10 Best Salons Offering Eyebrow Embroidery Promotion in SG

March 3, 2020
Best Eyebrow Embroidery Promotion Singapore

Natural-looking brows and at prices that one can afford? That’s right, it is possible! With the introduction of some innovative technologies, such as the Korean-engineered Micropen, Singaporeans are now able to ensure that they receive a beautified look under the hot tropical weather!

So, it’s time to make the journey to a younger-looking you! ‘Brows’ through the 10 best salons and clinics offering beauty enhancement discounts and eyebrow embroidery promotion all over Singapore. With these affordable prices that anyone can afford, it’s time to turn your beauty dreams into a perspicuous reality!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Ko Brows

Image Credit: Ko Brows

When it comes to Korean-lead semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery, Ko Brows arrives bringing the latest beauty trends! As a unique boutique beauty salon in Singapore, Ko Brows aims to ensure the best customer experience possible, serving their individualised needs with top-quality ingredients!

Ko Brows’ reputation grows far and wide, having been a winner for their natural eyebrow embroidery since 2018. To ensure that you receive the treatment and eyebrow embroidery you desire, Ko Brows offers consultation to prepare everything in order. With different hair strokes and makeup techniques to create a natural style, Ko Brows even offer brows embroidery for men too! Make each treatment count by joining Ko Brows’ membership program and take a look at all of their eyebrow embroidery promotions. Apart from offering a variety of services towards semi-permanent makeup, Ko Brows’ Korea-based luxury therapies are a few other ways you can enhance your beauty. It’s time to say ‘Ok’ with Ko Brows!

Contact Number: +65 6996 0364
Location: Marina Square Mall, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-230/231, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Closed on Sun & PH

2. The Fresh Lab

Image Credit: The Fresh Lab

The Fresh Lab offers all ladies a specialised beauty treatment that combines the best from Europe and Korea, along with their prominent beauty services. As a modern beauty studio that invites customers into their clean and relaxing space, The Fresh Lab ensures you’ll beam with confidence thanks to their new brow solutions!

With their specialised beauty treatment, The Fresh Lab offers the best semi-permanent brow solution so that you don’t have to make daily grooms to your brows! Their limited-time promotion on Misty Powder Brows is available for an affordable price. With the utilisation of hypoallergenic pigments, The Fresh Lab brings out these life-like brow strands to you! Of course, safety is a top priority at The Fresh Lab. From enhancing beauty services such as micro scalp pigmentation, nano lash line, and 3D lash extension, The Fresh Lab offers training and slimming products to give you a well-founded beauty visit you can’t miss!

Contact Number: +65 8781 1008
Location: Lakeside, 50 Lakeside Drive, Singapore 648315

3. Lavilash

Image Credit: Lavilash

Are you ready to come aboard? Because your flagship eyebrow embroidery has just arrived! As your one-stop solution for all things eyebrow embroidery, Lavilash assures that they can help you take the first step towards regaining confidence once more. Utilising micro-blading, Lavilash is able to achieve flawless semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery!

Some of Lavilash’s popular services include their stroke brow embroidery, 6D lash extension, water glow facial, which are currently part of the salon’s eyebrow embroidery promotion. You’ll find that Lavilash’s solutions are all individualised, with each stroke adding to a brightened look. With their highly-skilled aestheticians and therapists, Lavilash is able to aid their customers in bringing out natural-looking eyebrows through a unique stroke-by-stroke technique, all under a single misty brow look. Highly-rated for their results-driven natural look, Lavilash’s signature brow embroidery is dedicated to bringing out your inner beauty. Why are you waiting? Sail with Lavilash today and assure yourself an inspired natural look!

Contact Number: +65 9297 0578
Location: 2 Venture Drive Vision Exchange, #01-28, Singapore 608526
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-8PM

4. Private Room

Image Credit: Private Room

Securing a monthly beauty fix isn’t easy, especially when you have to travel somewhere far for it. Private Room understands your pain, and they are here to fix it! As a way to beautify and inspire every individual, Private Room brings the essence of grooming to a newer generation, where your beauty needs are cared for.

With monthly and ongoing promotions, Private Room offers lash and eyebrow embroidery promotions for first time customers and specific offers for repeat customers. Through affordable pricing for eyebrow shaping, Korean soft brows, waxing, lashes and nails, Private Room has the technique needed for you to look both beautiful and youthful. You can be assured that your beauty needs will be met as soon as you step foot into Private Room. Take a trip to Private Room, an escape from stress and worry, and walk out with twice the confidence than when you had stepped in!

Contact Number: +65 6223 3546
Location: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #03-14, Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8:30PM | Sat 11AM-3PM | Closed on Sun & PH

5. De Laco Beauté

Image Credit: De Laco Beauté

De Laco Beauté’s mission is simple: to empower women with self-care and excellent wellness. To ensure that it is possible, De Laco Beauté’s team of passionate and committed industry practitioners deliver personalised eyebrow aesthetics through their use of brow embroidery techniques. Flushed with stylish eyebrows that exudes elegance, confidence and individuality, De Laco Beauté is your desired partner when it comes to innovative beauty!

Choose from De Laco Beauté’s list of ongoing eyebrow embroidery promotions that are catered to your beauty needs. From promotions on eyebrow trimming, powder combo brow, and classic eye embroidery, you’ll receive an innovative beauty fix at a price that you can afford! Through De Laco Beauté’s skin management program, you too can maintain a youthful and healthy-looking skin that brings you confidence and assurance. Whether you’ve chosen their signature lush embroidery or eyebrow grooming services, make De Laco Beauté your preferred provider in all things beauty services!

