10 Best Clinics For Brazilian Laser Hair Removal In Singapore

December 18, 2019
Best Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Singapore

Imagine a life where you no longer have to go through the ordeals of spending money on razors and fitting in emergency waxing appointments before an event. With Brazilian laser hair removal treatments, you can finally live a life akin to that!

Simply put, a Brazilian treatment leaves the women absolutely bare – with some still choosing to keep a strip of hair in the pubic region. With the rapid advancement of technology, this full-body hair removal process is not only limited to waxing. Most clinics today use a range of lasers so that customers would not have to go through unnecessary pain. 

Maybe it’s now time to bid your unwanted hair goodbye with this comprehensive list of the 10 best clinics which offer Brazilian laser hair removal services!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Datsumo Labo

Image Credit: Datsumo Labo

Even if you don’t follow Xiaxue closely on social media, you would have seen her face being plastered on buses and advertisements on the street for Datsumo Labo.

This pink-centric aesthetic clinic makes use of Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology to help their valued customers lose the unruly and pesky hair. At Datsumo Labo, they pride themselves in their ability to fully customise a treatment plan for every individual – under no pretences of upselling. Here, you can expect to be in good hands because if not, how would they have landed the ever so critical blogger as their brand endorser right?

Contact: +65 9271 5013 | +65 8468 1029
Orchard Central, #04-16, 181 Orchard Road
Orchid Hotel, #02-02, 1 Tras Link
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am-9pm

2. Strip

Image Credit: Strip

All hail the Ministry of Waxing! With 17 outlets in sunny Singapore, you will not be able to use inconvenience as an excuse to not make an appointment any longer. Strip is faithful to its strict policy of Hygiene, Speed and Quality which means cleanliness and safety is well-assured here. The outlets are decorated in fun and youthful furniture while still maintaining the whole wooden plank aesthetic. Complimentary warm tea is served while you wait to loosen those tense muscles a bit.  

If you are not new to the waxing scene in Singapore, you will know that Strip is best known for their Brazilian waxing. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Brazilian service targets the same bikini line area and will take 50 minutes at most. With the aid of their Powerpac Advanced Fluorescence Technology, hair removal processes cannot be made any easier. 

Contact Number: +65 6877 4877
ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #03-18, Singapore 238801
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #04-08A, Singapore 238839
Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #03-23, Singapore 608532
Tampines One, 10 Tampines Central 1, #02-25, Singapore 529536
Northpoint City, 1 Northpoint Drive, #01-147/148,Singapore 768019
Opening Hours: Differ for each location

3. Trimmings Salon & Spa

Image Credit: Trimmings Salon and Spa

Both a spa and a salon, Trimmings is your one-stop place for all your lady needs. Not a lot of spas or waxing houses are kid-friendly so this gets a thumbs-up!

The Energist Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) hair removal treatment does its job quick and effectively. The short quick zaps of the VPL ensure safe and controlled accurate pulses on the skin. After you have said bye to all the unwanted hair, you could head to the salon for a much-needed retouch or the spa to remove the stubborn kinks in your shoulders.

To note, the VPL service at Trimmings is only available for ladies.

Contact Number: +65 6471 1922 | +65 6737 8512
75B, Loewen Road, Singapore 248852
123 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247920
Opening Hours: Mon, Fri & Sat 9AM-6PM | Tues, Wed & Thurs 9AM-8.30ON | Closed on Sun

4. Lush Aesthetics

Image Credit: Lush Aesthetics

As its name suggests, Lush is an aesthetic salon where customers can find a wide range of treatments ranging from fat freezing to peel facial treatment and hair removal. What makes Lush different from the other listings is that they make use of the SHR treatment that is a level above IPL.

It might cost a tad bit more than your usual IPL treatments but the results are more lasting which means lesser regular visits to a salon. Fun fact: Their SHR treatment was awarded the Harper’s Bazaar’s Most Revolutionary Hair Removal Award in 2015!

Contact: +65 6737 4964 | +65 6386 5964 | +65 6256 4698
The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, #03-33, Singapore 238843
Bedok Mall, #B2-37, 311 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467360
Harbourfront Centre,  #02-65, 1 Maritime Square, Singapore 099253
Opening Hours: 11AM-8PM Daily

5. Supersmooth

Image Credit: Supersmooth

If Supersmooth was a boy, he would be the slickest one without a doubt. Supersmooth guarantees that each customer would not have to pay for more than 8 sessions for their hair removal package of choice. If the said 8 sessions did not live up to its promise of completely ridding the unwanted hair, you are welcomed back for unlimited touch-ups for three years throughout. Confident, aren’t they?

