10 Clinics For The Best Acne Spot Treatments In Singapore

December 5, 2019
Best Acne Spot Treatment Singapore

Acne spots are one of the most common forms of acne problems that can cause a lot of discomfort and also affect a person’s confidence. Highly visible and unsightly, they can’t be easily remedied if you don’t have the right treatments on hand. In addition, some people experience them so frequently that they need to go to specialised treatments to get professional help. If you feel the same way, then take a look at our list below for the 11 clinics that provides some of the best acne spot treatments in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The Clifford Clinic

Image Credit: The Clifford Clinic

A premier aesthetic clinic in Singapore, The Clifford Clinic offers a diverse range of advanced aesthetic treatments that have proven results. With more than 18 years of expertise the aesthetic medicine industry, they are experts at identifying and treating many forms of aesthetic problems that can range from common ones to the rarely encountered. Meeting both the needs and expectations of patients, the clinic has established itself as one of the best destinations for safe and trusted procedures that guarantee results.

The Clifford Clinic is highly adept at treating all forms of acne issues such as intense acne breakouts, acne spots, and also acne scars. Adopting modern treatment concepts that are more effective than the olds ones, they use the latest medical aesthetic equipment to target the acne specifically, ensuring that the problem is solves permanently. Along with eliminating acne spots, they also repair and restore youthfulness and vibrancy to the affected skin. 

Contact Number: +65 6532 2400
Location: Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place, #01-03, Singapore 048621
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-5PM

2. Aesthetics Central Clinic

Image Credit: Aesthetics Central Clinic

A trusted name in aesthetic and cosmetic treatment, Aesthetics Central Clinic is an aesthetic clinic offering a myriad of treatment solutions that caters to various skin problems. Aiming to provide top-tier patient experience along with high standards of clinical care care and results, they also keep their treatments affordable for all patients. Utilising some of the latest medical aesthetic equipment in the industry, they implement signature treatment solutions to help their patients achieve the best results possible.

Providing the highest quality in acne treatment options, Aesthetic Central Clinic’s range of solutions are designed specifically to target and combat acne spots in and efficient and safe method. Using medical laser technology to isolate the acne spots, they treat the affected area precisely and without causing harm to other regions of the skin. Scheduling a visit with them is a sure way to get clear skin again free from acne spots!

Contact Number: +65 6221 8221
Location: The Central Office One, 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #11-90, Singapore 059818
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-2PM | Closed on Sun

3. Porcelain Clinic

Image Credit: Porcelain Clinic

Starting out as a small two-man clinic, Porcelain Clinic has evolved into a cult skincare brand that is trailblazing and innovative. The clinic has received over 60 beauty awards for their excellent aesthetic service and products both locally and internationally, and was even featured on Forbes and BBC. Their treatments are specially designed in-house and are crafted based on the unique needs of each patient. Curating their treatments and products to cater to various diverse skin problems, they are one of the best clinics for everyone.

At Porcelain Clinic, they have a myriad of treatment solutions that is effective in treating common problems such as acne, congested skin, and also pimples. Their award-winning signature facial treatment, the Quintessential Facial Treatment, has been proven to have effective results. In addition, they also use the Precision Facial Treatment to to enhance the skin’s natural beauty and get rid of acne spots.

Contact Number: +65 6552 0078
Address: Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, #04-48, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9.30PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-8PM

4. Nouri Face & Body Concepts

Image Credit: Nouri Face & Body Concepts

Founded in 2001, Nouri Face & Body Concepts is a boutique beauty salon that offers a myriad of comprehensive aesthetic services, an excusive line of beauty products, and advanced technology in medical grade skincare. The clinic is known for delivering efficient and safe treatments that are unique in the industry, with clinically proven results and expert guidance to every patient. A one-stop beauty salon in Singapore, they are the ideal destination to get any skin issues fixed.

At Nouri Face & Body Concepts, they provide many effective solutions for common skin problems such as acne scars and acne spots. With their range of facial treatments that use a combination of Aqua Peels with Microdermabrasion, they use the latest fractional laser technology to remedy pockmarks, severe acne problems, and much more. The treatment also cleanses and corrects the damaged epidermis layer of the skin, revitalising it to give you a more radiant appearance.

Contact Number: +65 6294 8106
Location: CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street, #02-63, Singapore 338729
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8.30PM | Sat 11AM-8PM | Sun 11AM-4PM

5. The Chelsea Clinic

Image Credit: The Chelsea Clinic

With over a decade of experience, The Chelsea Clinic was founded in 1999 as part of the focused efforts of providing a holistic approach to cultivating patients’ well-being using the latest medical aesthetic technology and personalised treatment care. Helmed by Dr Ewen Chee, the mission of the clinic is to provide all of their patients with safe, affordable, and effective treatment solutions that are clinically proven to remedy a myriad of skin problems.

At The Chelsea Clinic, they understand the importance of beautiful skin and the role it plays in boosting someone’s self-esteem. Therefore, they provide a wide selection of aesthetic treatment options that cater to acne spots and the like, ensuring that your dream of clear skin will be fulfilled. Utilising the latest in laser aesthetic treatments, they use the Carbon Peel laser, Pico Laser and also Gold Toning laser to treat your acne spots, clearing the unsightly marks and restoring the skin’s natural brilliance.

