Are you looking to lose weight naturally? You’re in the right place. Acupuncture offers a promising and natural path towards weight loss. These clinics provide treatments that target weight reduction and enhance overall health, addressing various aspects like metabolism, digestion, and emotional well-being.

We will take you through the best acupuncture treatments available in the city. With the guidance of expert practitioners, these treatments promise a practical and natural approach to weight management. We will explore this top-rated method and how it can jumpstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Dr Xiang Jun

Dr Xiang Jun
Image Credit: Dr Xiang Jun

Dr Xiang Jun specialises in weight loss through acupuncture. By targeting specific acupoints, acupuncture can condition gastrointestinal functions to control appetite and reduce intake. This is achieved by stimulating the muscular sphincter between the stomach and small intestine, slowing down food emptying time, and thus managing hunger.

Furthermore, acupuncture treatments enhance body metabolism and reduce cravings, effectively supporting your weight loss journey. It also helps to calm the nerves, adding a holistic approach to the treatment.

Dr Xiang Jun starts with a detailed consultation and assessment to ensure a tailored approach to your needs. This allows them to identify the root cause of your weight issues. Based on this, they create a treatment plan, potentially including acupuncture, cupping, acupressure, Chinese herbs, natural supplements, and other alternative medicines. Let Dr Xiang Jun use these comprehensive methods to guide your weight loss journey.

Customer Reviews

PuayKim Teo

Dr XJ is a caring and knowledgeable TCM doctor. She was patient and took time to listen to my needs. She has given me good and sincere advice on how to take care of my health, and her sessions are deeply relaxing and calming.

My sleep, digestion, and immunity have improved significantly after seeing her. Highly professional and recommended!

Sophie Blyth

I’ve been seeing Dr Xiang Jin for various things over the past two years, and I could not recommend her more highly. She is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and patient. I have a unique sense of relaxation when doing acupuncture that I cannot achieve any other way. She is MAGIC!!! Her new place at Tudor Court is just beautiful too.

Contact: +65 8127 8264
Location: Tudor Court, 131 Tanglin Road, 02-18, Singapore 247924
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-8PM

2. PULSE TCM Clinic

Image Credit: PULSE TCM Clinic

PULSE TCM Clinic presents a unique approach to weight management, integrating Eastern acupuncture techniques with Western science. This provides a personalised and holistic method for weight loss. Their acupuncture treatment assists in circulating ‘Qi’ and ‘Blood’, pivotal in traditional Chinese medicine, resulting in increased metabolism and enhanced digestion. This could help reduce bloating and suppress binge eating.

Additionally, acupuncture at PULSE TCM Clinic can manage cravings for alcohol and high-calorie foods. Moreover, it’s known to alleviate body aches and pains. This broad approach, addressing physical and dietary aspects of weight management, makes PULSE TCM Clinic an optimal choice for those searching for a natural, comprehensive weight loss solution.

Customer Reviews

Chris Tay

Lyonel is very attentive!! I always feel good after acupuncture & Tuina sessions. Been with him for a long time & he is doing great to improve my health conditions 😊

Jonathan Beh

Physician Chelsea is great, very personable and understanding. She is knowledgeable as well, and I would highly recommend her.

Camden Medical Centre – +65 6235 2855
Income@Raffles – +65 6226 8633
Millenia Walk – +65 6368 6133
Paragon – +65 6334 3456
Great World – +65 6235 4355
Camden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Blvd, #11-06/07, Singapore 248649
Income@Raffles, 16 Collyer Quay, #02-05, Singapore 049318
Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-56, Singapore 039596
Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd, #05-49, Singapore 238859
Great World, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-101, Singapore 237994
And more
Opening Hours: Differ for each location

3. Aimin

Image Credit: Aimin

Aimin offers a unique approach to weight loss with its signature Shi-Style Weight Loss Acupuncture. Dr Shi developed this slimming treatment and focused on stimulating the body’s energy flow to affect factors contributing to obesity. This acupuncture-based weight loss treatment is famous in Singapore and China and is recognised worldwide.

Dr Shi’s innovative method has received significant attention, being covered extensively by Singaporean media and earning a spot in the Shanghai Guinness World Record for remarkable weight loss achievements. Choosing Aimin means opting for a globally recognised, effective, and unique weight management solution.

