Top 10 Reputable Clinics For Acne Treatment In Singapore

October 10, 2020
Best Acne Treatment Singapore

Flawless skin—everyone wants to achieve that. It has become one, among many, seemingly unattainable goals for people’s beauty and image. With acne, having such skin feels like a distant dream. Sometimes even using the most expensive cleanser and facial care products cannot get rid of the most stubborn acne. Not to mention the scars they leave behind.

However, as aesthetic medicine advances, more technologies for acne treatment and cosmetic surgery become available in Singapore. The goal of getting clear skin may prove to be possible now. After scouring through the Internet, we have put together a list of reputable clinics that provides best acne treatment in Singapore. Your face can finally look the best it can be!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The Clifford Clinic

Image Credit: The Clifford Clinic

Having over 18 years of experience in aesthetic medicine, many come to The Clifford Clinic to reap the benefits of state-of-the-art technology and medicine. Through personalised acne treatment programs, your face will feel brand-new and baby smooth! Not to mention, their solutions are safe and effective.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery may be a daunting option for most people; the horror stories are aplenty. At The Clifford Clinic, you can achieve natural-looking results without compromising service quality.

Contact Number: +65 6532 2400
Location: Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place, #01-03, Singapore 048621
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-5PM | Closed on Sun & PH

2. Angeline Yong Dermatology

Image Credit: Angeline Yong Dermatology

The professional team at Angeline Yong Dermatology understands how the appearance of acne can be debilitating to one’s confidence. They strive to give their clients a way out and ensure that they gain new-found confidence.

At Angeline Yong Dermatology, they have a few treatments that will effectively tackle your acne issues. One of which, the chemical peel will regenerate new tissue by removing several layers of damaged skin to stimulate new collagen. If you’re feeling a tad fancy, you can opt for the Hydrafacial Elite. This 3 step process will clean, nourish, protect and detoxify your skin, leaving you with radiant and healthy skin once you leave the clinic. Marvel at your smooth skin and feel beautiful with the help of Angeline Yong Dermatology. Don’t forget to book an appointment with them today!

Contact Number: +65 6592 1311
Location: Gleneagles Medical Centre, 6 Napier Road, #03-02, Singapore 258499
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Sat 8.30AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun & PH

3. Aesthetics Central Clinic

Image Credit: Aesthetics Central Clinic

With a great view of the Singapore River, Aesthetics Central Clinic promises privacy, accompanied by quality in service. Drop by the lifestyle quarter of Clarke Quay and have the answers to all your face and skin condition problems. Are you feeling down and depressed due to acne? With the warmth and professionalism shown from their staff, you can be sure to have your day brighten up. And so will your face after going through their amazing acne treatment procedures! There is no pain at all, and their expert doctors ensure that side effects will be close to zero.

Contact Number: +65 6221 8221
Location: The Central Office One, 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #11-89, Singapore 059818
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-2PM | Closed on Sun & PH

4. Dermatology Associates

Image Credit: Dermatology Associates

The largest independent dermatology specialist group in Singapore, Dermatology Associates comprises of four dermatologists, three clinics and a comprehensive range of lasers and light equipment. Their expert team provides specialised treatment of all skin conditions, through the use of the latest technology and equipment. Patients enjoy a relaxing and private environment, with their skincare needs well placed in the hands of amiable professionals.

Treatment at Dermatology Associates include acne phototherapy, intense pulsed light and chemical peels. Every consultation is personalised and every procedure is recommended only after objective assessment.

Contact Number: +65 6333 8108 (Paragon) | +65 6471 1733 (Gleneagles) | +65 6604 6778 (Connexion Clinic)
Paragon (Office Tower), Paragon Clinic, 290 Orchard Road, #15-05/06, Singapore 238859
Gleneagles Medical Centre, Gleneagles Clinic, 6 Napier Road, #05-07, Singapore 258499
Farrer Park Medical Centre Connexion, Connexion Clinic, 1 Farrer Park Station Road, #12-02, Singapore 217562
Opening Hours: Differs between branches

5. Geo Aesthetics

Image Credit: Geo Aesthetics

A leading transformation centre, Geo Aesthetics utilises the best industry treatments and technology to enhance your beauty from head to toe! With a luxurious environment of customised customer-oriented care and tasteful privacy, you will be assisted by experts to reach your beaming and beautiful potential.