Contact Number: +65 6235 2606
Location: Bukit Panjang Plaza, 1 Jelebu Road, #04-10,Singapore 677743
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 10.30AM-8PM

6. Qween

Image Credit: Qween

Premium beauty grooming does not get any better than this! Established in June 2017, Qween has transformed into a haven for the rising community of beauty queens determined towards eyebrow reconstruction and eyelash extensions. Their vision of premium quality, artisanship and reliability have allowed them an intimate and professional space for blending Asian art and European science!

You can enjoy exclusive discounts on their eyebrow embroidery promotions if you’re a first-time customer, and much more with a bundled session. Fret not, Qween avoids toxins and harmful chemicals, and strictly adhere to top European standards. Most importantly, Qween believes that the price you pay for their products must reflect the same value with its ingredients. When it comes to Qween’s eyebrow technique, you can be sure that your needs are matched with quality and an Asian finishing touch. With a great technique and aestheticians you can trust, Qween is set to reinvigorate your individuality and beauty!

Contact Number: +65 6735 0013
Location: Tangs, 310 Orchard Road, Level 4, Singapore 238864
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30AM-9.30PM | Sat 10.30AM – 9.30PM | Sun 11AM-8.30PM

7. The Best Beauty Centre

Image Credit: The Best Beauty Centre

With beauticians that are extremely qualified in face, body and eyebrow embroidery, The Best Beauty Centre is simply better than all the rest. As one of Singapore’s most complete beauty therapy centres, you’ll find enhancements tailored to your body’s needs. Do you have a significant other looking for beauty care? The Best Beauty Centre offers men’s care as well!

They have eyebrow embroidery promotions, which includes eyeliner and mist lips at a low, low price! That’s right, The Best Beauty Centre’s services provide a holistic approach to taking care of your beauty needs. Most importantly, their eyebrow specialists are always on-task to bring you a customised look that draws out your best features. Encompassing the Korean-engineered Micropen and only beginning after you are completely satisfied with the look, The Best Beauty Centre ensures a comfortable process without fail. For natural-looking and long-lasting eyebrows that are the closest to real hair, The Best Beauty Centre is all you need!

Contact Number: +65 6352 8812
Location: HDB Hub, #04-35, Singapore 310500
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-7.30PM

8. La Source Spa

Image Credit: La Source Spa

As a firm believer of natural beauty enhancement, La Source Spa ensures that the ingredients are all sourced from Nature’s bounty. A place in which you are given the tools to unwind and relax, La Source Spa provides a well-rounded experience to revitalise your mind, body and soul. Their comprehensive list of luxury services includes premium facial treatments, skin care treatments and hair treatments that are personalised to your preference!

By taking a holistic approach to beauty treatments, La Source Spa routinely offer eyebrow embroidery promotions, eyelash extension and much, much more as well. With special offers in other services such as facial and a full body massage, you too can achieve top-quality results at a lower price! Their team of well-trained therapists are all determined to ensure a high-quality of service for clients and customers alike. For spa salons that treat each customer with profound professionalism and respect, La Source Spa is your top pick.

Contact Number: +65 6732 1318
Location: Thong Teck Building, 15 Scotts Road, #01-03/04, Singapore 228218
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-8PM

9. Dr Beauty

Image Credit: Dr Beauty

Are you beauty-sick? Then you should visit the acclaimed Dr Beauty! Incorporating vision, dedication and passion, Dr Beauty is able to provide an uncompromising commitment when it comes to their exceptional beauty services. Constantly innovating with the latest beauty techniques, Dr Beauty has only one cure for you: to ensure that you truly feel beautiful!

Dr Beauty also trains students who are interested in joining the beauty industry, playing a significant role in pushing the next generation closer towards being beauty specialists. As they wish for each of their customers to truly feel beautiful, Dr Beauty offers discounts and offers for anyone seeking an eyebrow embroidery promotion, or up to 2 sessions with another friend. Offering only the best, Dr Beauty’s wide range of eyebrow embroidery designs are assured to give you only the best, with Asian and European pigments, to revitalise your natural youth. Contact Dr Beauty today for your medication in elegance!

Contact Number: +65 6633 9498
Location: Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Road, #01-07, Singapore 189702
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | Closed on Sun

10. La Vida

Image Credit: La Vida

With up to 6 outlets all over Singapore, La Vida’s Victorian-style concept beauty salon allow the customer to bask in royal lavishness and turn your dreams of beauty into a brimming reality! La Vida goes through a refined process in aiding you to select the best brow. The first is through a designer’s one, in which they are able to boost your unique features with a personalised brow, and an experienced brow artist, trained to create the perfect embroidered stroke!

If you are seeking ways to enliven your beauty, their eyebrow embroidery promotion of deluxe creative brows gives you a 90-minute anti-ageing facial treatment for well-rounded beauty enhancement. In fact, thanks to La Vida’s reputation in eyebrow embroidery, you’ll receive the perfect balance with each hand-embroidered stroke. They also offer a variety of beauty-enhancing services, such as lips and face for your glowing pleasure. For luxury you can afford, La Vida never wavers!

Contact Number: +65 6384 3218
Location: 311 New Upper Changi Road, #01-27, Singapore 467360
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-9PM

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