7 Best Clinics With Abdominoplasty Surgery for a Slimmer Waist

June 9, 2020
best abdominoplasty surgery Singapore

When you’re young, your body can be maintained with workouts and diets even after weight gain or loss. But the very same may not be easily said post-childbirth, or when you age, as your skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles start appearing even on your body. This is where Abdominoplasty, a surgery to remove stretched skin, draw abdominal muscles and correct the navel shape, comes in.

To help you narrow down your options, here are the 7 best clinics to drop by for abdominoplasty surgeries in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Sweng Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Image Credit: Sweng Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Have you always wished to get rid of those abdominal skin excess or stretched marks post-childbirth? Now, you finally can with Sweng Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery! During their procedure, any abdominal muscle separation of yours will be tightened to accord you with a flatter abdomen. This will naturally also result in an hourglass waistline. Choose between their four choices – Conventional Abdominoplasty, Mini Abdominoplasty, Fleur De Lis and Belt Abdominoplasty. If you worry of pain, be rest assured general anaesthesia will be applied before the surgery commencement.

They will first start off with a pre-operative marking to determine the incision and amount of skin to be removed. Liposuction may be carried out on your love handles and upper abdomen for further enhancement if necessary. They will then excise the excess skin and fats according to the markings before tightening your abdominal muscles. Plastic tubings would also be inserted near the public hairline to prevent blood clot accumulation. All in all, the surgery at Sweng Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery takes 4-5 hours, with post-operation bruising lasting for 2 weeks.

Contact: +65 6600 6868
Location: 1 Farrer Park Station Road, Connexion, #16-08 to 10, Singapore 217562
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Sat 9am-1.30pm | Closed on Sunday

2. Clifford Surgery

Image Credit: Clifford Surgery

Clifford Surgery knows that a bulging belly is an undesirable feature that many men and women wish to make disappear. Their team of highly-trained experts believe that fatty tissue is not always the reason for this but due to many factors like loose or weakened abdominal muscle and skin, weight loss and many more; the clinic offers a one-stop solution for this issue: Abdominoplasty, which flattens the abdomen to remove the appearance of any bulge. To ensure safety and effectiveness, the clinic ensures their tools and procedures undergo heavy inspection and training before being utilised in the clinic to treat their patients.

Clifford Surgery offers two different types of abdominoplasty: Full Tummy Tuck and Mini Tummy Tuck – the only difference relies on the extent of the operation needed. With services that are performed only through the use of the latest technology and premium quality products that are recommended by their medical directors, the clinic aims to help you with your bulging belly issues while ensuring your safety during the treatment.

Contact Number: +65 6532 2400
Address: 24 Raffles Place, #01-05 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. MH Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: MH Plastic Surgery

At MH Plastic Surgery, their abdominoplasty procedure lasts for 3-4 hours with general anaesthesia, and is completed as an inpatient session in the hospital. However, if there is excess and loose skin without muscle separation, muscle repair will be unnecessary and only the excess skin will need to be removed. This will be completed as a two-hour day surgery session without the need for hospitalisation.

Labelling it as a safe procedure with low infection risk and minimal blood loss, it may also be expected for the abdomen numbness to be experienced for quite a few weeks to months. This is so due to short-term damage to the sensory nerves, but it will usually recover by the end of 3-6 months. Even with good surgical techniques ensured, MH Plastic Surgery shares it would be good to take note that unfavourable scarring could still occur occasionally.

Contact: +65 6733 3372
Location: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #20-01, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed & Fri 9am-6pm | Thur 9am-9pm | Sat 9am-1pm | Closed on Sunday

4. Shens Clinic

Image Credit: Shens Clinic

As some tummy fats are not removable via diets or workouts, one could turn to Shens Clinic for their Tummy Tuck procedure! The incision would be done at the lower part of the abdomen, below the bikini line, to hide the scars. Having said that, if you would like a procedure that repairs the muscles in the abdomen area, for example after a caesarean birthing, you can consider their Muscle Divarication Repair option. Bid goodbye to split muscles where the tummy wall is loose and hanging out.

Last but not least, Lipo Abdominoplasty combines both the Brazilian tummy tuck and liposuction procedure. Unsure of which selection to take up? Shens Clinic advises you have to have a proper consultation session with their doctors for you to weigh out the side effects and risks of each method!

Contact: +65 6904 4488
Location: 3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1, #09-08, Singapore 239519
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-6.30pm | Sat 9.30am-2.30pm | Closed on Sunday

5. Wong’s Plastic Surgery Centre

Image Credit: Wong’s Plastic Surgery Centre

Unlike the common misconception, a tummy tuck cannot repair stretch marks. Nevertheless, what Wong’s Plastic Surgery Centre would like to do is to help you remove them, or improve on them if they are located on excess skin areas! After all, tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) serves to eliminate excess skin and fat.

And in most cases, this procedure helps to restore separated or weakened muscles, carving out an abdominal outline that is firmer and smoother. For a more defined and shapely waistline, you sure can count on Wong’s Plastic Surgery Centre to transform your body shape like never before!

Contact: +65 6479 7173
Location: 6 Napier Road, #07-13, Singapore 258499
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm | Sat 9am-12.30pm | Closed on Sunday

6. Dream Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Dream Plastic Surgery

Always daydreamed of achieving your dream body? You certainly can see it materialise in the real world with Dream Plastic Surgery! Introducing to you their Full Abdominoplasty procedure, it is targeted for those with skin that has severely drooped in a large volume. You might be surprised to know that even your navel shape can be corrected. A large skin volume is incised, with the whole abdominal muscles tightened through this surgery. The surgery will take around 3-4 hours with 3-6 weeks of recovery time.

Their Mini Abdominoplasty procedure is for skin drooping that is not severe or if the skin is relatively elastic. As the surgery only incises skin and draws abdominal muscles below the navel, its procedure duration is about 2-3 hours. It is recommended for those who yearn to resume normal activities within a shorter time frame. Leave it to the hands of Dream Plastic Surgery for your body goals to no longer remain a flight of fancy!

Contact: +65 6871 8888
Location: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #17-03/04, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm | Closed on Weekends

7. SW1 Clinic

Image Credit: SW1 Clinic

Post-pregnancy, many women complain about having loose, excess skin or a bulge over their abdomen. Due to the laxity and separation of underlying muscles, excess skin can be seen in both genders who have undergone severe weight loss. SW1 Clinic is here to rescue you with their tummy tuck process which removes excess skin (containing stretch marks) and fats from the abdomen.

Together with the tightening of weakened/separated abdominal muscles, it helps to improve your abdomen’s tone and contour. Often combined with liposuction, you can achieve good overall results. Look forward to your perfect waistline after SW1 Clinic’s abdominoplasty procedure’s 2 weeks recovery time period!

Contact: +65 6817 8888 | +65 6817 8882
290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #13-01/2/3/4/5/6, Singapore 238859
6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2, #02-19/20, Singapore 068815
Opening Hours: Differs for every branch

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