Contact Number: +65 6735 8833
Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, #05-08A, Singapore 238880
Rochester Mall, 35 Rochester Drive, #03-21, Singapore 138639
Opening Hours: Differ for each location

6. Gangnam Laser Clinic

Image Credit: Gangnam Laser Clinic

Gangnam Laser Clinic in Singapore provides a range of sustainable and affordable Korean aesthetic treatment experience that is tailored specifically to your skin’s needs. Offering two approaches which are non-invasive laser techniques and medical-grade skincare products, these methods are also complemented by a team of skilled and experienced doctors trained in Korea. This effective combination will ensure that you achieve the ideal skin through the safest and most effective ways.

Understanding your needs when it comes to solving acne, Gangnam Laser Clinic has a selection of treatment options that are designed specially to treat acne spots, scars, and other blemishes effectively. These treatments include Carbon Laser Peel, Blue LED or Photodynamic Therapy, Chemical Peels, and also the latest in acne laser treatments. Combining them with oral medication and a stringent management process prescribed by the clinic, you can achieve your desired skin in no time.

Contact Number: +65 6275 3381 | +65 6536 8393
HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Square, #03-55, Singapore 099253
One Raffles Place, 1 Raffles Place, #05-10/11, Singapore 048616
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 11AM-8PM | Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Sat 9.30AM-1PM | Closed on Sun & PH

7. APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Image Credit: APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Striving to deliver quality service built on the foundation of empathy, integrity, and affordability, APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic is an established cosmetic and aesthetic clinic in Singapore that provides advanced care for acne, skin surgery, and cosmetic dermatology. Believing in natural and subtle results, they commit to delivering the best aesthetic outcomes through their scientific accuracy and precise treatments. Coupled with personalised service and scientifically validated procedures, they are a household name when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

Able to treat various forms of acne, APAX Medical & Aesthetic Clinic utilises effective treatment programs such as their ACNE program, while also using internationally-renowned techniques such as the Infini acne scar removal treatment, Rejuran acne spot treatments, oral prescription medication, and a variety of laser treatment solutions. Visit them today to get rid of your acne woes!

Contact Number: +65 6769 6007
1 Woodlands Road, #02-11, Singapore 677899
212 Hougang Street 21, #01-331, Singapore 530212
Opening Hours: Differs for each location

8. iAesthetics Clinic

Image Credit: iAesthetics Clinic

iAesthetics Clinic is a premier aesthetic clinic in Singapore that specialises in providing personalised treatments which are safe and effective, in order to combat the effects on skin aging while also enhancing an individual’s natural beauty. All of the clinic’s treatment programs are managed meticulously by experienced doctors who are highly experienced in the field of aesthetic medicine, and they ensure that patients’ safety and treatment results are the priority.

Depending on the type of acne problems you have, the skilled doctors at iAesthetics Clinic will prescribe the most suitable treatment plan for your acne spots, scars, outbreaks, or any other issues you may have. The clinic believes in treating acne cases by combining multiple treatment methods such as laser treatment, oral medication, and topical creams to achieve the best results. Because of this, you can be sure to receive a layered and comprehensive acne treatment with them.

Contact Number: +65 6254 1622
Location: Northpoint City, 1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-176, Singapore 768019
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 11AM-9PM | Tues, Sat & Sun 9.30AM-1.30PM

9. Joyce Lim Skin & Laser Clinic

Image Credit: Joyce Lim Skin and Laser Clinic

Established in 2000, Joyce Lim Skin & Laser Clinic provides a host of comprehensive medical aesthetic treatments for the skin and body. Over the almost-two decades, the clinic has developed an international reputation for having clinically-proven results and accolades. Helmed by Dr Joyce Lim who is accredited by the Academy of Medicine Singapore, the clinic uses a range of effective laser procedures for aesthetic excellence.

Specialising in many forms of acne therapies, Joyce Lim Skin & Laser Clinic uses a wide range of solutions to combat common acne problems encountered by patients. Combining multiple procedures together, each treatment program is specified to cater to the unique and specific needs of the patient. Using chemical peels, laser treatments, light source LED, and also oral medications, they are able to treat acne problems such as acne spots and scars effectively with no minimal downtime.

Contact Number: +65 6834 9159
Location: Paragon Medical Suites, 290 Orchard Road, #11-16/20, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-6PM | Sat 8AM-2PM

10. FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence

Image Credit: FIL Skin, Body & Spa

FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence provides a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty, ensuring their patient have a more rewarding life. Priding themselves in having the highest standards of service, astute professionalism, advanced medical aesthetic technology, and quality treatments, they deliver effective aesthetic results that are also safe. Treating every manner of skin problems, the clinic has become a popular destination for many people with reoccurring aesthetic issues.

At FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence, they provide their signature FIL Dermalight Face Therapy to treat cases of acne in its various forms. An award-winning treatment, it helps to lighten visible acne spots and scars, reduces pigmentation and also increases the skin’s rate of recovery. In addition, it improves collagen, protein and elastin production which is great for minimising wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment is clinically-proven to give you the ideal skin texture and complexion that you desire.

Contact Number: +65 6221 0606
ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #03-25, Singapore 238801
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #04-54, Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-7PM

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