006, BodyPerfect has helped many Singaporean women deal with weight loss, all without going on a diet, using injections or taking pills. This has led to the introduction of a variety of treatment services, which includes the gua sha therapy. Thanks to this treatment, BodyPerfect can tackle the stagnant energy in your body and many others. For example, gua sha can help to alleviate migraine headaches, neck pains and hepatitis B, among others. With over 100,000 treatment programs, 7 accessible locations and winner of multiple awards, BodyPerfect could be the perfect solution for your body!

Contact Number: +65 6252 0188
Location: 10 Sinaran Drive, #04-34, Singapore 307506
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat 10AM-7.30PM | Sun 11AM-7PM

6. Oriental Traditional Therapy

Image Credit: Oriental Traditional Therapy

As a professional TCM tui na corporation that started in 1994, Oriental Traditional Therapy comprises of therapists that help others through the clinic’s professional medical work. Due to their ongoing drive for improvement, Oriental Traditional Therapy ensures their practitioners are able to learn from their TCM instructors, raising their service quality and professional treatment standards.

Oriental Traditional Therapy also employs gua sha treatments, a traditional natural therapy from China that is based on TCM meridian and acupuncture points theory. Thanks to their well-trained therapists in TCM, the use of gua sha is effective with clinical applications and mostly used for family healthcare and treatment. Thanks to the gua sha therapy, it can help individuals over a long period expel toxins, disperse blood clots and reinforce their blood-flow. Throughout the treatment, your skin might suffer show reddish bruising on scrapped areas. Fret not; Oriental Traditional Therapy takes imminent steps to ensure you receive blood circulation stimulation while providing safety always!

Contact Number: +65 6438 5567
Location: HDB Eng Hoon, 57 Eng Hoon Street, #01-74, Singapore 160057
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM Daily

7. SkinLab The Medical Spa

Image Credit: SkinLab The Medical Spa

Is it possible to find a world-class spa where innovative techniques and cosmetic dermatology are integrated with safe aesthetic services? SkinLab The Medical Spa proves so! With their unobtrusive and non-surgical treatments, they also add a touch of spa to ensure you receive the best of both worlds.

Thanks to their special revitalising gua sha eye treatment, SkinLab The Medical Spa aids you in improving and increasing blood circulation to your eyes, reduce toxin and lightening your dark eye circles. Through this revitalised gua sha eye treatment, SkinLab does so while providing top safety to all of their customers. While one might find red spots over the scraped areas, SkinLab’s The Medical Spa revitalised gua sha treatment proves to be a much gentler treatment and most likely will not result in petechia formation. Through their reputable excellence and extremely high standards, SkinLab aims to match the right treatment for you with effective beauty solutions for your body, mind and soul!

Contact Number: +65 6235 3246
Location: Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, #04-04, Singapore 238880
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-9.30PM | Sat 10AM-8.30PM | Sun 10AM-3PM

8. Spa Infinity

Image Credit: Spa Infinity

Are you ready to escape the city life without leaving? Spa Infinity is calling! With over a decade worth of experience in modern spa luxury, anyone will find Spa Infinity to be an excellent escape for rejuvenation and relaxation. Offering up to 29 treatment rooms that include facials, full-body massages and more, Spa Infinity is indeed your gateway to therapy of the body and mind.

While Spa Infinity offers a variety of treatments, it is their Buffalo Horn gua sha treatment that takes the cake! Not only does it utilise the meridian system, Spa Infinity is able to ensure that the five elements theory measure up your meridian health, restoring balance to your meridian flows. Through the gua sha treatment, Spa Infinity is able to nullify the toxins in your body, improve fatigue and sleep, and even ensure unobtrusive treatments at the same time. Celebrate all things good with Spa Infinity and re-build your inner health!

Contact Number: +65 6738 0069
Location: Suntec City Mall Tower 2, 3 Temask Boulevard, #02-486, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 10.30AM-8PM

9. Young TCM Spa

Image Credit: Young TCM Spa

In 2006, Young TCM Spa was established as one of Singapore’s TCM providers, mainly consisting of other professional TCM therapists. With the company’s expansion over the last decade, Young TCM Spa has since opened 2 more branches, committed in quality TCM healthcare treatment at affordable prices for all!

With the gua sha therapy, Young TCM Spa utilises the age-old effective Chinese medicine to aid in frictional movements on the Yang surface of the body and offer holistic treatments alongside the muscles and meridians. Usually associated as a pain reliever to disorders such as bronchitis, asthma and flu, gua sha aids in performing blood circulation throughout the affected areas of your body. The gua sha treatment may leave behind reddish spots and blemishes on the skin after the process, common when purging toxins from the body. Thanks to Young TCM Spa’s holistic treatments and integrative approach, make them your partner in all things health and healing!

Contact Number: +65 6225 5928
Location: No. 46C, Smith Street, Singapore 058956
Opening Hours: 11AM-11PM Daily

10. OD Wellness

Image Credit: OD Wellness

Named after the wellness provider’s founder, Ms Oudi, OD Wellness was first established in 2012. Through their oriental values in health and wellness, OD Wellness has cultivated a unique culture in science, joy, health & benevolence. With over 30 stores and 100 through franchises, OD Wellness has also seen success with overseas markets including the USA, Japan and Australia in the pipeline.

Most importantly, OD Wellness stays true to their distinct culture with therapies such as the gua sha therapy. As a one-of-a-kind natural therapy, gua sha can make healing differences by scraping along parts of your body. Doing so stimulates the meridian points beneath the skin, which not only improves blood circulation, but it can also promote metabolism and enhance the body’s resistance to diseases. OD Wellness also provides all of their effective treatments at an affordable cost, ensuring that you too can receive your desired body wellness treatment for your condition!

Contact Number: +65 6220 9989
Location: 49 Neil Road, Singapore 088828
Opening Hours: 11AM-11PM Daily

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