At Supersmooth, only the latest laser diodes are used for their treatments. These updated lasers operate on a wavelength that delves straight into the hair roots. This warrants the removal of even the finest hair follicles. The laser diodes treatment also works amazing for postpartum treatments and is suitable for all skin tones!

Contact Number: +65 6221 2203
144 Robinson Road, Robinson Square, #02-01, Singapore 068908
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM| Sat 11AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

6. Only Aesthetics

Image Credit: Only Aesthetics

The team behind Only Aesthetic specialises in laser and IPL where they offer unlimited underarm and Brazilian sessions. They are swarmed with positive reviews which assure the standard of their products and results achieved.

The Vanisher is a pain-free hair removal treatment where one session is equal to a hundred IPL sessions. How amazing is that! It is said to do its job really well even on coarse hair and on darker skin tones. With a reasonably priced lifetime fee, the doors at Only Aesthetic are always open in the event that new unwanted hair decides to make an appearance.

Contact Number: +65 6220 4434 | +65 6314 4434 | +65 6338 4434
RB Capital, 22 Malacca Street, #09-00, Singapore 048980
25A, Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277684
Singapore Shopping Centre,190 Clemenceau Ave, #05-03, Singapore 239924
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10.30AM-8.30PM | Sat 10.30AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sun

7. WinkWax

Image Credit: WinkWax

You might have recognised WinkWax for its very cheap Brazilian waxing but have you heard about their brand-new laser technology? The Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) emits a new shape of pulse combined with lasers and the IPL that we are all used to. This latest advanced technology allows for the most effective and safest light-based toning treatment to be used in clinics.

Using an exclusively designed silicone filter cover allows for a 2mm gap between the tool and the skin. In turn, this maximises the efficiency of results on acne, skin rejuvenation and fine hair removal. You can always turn to WinkWax for affordable and painless hair removal treatments.

Contact Number: +65 6536 8785 | +65 6733 2037
99A Tanjong Pagar Road, Level 2, Singapore 088520
51 Cuppage Road, #01-07, Singapore 229469
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30AM-8.30PM | Sat 11.30AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

8. Blush Wax

Image Credit: Blush Wax

Blush Wax is a beauty salon that specializes in professional hair removal services for ladies and was established in 2008. This salon takes pride in offering its clients quality service and professional advice when it comes to any body hair problems you might encounter. Their treatments are provided by highly qualified, experienced and friendly therapists, all while strictly providing the highest industry standards in Singapore.

Blush Wax believes that a pleasant environment is important for their lady client’s comfort. With that, this salon provides services of the highest quality in spacious, well-equipped rooms in order to bring the best results to their clients and make sure that they leave the room feeling happy and content.

Contact: +65 9199 7313
Location: 176 Orchard Rd, #03-19A, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat&Sun 11AM-6PM

9. Pink Parlour

Image Credit: Pink Parlour

Pink Parlour was established in 2005 and has entered the grooming scene in Singapore as the rebellious counterpart of day spas in a hip and groovy setting amidst party establishments along Mohammad Sultan. On a mission to empower women to take control of how they can look and feel, this company was dedicated to offering beauty treatments that enhance confidence, today it has over 60,000 clients across the region a testament that Pink Parlour keeps its promises and does not disappoint.

Dominating the waxing and grooming scene in no time, Pink Parlour set itself apart from the competition. They offer top-of-the-line Brazilian wax treatments and were the first to introduce the use of gloves, no double dips, and anti-bacteria fumigation. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Pink Parlour and experience what the experts have to offer.

Contact: +65 6100 8266
Location: 1 Jurong West Central 2, #03-39, Shopping Centre, Singapore 648886
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11.15AM-7PM | Sun 11.15AM-7PM

10. Fabulous Aesthetics

Image Credit: Fabulous Aesthetics

Fabulous Group was conceptualized in 2006 by Richard Sng and has established a name in Singapore since. Inspired by the beauty while envisioning a business that redefines “the price of beauty,” Richar took his dream and turned it into reality. In 2014, with a refreshing revamp and major rebranding, this award-winning beauty salon was developed – an all-in-one beauty salon that offers luxurious yet affordable high-tech beauty treatments that come.

The Fabulous Aesthetics logo, a butterfly, is one that embodies the brand’s commitment to the empowerment of life-changing transformation. This salon creates possibilities for ravishing change and is defined by a unique set of brand values that is the essence of who they are, what they do and how they do it.

Contact: +65 6735 5335
Location: 180 Bencoolen St, #02-01, Singapore 189646
Opening Hours: 11AM-9.30PM Daily


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