Advanced acne treatment that is provided will be able to shrink your oil glands and kill off any bacteria in your skin that may cause acne. Through exfoliation of dead skin cells, your pores will no longer be clogged. Obtaining that crystal clear complexion will be a dream come true for you.

Contact Number: +65 6702 1478
Location: SBF Center, 160 Robinson Road, #04-02, Singapore 068914
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-2PM | Closed on Sun & PH

6. National Skin Centre

Image Credit: National Skin Centre

The public dermatological centre of Singapore, the National Skin Centre is your go-to place for all things dermatological. In 2009, they added the Acne Clinic to their list of subspecialty clinics. The clinic is where research is focused on acne and patients with acne are closely monitored under comprehensive care.

Patients who require specialised acne treatment in Singapore are referred to the Acne Clinic to receive help that would otherwise be unavailable at the polyclinics. If you are a Singaporean or Permanent Resident, treatment here would be subsidised.

Contact Number: +65 6253 4455
Location: 1 Mandalay Road, Singapore 308205
Opening Hours: 8AM-5PM Daily

7. Niks Professional

Image Credit: Niks Professional

Family dermatology and aesthetic medial services in one place, Niks Professional offers a range of acne treatment through intense pulsed light and laser/radio frequency. Their clinics also market skincare products under the Niks brand, which are conceptualised and produced in the United States and Europe.

Aside from their clinics, Niks Professional also has their salons that provide quality facial services. If you are especially suffering from difficult acne, they dispense helpful and safe facial treatment that encourages skin improvement.

Contact Number: +65 67839038 (Tampines) | +65 6776 7863 (Vision Exchange) | +65 6235 9428 (Orchard)
Block 825, Tampines Street 81, #01-64, Singapore 520825
Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive, #01-27, Singapore 608526
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #05-34, Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: Differs between branches

8. Privé Aesthetics

Image Credit: Privé Aesthetics

Step into Privé Aesthetics and you can instantly feel the luxuriousness. At this award-winning medi-spa, acne problems can transform into distant cares. Merging advanced medical technology with high-grade products, their expert solutions will make you look and feel your very best.

Perfection is possible, and that is what Prive believes in for every customer that walks through their doors. With an array of acne treatment programs they call “facetherapies”, you can leave the building with a pristine face that you will be proud to show off! Step into Prive and step out of your shell.

Contact Number: +65 9656 5380 (General Enquiries) | +65 9773 2677 (Palais Renaissance) | +65 9787 0095 (NEX)
Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road, #03-02, Singapore 238871
NEX, 23 Serangoon Central, #02-27, Singapore 556083
Opening Hours: Differs between branches

9. APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Image Credit: APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Specialising in advance acne care, cosmetic dermatology and skin surgery, APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic is owned by Dr Moses Ng who has received various awards and accolades in the field of dermatology. At his clinic, Dr Ng strives to make every patient appear at their best and feel good about themselves. Teenagers with serious acne and ezcema problems have walked out of APAX with a positive difference.

At the clinic, a holistic approach is taken towards skincare regimes with medical procedures being complemented with customised products and lifestyle advice. Based on the severity of your acne, APAX has various acne treatment programs, each tailored to counter specific acne problems.

Contact Number: +65 6769 6007 (Main) | +65 9855 3022 (WhatsApp)
Junction 10, 1 Woodlands Road, #02-11, Singapore 677899
Kovan 212, Hougang Street 21, #01-331, Singapore 530212
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8.30PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-7.30PM

10. The Dermatology Practice

Image Credit: The Dermatology Practice

Got a problem you think only cosmetic surgery can solve? Well, why not give The Dermatology Practice a visit then? This premier clinic in Singapore is the number one stop for all things skin, hair and allergies related. Acne treatment can be swift and non-invasive via the use of their specialty laser treatments. If that’s not an option, you can also try their spot acid treatment!

Young or old, they also cater to the family in times of medical and aesthetic need. Book an appointment with their clinic today! A future with a flawless face and skin awaits you.

Contact Number: +65 6266 7180 (Gleneagles) | +65 6694 3290 (Mount Elizabeth)
Gleneagles Medical Centre, 6 Napier Road, #07-05, Singapore 258499
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, 38 Irrawaddy Road, #07-60/61/62, Singapore 329563
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5.30PM | Sat 9AM-12.30PM | Closed on Sun & PH

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