Customer Reviews

Carmen Tang

I’ve always battled with my yoyo weight. I heard about Aimin sometime back but only made the decision to sign with the centre because I believe strongly in the incorporation of acupuncture with slimming to fine-tune my hormonal imbalance issue, which brought about the weight gain. The folks at Aimin have been extremely professional in providing great advice to guide me on this weight loss journey. My consultant Jocelyn has been an absolute joy to work with. She has been extremely supportive and detailed in guiding me towards reaching my goal weight. To date, I have lost 15kg in 3 months, and my visceral fats have dropped from a crazy high level of 15 down to the acceptable level of 9. My BMI level also dropped from 30 to 24.8. I am very pleased with my weight loss results to date. It implies I am well on my way to a healthier and happier mind, body and soul. Thank you, Aimin. You have made a huge difference in my life.


The staff is friendly, and overall, acupuncture and massage are comfortable.

StarHub Centre – +65 6225 2321
Kensington Square – +65 6346 5595
StarHub Centre, 51 Cuppage Road #01-05, Singapore 229469
Kensington Square, 2 Jalan Lokam, #01-19/20, Singapore 537846
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat-Sun & PH 9AM-5PM

4. Raffles Chinese Medicine

Raffles Chinese Medicine
Image Credit: Raffles Chinese Medicine

Raffles Chinese Medicine offers established Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinical practices for weight loss through acupuncture. They provide patients with the benefits of TCM, administered safely and managed according to modern quality standards. All their TCM physicians are registered with the TCM Practitioners Board in Singapore, assuring their expertise and credibility.

Acupuncture, a crucial part of their weight management program, involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles into specific acupoints in the body. This practice is grounded in the TCM concept, where energy, or Qi, flows throughout the body along meridian pathways. Each meridian is tied to a specific organ system and has crucial stimulation points or acupoints. This approach, executed by their bilingual TCM physicians proficient in English and Mandarin, effectively aids your weight management goals.

Customer Reviews

Gray Chan

Excellent TCM clinic, including the staff, doctors, spotless facilities, and ease of booking appointments.


Very reasonable price and good quality.

Contact: +65 6311 2388 | +65 6311 1111
Location: Raffles Hospital, 585 North Bridge Road, Level 2,  Singapore 188770
Opening Hours: Mon-Tue, Thur-Fri 8:30AM-6PM | Wed 8:30AM-7:30PM | Sat 8:30AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

5. Thomson Chinese Medicine

Thomson Chinese Medicine
Image Credit: Thomson Chinese Medicine

Thomson Chinese Medicine offers a unique approach to slimming with acupuncture, a proven Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment with significant weight loss effects. The therapy reduces weight by boosting your metabolic rate, breaking down saturated fat in your body, and suppressing your appetite. This multifaceted approach ensures an effective and natural weight loss journey.

At Thomson Chinese Medicine, they are committed to the overall wellness of each individual. While slimming is the primary goal during treatment, they also focus on regulating the main organs, particularly the Spleen and Stomach, on enhancing your digestive system’s performance. Patients have reported improved sleep quality and feeling more rejuvenated after their treatment, showcasing the holistic benefits of their weight loss programme.

Customer Reviews

Chu Ying Tan

Dr Chen Fang is very detailed and knowledgeable in both Chinese and Western medicine. She is very comforting and does not prey on my fears. She is a good listener and answers all my queries. Highly recommend her.


I’ve been seeing physician Chen Fang for almost a year. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. She will address all your questions patiently and not rush with the consultation just because there are patients waiting. I can really tell that she is doing it out of love for her job and really wants to help all her patients. Thumbs up to all the receptionists as well. They are all very nice and friendly.

Contact: +65 6352 5800
Location: Paragon Medical Centre, 290 Orchard Road,#18-11/12, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed, & Sat 8:30AM-7:30PM | Tue, Thur, Fri, & Sunday 8:30AM-5:30PM | Closed on PH


Choosing to embark on a weight loss journey can be challenging. As highlighted above, the best acupuncture treatments in Singapore demonstrate a blend of traditional techniques, modern understanding, and a holistic view of wellness. However, with the proper guidance and the most suitable approach for your unique needs, reaching your goals can be a rewarding and transformative experience.