6 Best Dimple Surgery Clinics in SG for Brighter Smiles All Day Long

April 13, 2020
best dimple surgery

In Singapore, more and more ladies are picking up on the Dimpleplasty trend – a surgical procedure to achieve dimples. Not only are dimples one of the cutest features to have, but they can also make you look younger and cheerful! These adorable indents are one of the best ways to soften one’s facial structure and are a burst of youthfulness as you get older.

Though not a common procedure, advancements in technology have allowed more clinics to offer this unique procedure in Singapore. The procedure requires two incisions to your desired cheek area and stitching the wound on the underside of your skin to create the dimple. Not only does it create a natural look, but the surgery poses minor risks that can easily be avoided. So ladies, if you’d like to get Miranda Kerr’s signature dimples, here are the 7 best dimple surgery clinics you can trust in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The Clifford Clinic

Image Credit: The Clifford Clinic

The Clifford Clinic was created to provide care to their patients and help you achieve your desired look. Their combined experience of over 40 years, has made them a popular choice amongst people who are looking for a reliable plastic surgeon. Just a stone’s throw away from Raffles Place MRT, this professional aesthetic clinic specialises in natural-looking results so that no one will know that you have just gone under the knife.

Although dimples are technically considered a facial deformity, they are an attractive feature which many women desire. Here, Clifford Clinic is able to give you this unique trait through their Dimple Creation Surgery. This Dimpleplasty procedure uses absorbable stitches which will disappear whilst you heal from the surgery. All in all, the team works best at creating a fuss-free experience, whilst allowing you to enjoy the benefits of dimples!

Contact: +65 6592 1311
Location: 6 Napier Road, Gleneagles Medical Centre, #03-02, Singapore 258499
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm | Sat 8.30am-12.30pm | Closed on Sunday

2. Wong’s Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Wong’s Plastic Surgery Centre

Established in 1978, Wong’s Plastic Surgery Centre began with Dr Wong Saw Yeen, a pioneer in the field of Plastic Surgery in Singapore. His team of plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing you with the best of service on top of their years of experiences combined. They have operated on countless Singaporean celebrities and socialites, and are known to handle difficult cases and revisions.

Their Dimpleplasty surgery is done under local anaesthesia so that you don’t feel a thing! With no visible scarring, you can now achieve a friendlier, brighter smile. Do keep in mind, that dimples are only present when smiling or when facial movement occurs. So for a natural illusion of dimples, head to Wong’s Plastic Surgery Centre!

Contact: +65 6479 7173
Location: 6 Napier Road, Gleneagles Medical Centre, #07-13, Singapore 258499
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm | Sat 9am-12.30pm | Closed on Sunday

3. Shens Clinic

Image Credit: Shens Clinic

For Korean beauty treatments, Shens Clinic provides a wide array of plastic surgery procedures so that you can achieve that desired look you have been searching for. Helmed by Dr Shens, he was previously trained in Korea and worked there for a few years. His knowledge of the latest Korean beauty trends is great for ladies who are keen on this aesthetic. Their clinic holds its clients very dearly to them and is committed to ensuring spectacular results and fantastic aftercare services too.

Their Dimple Creation surgery is quick and should not take more than half an hour. Furthermore, the anaesthetic provided will ensure that you do not feel anything whilst in surgery. With minimal efforts and great expertise, Shens Clinic is one of the top choices for Dimpleplasty in Singapore.

Contact: +65 6904 4488
Location: 3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1, #09-08, Singapore 239519
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6.30pm | Sat 9.30am-2.30pm | Closed on Sunday

4. Allure Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Allure Plastic Surgery

Located at Wisma Atria, Allure Plastic Surgery is one of the few places to offer this one-of-a-kind procedure. Though the clinic is known for their liposuction treatments, their combined expertise in the field 8and their advanced surgical techniques has garnered them a mass following. The company believes in making every woman feel beautiful and are open to customisation with regards to the procedures you desire.

The addition of dimples can result in a more youthful, friendly and cute appearance. Their sought after Dimple Creation procedure allows you to achieve the effect with little to no risk. The procedure uses strategic tensioning at the buccinators muscle which mimics the traditional way a dimple is formed. After the surgery, the scar may look more prominent but rest assured that it will gradually heal in an organic manner.

Contact: +65 6734 9988
Location: 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria, #22-04, Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 10am-6pm | Fri 10am-8pm | Sat 10am-3pm | Closed on Sunday

5. Colin Tham Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Colin Tham Plastic Surgery

As a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr Colin Tham is one of the leading plastic surgeons right here in Singapore. He had received many accolades over the years and is recognised by Singapore’s Ministry of Health. His clinic located in Lucky Plaza runs on a mission to create the finest results whilst allowing individualised tweaks suited for every patient.

His Dimpleplasty surgery is perfect for those who are looking for a new way to spice up your look. The surgeon will carefully place incisions at the perfect spot in order to create a balance in your facial structure. For those who worry about pain, you need not worry as the procedure is painless. Recovery takes around 2-4 days, so you can be out and about in no time!

Contact: +65 6235 8411
Location: 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, #05-06, Singapore 238863
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9.30am-6.30pm | Closed on Sunday

6. Dr Leo Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Image Credit: Dr Leo Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Leo Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is the place to go for your DimplePlasty surgery! Dr Leo is actively involved in the academic training and development of budding young surgeons and is committed to giving back to society. Over the years, he has embarked on several medical humanitarian mission trips where he has helped many people who were previously suffering from facial deformities.

The addition of dimples can help brighten a smile by adding a soft touch of innocence to any look. This surgery is done under an hour, with minimal evidence shown on your face. Do keep in mind of slight bruising for a couple of days. After, you’ll be left with gorgeous dimples that will add to that cheeky grin of yours!

Contact: +65 6733 3895
Location: 3 Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, #06-10, Singapore 228510
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm | Sat 8.30am-1pm | Closed on Sunday


As women get older, we lose our baby fat which is the essence of a youthful appearance. Now, with the help of dimple surgery, you can achieve a lovely cherubic face. For those afraid of going under the knife, rest assured that with these 6 best clinics in Singapore, you will definitely be in good hands!

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